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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Witchcraft in the church

Ive known a few witches (Wiccans) in my time. They for the most part were very nice, friendly people. I would love them as my neighbor.

However what they practice is evil.

I just had a comment on the last article saying the dots dont connect.

Wrong transplanted in oc.

Dan Kimball also endorses the labyrinth which is a occult practice. That endosement alone defines the fact that I do not consider Dan Kimball a brother in the Lord.
I do love Dan as I would my neighbor and he seems to be a very nice guy. What he endorses is flat out evil though and Dan needs to repent of this practice. He needs to stop endorsing both the labyrith and teaching sacred space as well as experience based worship (masked as multi sensory worship).
He needs to pull his book "The Emerging Church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations" from any future publication.
This book is not a book based on biblical, scriptural Christianity so Dan needs to encourage people who have purchased his book and discard it in the trash and not follow the teachings there in.
He also needs to distance himself from other Emergent Church leaders like Brian McLaren (who endorsed his book), Rick Warren, Leonard Sweet and Tony Jones just to name a few.
Dan would like to make people think he is a Bible believing orthodox Christian.
Dans books and fellowship as well as endorsements state otherwise.
I have always considered Dan to be the nice guy point man for the Emergent Church to bring in its pagan practices.
Dan has successfully wormed his way into other discerment sites as well with his charm and nice hurt vunerable guy attitude.
I hope Dan does repent of this sin and the damage he is spreading to the Body of Christ.
Until Dan does repent he needs to be treated with love but as a unbeliever.

You cant hang a fish symbol on the occult, witchcraft and call it Christian.

Call it New Age (the nicer word ) paganism or whatever.

It is all the same beast.

Man trying to initiate a supernatural experience with God.

Scripture does not teach this.

100% of the time in the Bible God initiated the supernatural experience.

Whether it was Peter on the roof, or Paul on (and then off) his horse.

This was God initiating the experience.

The Bible condems the practice of witchcraft.

2Chr 33:6

"Also he caused his sons to pass through the fire in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom; he practiced soothsaying, used witchcraft and sorcery, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke Him to anger."

Gal 5:19-20

"Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness,idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies.

And the Bible also teaches not to use mantras such as practiced in Lectio Divina, contemplative prayer , and or centering prayer. Even if the sacred word choosen is Jesus or a biblical word this practice is still condemed by our Lord Jesus Himself.

Matt 6:7

"And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do . For they think that they will be heard for their many words."

I hope this helps you connect the dots as to what is really going on not only in the Emergent Church, but Purpose Driven, and many other churches without discernment as they accept pagan practices.

Here is a essay about Witchcraft in the church.

Witchcraft in the Church?

Resources to aid your Understanding

There are many events in life that appear a complete paradox, but even the slightest whisper of witchcraft imbedded in a “Christian” assembly immediately results in outcries of disbelief, denial, or even abject horror. This is due to the fact that the perceptions of the Church (as well as broad-based concepts of witchcraft across the general population) will not allow any mental accommodation of a logical synthesis of witchcraft and true Christianity. Additionally, the vast majority of Christians would not recognize witchcraft even if it actually did exist within their local assemblies.

However, as stated in Chapter 1, from the early days of the Church, the New Testament reveals that false teachers successfully made clandestine infiltrations of local Christian assemblies; and if the early Church could be deceived by Gnosticism and other forms of occult beliefs-- what makes the modern Church immune from such deception as witchcraft? Taking into consideration the widespread ignorance and general misconceptions regarding witchcraft, a detailed discussion of witchcraft must be addressed as prerequisite to any examination of occult infusions into local assemblies.


The unorganized nature of witchcraft necessitates that the most reliable estimates of the numbers of participating individuals originate from surveys taken by organizations within “the craft.” However reliable these statistics may or may not be, there is no doubt of the explosive growth the last two decades of the numbers of individuals involved in pagan rituals, occult practices, witchcraft in general, and Wicca in particular. One such poll taken in July of 1999 by Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) reported the number of witches and pagans in the United States as approximately 768,400. This survey also reported 65% of pagan adherents as between the ages of 18 and 39 years and 71% female. (1) In spite of the burgeoning popularity of witchcraft, there is much debate and confusion not only concerning its origins, but also as to the particular belief system of that which denotes a true witch.

