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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Multi sensory worship

For the record I want to state that I think our senses are a great and wonderful thing.
Most of all since God created them.
I love to hear and listen to beautiful music.
I love to taste the wonderful food God has provided us with.
I love to see the magnificent creation God has made.
I love to touch and feel the touch of my wife, children and hugs of friends.
Faith does come from hearing the word of God.
So yes our senses are wonderful things created by God.

But if I could not taste my food it would not be any less wonderful.
Many blind people can not see what God has created. That doesn't make it any less beautiful.
And as people get older our senses tend to dull with age.
Does that make God any less God because we cannot experience Him through our senses?
Paul and Silas senses were probably assaulted in a much different way when they were in prison and still praised God.
And senses can also deceive us.
How many times have you heard a noise and it wasn't what you thought?
How many times have you seen something and had to take a second look, and it wasn't what you thought it was?

I said all this to make this point.
Multi sensory worship is being promoted to your children now.
The root comes from the Emergent church crowd and Sally Morganthaler.
This is the crowd that teaches occult practices like Lectio Divina, centering prayer, and contemplative prayer.
And the Emergents got those practices from monks who used to beat themselves with whips.
Funny I don't see that practice being promoted.
I have watched the Digtal Glass DVD by Sally Morganthaler.
In my opinion it is very pagan and pantheist.
It said to me "God is in everything and everyone."
If your cool with that statement please proceed forward and taste the cool aid.
Here is a interview with Emergent leader Sally Morganthaler from Slick Ricks own website read the article and decide for yourselves..
Saddleback as well is promoting contemplative rituals.
Prayer Stations are now being promoted as well in various variety.
This has its origins in the Roman Catholic church.
If your cool with that please continue on. (PS I was raised Catholic and dont hate Catholics at all they just teach a different jesus).
I spent a number of years in the Word Faith churches where experience is everything and if there isn't something assaulting our senses God isn't there.
that's just a lie.
God is still there no matter how we feel.
God is there when we are sick and don't feel good.
God was with Paul and Silas in prison.
If you are saved God has promised He will never leave or forsake you. (Heb 13:5)
No mater how you are feeling that day.
don't teach your children experience driven methods like multi sensory worship.
Teach them instead the word of God and teach them to memorize scripture as well as practice it.
That way when the experience is not there they will still no God is.
One other thing on this topic.
Well number one there is no I in worship its not about us but God.
And these cute videos even though it may make us feel all warm and fuzzy takes us away from focusing on God.
So close your eyes, be still, read the scriptures, and worship the God who saved you from hell.


Anonymous Tim Boucher said...

Hi Tim, I found this piece to be both interesting and confusing. Some of the things you're saying seem to go against each other, and I'd like to gain a greater understanding of what it is you meant by them.

If you're interested in continuing the conversation, I posted my thoughts on it at my own site.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Thanks for your comments Tim. I did not mean to be confusing. I guess my point is to not totally depend on the experience you have. Experiences as well as sometimes our senses can be deceiving.
When I said close your eyes,sit still and then read the scriptures I emant everything seperatly. Of course you cant read with your eyes closed. Sometimes its just good to sit alone with the Lord close your eyes and pray as well as read the scriptures. But thank you for pointing those things out on your blog.
My whole point of the article was (like Word Faith churches) if you depend on experience driven worship (how I see multi sensory worship)what happens when the experience is not happening. Is God no longer there?
Paul didnt get knocked off his horse every day.
Im not saying using the senses are bad.
Multi sensory worship goes beyond that though as well as using techniques such as photo reading.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

PS on your blog I saw your definition of Lectio.Lectio is different than the way I suggest learning scripture because people are using Lectio as a form of conjuring up a encounter with God by chanting or repeating (mantra) scripture.
Im not saying a encounter with God is bad but all through scripture God is the one who initiates the encounter not man (or woman).

9:52 PM  
Anonymous tim boucher said...

Thanks for the clarification. I think I can especially relate to this part:

My whole point of the article was if you depend on experience driven worship what happens when the experience is not happening. Is God no longer there?

Paul didnt get knocked off his horse every day.

Maybe that could be a topic all by itself. I might try to run with this myself. My preliminary thoughts on the matter are though: maybe once was all it took - one strong experience which fueled everything else that he did afterwards.

What about people who haven't been knocked off their horse by God even once though? Is it wrong for them to want to go out on the horse and ride around?

10:30 PM  

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