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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pray for the people at Saddleback Church

We really need to keep those that still attend Saddleback in our prayers. They have been programed to accept whatever their leadership does. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit snaps them out of the dumb stupor and great delusion they are in.
What they really need to do is read their Bibles and compare that to Warrens methods and teachings.
The two dont add up.

Here are two articles on Rick.
Its good to see Joe Farrah call Rick out and expose's Rick for the liar he is.

The second article is titled "The Spiritual spin doctor".

If Rick Warren needs to spin things you know that he is wanting to make something look better than it really is.
This is deception plain and simple.
And how is this biblical?
Of course its not but we know now that Rick doesnt really believe Gods Word instead he only uses the Bible to fulfill his own delusional purposes.


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