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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What Rick Warrens purpose really is

I found this article and it opened my eyes even more to what Rick Warren really is.
I find it interesting that a so called pastor of a church would hire a public relations guy.
But I also know that Rick has created his own religion from the shallowness that is apparent in many American Christians.
Rick took advantage of that, feed the flesh and now you have Saddleback and purpose driven churches.

here are some quotes from a recent news article on Warren.
Decide for yourself what Warrens purpose really is.

From the article featured on Religious News Blog.

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - On a small stage freckled with the flashes of camera bulbs, Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren opens his mouth to admit a small, white swab.

Steps away - far enough to be out of the camera’s glare - a lanky, white-haired Dallas native named A. Larry Ross watches with admiration and professional respect.

Respect because Warren is doing something that is supposed to be Ross’ job: melding a personality to a powerful cause in the most public of venues, a press conference.

On this stage, however, the student may be the master.

“The AIDS test was his idea,” Ross recalls, of Warren’s decision to take an orally administered HIV test - perhaps the first major evangelical Christian leader to do so publicly - at a Saddleback-organized conference on AIDS last November. “Rick intuitively knows how to deal with the media.”

In Warren he may have found a Graham-like talent - a master of both ministry and marketing with an appealing communication style, a best-selling book and an ambitious evangelistic and humanitarian endeavor: the PEACE plan.

The net result: In 2005, Warren’s Saddleback Church was described as “the nation’s most influential American congregation” by the Church Report, a Christian business trade magazine. (In 2006, Saddleback ranked No. 2, behind Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill.)

(my comments-if Saddlebacks influence is this big it truely shows how shallow, corrupt and apostate American Christianity has become)

Warren attributes what he calls his “affluence and influence” to God and to the “life-changing message” of “The Purpose-Driven Life,” the best-selling book upon which his relatively recent fame and fortune are built.

(my comments- notice that Warren does not mention Jesus Christ, the gospel, scriptures or The Holy Spirit here. Which is true his fame and fortune was based on Ricks marketing skills not the prompting of The Holy Spirit or Gods Word. Which Rick really does not know, or willfully chooses to ignore for Ricks own glory.)

If the book’s success was an act of God, the work Warren and hired guns such as Ross have done to promote and build upon that success may also reflect significant human effort.

Warren is described as a “pastor, global strategist, theologian, and philanthropist” in a biographical statement distributed by Saddleback Church. Ross has another descriptor for Warren: “an authoritative resource to the media.”

(my comments- does Rick give money away to just anyone-or strictly to foundations he creates. I have yet to hear that question answered.)

Each week, Warren receives 20 to 30 speaking invitations and requests for media interviews. It is Ross’ job, along with a team that includes Warren’s chief of staff, David Chrzan, to identify which might best magnify the message and, in Chrzan’s words, “influence a culture.”

“The numbers are the influencers,” Chrzan says. “We’ll decide to go to a meeting where there are 25 CEOs and one or two billionaires. That’s a pretty hefty meeting. We’ll go have a meeting with Ray Chambers and Jeffrey Sachs … because that’s pretty hefty. We’ll go speak to 4,500 pastors rather than 4,500 church members. And we realize there are certain magazines and publications that help us with framing a conversation.”

“All these things have created and opened doors for us to talk to influencers.”

(my comments- the verse Rick always ignores is the scripture that tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Of course Rick does not care what scripture states because he is driven to fulfill his own purposes no matter what it takes. Even if it means ignoring Gods Word because it gets in the way.)

Warren is known for peppering his interviews and speeches with celebrity names and events. In one interview with The Orange County Register, Warren mentioned encounters with actor John Cusack, U2’s Bono, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and also contrasted his experiences with those of Graham and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

(my comments-that says a lot on Warrens skill to manipulate the public which he is a master of)

Warren’s “friendly” critics declined to speak on the record, fearing repercussions to their career - an indication, perhaps, of how far Warren’s influence extends.

( I know musicians who would never speak out against Rick Warren because of a fear of losing a good gig)

"All these things have created and opened doors for us to talk to influencers."

My final comments- This is exactly how Rick Warren has played into the hands of satan and is used by him. Rick doesnt care if the influencers are Christian or non Christian. Rick is so driven because he thinks he is doing something for God he ignores the warnings scripture cries out. Power has also made Rick Warren delusional.
As Christian we are to be Holy Spirit led, not purpose driven.
We dont need pr men we need the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
Rick Warren has not just strayed from the path.

Rick is on a different road.

You would be wise not to follow him.
Instead follow Jesus Christ and what He teaches in scripture..

Tim Wirth


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