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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I-Worship? and Lazy Christians

First of all I would like to state for the records that I have a handful of friends who work for Integrity music so no way do I mean this post as a judgment on them. These days its all about the benjamins though.
In my churchwe are using this new aid for enhancing the worship experience. Its called I-Worship and its in DVD form put out by Integrity Music.We basically count off to click on the DVD and play along with the DVD. Kinda like sing along with Mitch or follow the bouncing ball..
These DVD's come in many different songs actually some of them are set to very good worship songs.
The one we are playing to show really nice pictures of small children holding hands and on the swings etc.. (AAhhh).
It all flashes the words up in very cool form-throw away those overhead projectors folks.
Just a couple of observations back a few years ago I dropped $1200.00 plus room and board to go to Integrity Music in Mobile to learn how to lead worship. I was taught there is no I in worship it was about God not me. Guess they changed their minds.
Second as much as I love children (I have four) what the heck does showing pictures of smiling, happy kids have to do with worshipping God?
I am grateful to God for my four children and I thank Him for Alan, Steven, Brittany,and Bethany.
But when I worship God its about Him-no false gods-not even our children-before Him.
I love my kids but I love God more.
So when Im worshipping God my focus in on Him alone.
So showing all these pictures of children and mountains etc.. is not helping worship it is hindering it. It takes the focus away from God and we focus on the ohhs and ahhhs instead.
Some of you may ask why Im still in a church that does so much I disagree with?
Good question and I am starting to struggle ever week with just playing when I believe this is all turning more and more into entertainment and not about God at all.
I do however want to remain an optimist and hope I can make a difference on the inside. Time will tell.
I believe this is the end of worship as we know it and we feel fine (sang of course to the REM song-Its the end of the world as we know it)

Dont forget to pray for your church the deception is getting deep.
The main problem is we have gotten so lazy we need entertainment to prompt us to worship.
But then when we need visual enhancement we lose faith because if we need visual stimuli to prove that God is there we really have no faith at all.
O yea of little faith.
Why don't we put away the special effects, the bands coming out from under the stage with all the lighting effects and smoke and start to worship God is spirit and in truth.
Before we find out its not really God we are worshipping at all.


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