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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New article by Steve Camp

I had the wonderful priviledge of working with Steve Camp a little over a year ago. It wasn't about working with another famous guy but Steve was real in all ways. Steve also worked for free for me because the CD was for the military and Steve stated he doesn't charge for ministry. We paid for Steves flight and the rest was done out of Steves love for what we were doing to get free Christian music for the troops.
Besides the fact that Steve has a load of God given talent many folks don't know how Steve is perceived. Most of all from the majority of the mob in God's Holy City of Nashville.
Steve paid a big price for telling the truth.
What price are you willing to pay for proclaiming the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
Here is the article I lifted from Steves blog "Camp on This."
Its a great read-

The following is a Steve Camp article from Campis blogsite "Camp On This"

Theologues, blogging Biblicists, conservative orthodox historical doctrinists, and all who love truth, justice and the biblical way. As they say from the beautiful land of New Zealand... good day, mate. The ministry down-under has been so wonderful here that I will be giving a full report by the first of next week when I complete my time of ministry here this Sunday. All of your prayers have been so appreciated.Now to the issue at hand.Reformation Week - Message Three, PART ONEMany have been emailing me these past few weeks wondering when I am going to post the 107 THESES, I wrote eight years ago, on this blog. I am here to serve; so due to popular demand, here they are. I have made one slight update on the subtitle above: this is no longer a call to reformation for Christian music, but for Christian ministry. It is no secret, the current state of evangelicalism moving away from biblical truth is eroding dramatically almost monthly with no corrective in sight. There needs to be a clarion call for action in evangelicalism today that I now humbly reoffer The 107 THESES as one such call backed with the hard sacrifice of biblical choices that such a call demands.A Time for CourageNo one today, and I mean no one of any evangelical note of leadership, is willing to risk their current book deals, contracts, public standing in the marketplace, or radio positioning to confront the theological/biblical corrosion of modern day evangelicalism head on. Let me explain: it is one thing to voice disgust and disagreement over theological error today by teaching against Open Theism, the New Perspective of Paul, Pragmatism, Sabellianism, Political Activism, etc., and that is a necessary and appreciated and part of sound ministry to confront unsound doctrine with the Word of God (Titus 1:9). But, it is quite another thing, and just as important, to also say to your publisher, radio networks, music company, etc. that you will no longer continue to publish your books and/or broadcast your radio programs with companies that continually further those same unsound doctrines and that have been bought out by multinational conglomerates which currently are under secular ownership (i.e., Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Word, etc.) violating 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1 by being unequally yoked in a spiritual ministry or enterprise with nonbelievers. And then withdraw from any further relationship with those companies ceasing to profit from them financially because of those right and true biblical convictions. That takes courage of monumental proportions and no one has taken it today in the pastoral, radio teaching, publishing arena. Why? Why would men of God who write, preach and teach sound doctrine and correct theology through books, radio, etc. not want to leave the very entity that continues to fuel the marketplace and church with material that is against the very faith and Lord they love so much? Two things: it means the loss of significant platforms that build and sustain one's audience; and, the financial capital that comes from that expanding audience. The larger the audience - the greater the remuneration. It’s that simple. If a Christian owned, nonprofit publishing company had as much marketing muscle in the marketplace as Word, Zondervan or Thomas Nelson, then I am convinced, that most Christian authors and radio bible teachers would move their alliances without delay. But because there isn’t, they will spin the reasons and justify the methods to stay involved with the current status quo and do I call, "the Nashville two-step", in being a part of the very system that continues to propagate the damaging errant teaching, heresy and blasphemous works against the truth of Scripture, the character of God and the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ they teach against. This is trying to mop up the floor while keeping the faucet running. Impossible. You cannot pick up a tub while standing in it. You must first step outside of it in order to change it. Until evangelical leaders are willing to put their ministries where their teaching is, then the current system will continue to win every time; dominating the marketplace and the church with skewed, errant and heretical material. Strong words against error are not enough; action is now required.Marketplace and Money: The Allure of Christian Radio & PublishingYou might disagree with me on this--that's OK. But I have earned the right, in today’s world of public media driven ministry, to say it. As most of you know, I walked away many years ago from a very successful music ministry after releasing 16 CD’s at that time when Christian music companies were selling out by the droves and being bought up at wholesale rates by the world for the sake of two things: a greater marketplace and more money. After entreating the wisdom, counsel and advice from several key evangelical leaders and pastors, all advised me to leave the CCM industry without hesitation because I would be unequally yoked with an unbelieving world in my service to the Lord and would therefore be forfeiting the blessing and favor of God in my own life and ministry to remain in partnership with them. After careful study of God’s Word and a season of fasting and prayer, I did leave the CCM industry and though its been hard and the cost personally profound, I thank the Lord for it everyday and would never go back for anything in the world. IOW: no regrets... not one. The ironic thing is, that some of the same ones who counseled me back then to leave the industry of CCM music are now some of the same ones who are unequally yoked themselves in the publishing and radio world in their public ministries. The same ones who championed my effort through THE 107 THESES back then are now some of the same ones today saying to me, "who made you the watchdog for Christianity?" Funny... isn't it? One might ask, why doesn’t the same standard apply to them in the publishing/radio world as it did to me in the CCM world? Good question. I am still waiting for the answer. The bastardization of biblical truth is so rampant today that it must be silenced – not just negotiated with. But current evangelical leaders are just as much politicians as they are authors, and until they are motivated by conviction to act rather than situational ethics, this trend will continue. Here is an example: in light of the recent "Align" b-zine and many other skewed and offensive tomes that Thomas Nelson Publishers have continued to churn out by the dozens (i.e., remember "Good Morning Holy Spirit" by Benny Hinn?) why would very biblical, orthodox authors/pastors continue to publish their books, tapes, CD's, Bibles and other Christian literature with them, knowing full well of what they stand for? There are only two reasons: distribution and money. There are no other justifiers in that world. Who can get your product to largest audience, which in turn generates the most money. Though they are some good theological/biblical books that TNP have released, in the world of publishing, one book from one author feeds another’s opportunity from another author. Truth is not the reason for releasing another book today, just profits. How I pray for some no profit, prophets to come back to Christian publishing once again.Someone had jokingly posted that Steve Hayes would be proud of me for taking a "political" stand against this. Though I don't support Steve in his eschatological theonomist views, I would gladly welcome him to also call evangelical leaders to purity in whom they partner with, not just what they say. I would be humbled to have his wisdom in this fight for truth. The methods, the messengers and the motives in ministry are just as important as the message; and they are all inseparable.


Blogger Dave Norris said...

Excellent post and one of your best. I hope everybody takes the time to read and digest what you have said.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Cant take the credit here because this post was mainly written by Steve Camp. But yes I think the article was very good.

11:57 AM  

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