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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dan Bohi and the River/Or How To Serve Up Brownsville Lite
Keep in mind while you read this article if you don't buy into what Dan and others are selling your church will be referred to as a dead church because just studying Gods Word and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ doesn't seem to be enough these days. Christians are needing experiences and experience based worship.
From Kevins Reeves book " The Other Side Of The River" (Please buy this book from Lighthouse Trails)
The River Movement is an offshoot of the Latter Rain revival, which began in Saskatchewan, Canada in the 1940s, Many other movements sprouted from the Latter Rain. Follower believe that the Rain revival is the latter rain referred to in the such scriptures as Jerimiah 3:3,Joel 2:23, and Hosea 6:3.The Manifest Sons of God is an extremist group that was birthed from what became known as the Latter Day Rain Movement referenced above. In February of 1948 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, a community of believers met to seek God for His power. A power did manifest. Miracles were reported, and Christians from all over set out on a pilgrimage to get this power. The Latter Day Rain movement emerged full blown, evidencing supposed signs and wonders,prophetic utterances, and impartations via the laying on of hands. The movement  was also marked with a spirit of elitism, false prophecies, and an inbred authority structure based upon the new "word of the Lord."When the Christian community was faced with the decision between solid biblical teaching and awe inspiring miracles, many swung their legs over the fence of indecision and jumped with both feet into one of the first major 20th century tributaries of the River.
From Kevin Reeves book "The Other Side of the River" " A current river is flowing, which many believe to be of God. Removed from its proper setting in the 47th chapter of Ezekiel, which speaks of a stream gushing out from the Temple of God, this passage in Scripture is today used to promote a last days vision for the church. In its proper context in Ezekiel, this wonderful prophecy is an encouragement that God has not forgotten His covenant people of Israel.But overstepping the sanctity of scriptural boundaries, this passage has been reshaped into the comfortable doctrines of the easy believism and sensual manifestations that mark a massive shift in the church. As believers, we have taken a hairpin turn that from the preeminence of the Word of God to a relative, expereintial, and terribly apostate faith." end of quote
 Also in scripture Jesus uses living water to simply describe salvation and eternal life in John 3:4 and John
Its hard to pin down Dan since he very carefully dances around the edge of all these false doctrines such as Rodney Howard Brownes false teachings in Dans own tape Take Another drink on U Tube which at best shows Dans very carnal teaching.
We need to remember the scriptures speaks of this times as "perilous times" (2 Timothy 3:1) and I often wonder why my Nazarene brother and sister who in their very own history rejected Pentecostalism after Azuza street broke out.
(From Wiki)
"The term "Pentecostal" in the church's original name soon proved to be problematic. In the Wesleyan-holiness movement, the word was used widely as a synonym simply for "holiness." But the rise of 20th century Pentecostalism, especially after 1906, gave new meanings and associations to the term -- meanings that the Pentecostal Nazarene rejected. In 1919, the name was shortened to avoid any confusion in the public mind about the church's place on the theological spectrum."

Only to embrace Dan Bohi and his odd mixture of Word Faith/Latter Day Rain/Signs and Wonders teachings.
Also what is increasingly odd is to see how many of my friends will reject the experience based teachings of the Emergent Church but embrace the experience and emotionally charged meetings Dan Bohi serves up?

Im sure many of the folks who attend Dans meetings are fine people of God who truly desire serving the Lord and want to fight the good fight of faith.
But to quote Kevins book once more and to end this article.

"Why do people ignore warning signs? Its like a motorist painting over his oil pressure gauge so he wont notice the depleting measure. But the reality of the situation will become evident enough when his engine seizes up, and the car comes to a sudden halt. I've discovered in the spiritual arena most people will do exactly this: they take pains to look the other way when something bumps up against their doctrine. As a Christian there's no quicker way to start a fight with a friend than to tell him that some of his most fervent beliefs are wrong. I know Iv'e' lost my share of friendships that way. The problem comes with the uncomfortable. And the horror of it is that in spiritual matters were dealing with eternal things. While the person who ruins his vehicle can at least purchase another, the human soul is irreplaceable.
End quote
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