The Bible defines a witch as an individual who utilizes sorcery to manipulate events, contact the dead, or fraternize with “familiar spirits.” (Familiar spirits are known in New Age circles today as “Spirit Guides.”) As the afore-mentioned survey indicated, today’s modern witches are a segment of the broader demographic generally classified as “pagan” or “neo-pagan.” In the current postmodern society, pagans and neo-pagans are generally viewed as benign, “tree-hugging,” hippie-type nature lovers. However, a thorough study of pagan and occult religious practices from the past not only reveals widespread demonic and satanic influence, but also the permeation of satanic “black magick” in ancient witchcraft itself.

Conversely, neo-pagans insist that that the word pagan (a term derived from the concept of a country dweller or a back woods “hick”) was a derogatory term coined by the medieval Church of Rome to further denigrate not only those who rebelled against its ecclesiastical hierarchy but also as a means of the further suppression of women. While this concept may well be based on a measure of truth, any attempt by the neo-pagan community to appropriate the concepts of Catholicism used by the church to advance its own agenda does not constitute any conclusive proof of an absence of demonic activity within paganism or witchcraft. In essence, any such contention is either a naïve misconception or a thinly veiled untruth.

In conjunction with this line of reasoning, most modern witches consider witchcraft a pantheistic or polytheistic nature religion ostensibly based on older pagan religions. Neo-pagans attempt to retain the basic aspects of ancient paganism while discarding the elements of these religions that they deem as no longer plausible. In other words, most modern witches and other neo-pagans have developed a homogenized, sanitized, politically correct version of the ancient religions that formerly incorporated such practices as animal or human sacrifice, bestiality, ceremonial castration, cannibalism, and sanctified prostitution that were demanded by the Goddess and her consort in years past.

The key to understanding modern witchcraft is to grasp the concept of the Mother Goddess. Once this aspect is incorporated in the equation, the modern witch is clearly seen as one who is involved in a fertility nature religion where all of nature is seen as divine, and “Mother Earth” or “Gaia” is a living, breathing entity who must be worshipped. As revealed by Johanna Michaelson in the book, Like Lambs to the Slaughter:

“Some Witches trace their traditions to the myths of the ancient Greeks and Romans; others, to the Egyptians, Sumerians, the Norse gods of the Vikings, or to the ancient Celts. Still others cheerfully blend any number of traditions and sources together, including bits and pieces from modern science fiction and fantasy (Star Trek and Tolkien's Ring Trilogy are among the most popular), to create their own unique interpretation and set of rituals.” (2)

Margot Adler, professed witch and feminist, in her book Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and other Pagans in America Today, quotes Dallas witch, Morgan McFarland:

"I see myself as monotheistic in believing in the Goddess, Creatrix, the Female
Principle, but at the same time acknowledging that other gods and goddesses do exist through her as manifestations of her, facets of the whole." (3)

There are many dangers in the pursuit of this holistic, neo-pagan goddess worship. In the first place, the basic world view of the neo-pagan, as seen in the quotation by Morgan MacFarland, is the type of pantheism termed as panentheism—(this aspect will be discussed later in this chapter, but MacFarland incorrectly calls this monotheism.) This world view will not only lead one to a deeper rejection of the Word of God and Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world, but also to acceptance of the “doctrines of devils” proclaimed by the spirit guides accessed within goddess worship.

Even more ominous is the attraction of the overtly satanic or “dark side” of these philosophies. While any embracing of pantheism without future repentance will condemn the adherent to an eternity in hell, embracing the “dark side” of occult philosophy will in all probability prove deadly not only to the adherent but also too many with whom these individuals come in contact. Examples of such individuals who sold out to the “dark side” (other than Darth Vader) include rocket scientist Jack Parsons (who claimed to be Antichrist), Aleister Crowley (in his time, known as the most evil man in the world), Albert Pike, Adolph Hitler, and the infamous Charles Manson.


The lines of argument are then set. If a neo-pagan in the Wicca religion claims no relationship to Lucifer, insists there is no real Devil, and believes in the Mother Goddess—is this individual a witch or not? Furthermore, were those who claimed to be witches in the past cast in this same mold, or did they actually profess to worship Lucifer? The truth of the matter is easily discovered. The religion of witchcraft has progressed from its former position of evil spells, attacks utilizing paranormal forces, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, and even the worship of Lucifer to a kinder, gentler, civilized, politically correct witchcraft—just as mainline, liberal Protestantism has been molded by the modern culture. A study of this evolution of witchcraft is very enlightening.

The modern consensus of a witch was cast in 1484 with the publication of Hammer of the Witches, written by two Dominican monks who were members of the Inquisition. According to this publication, witchcraft was a heresy conspiring to overthrow the Church of Rome and establish the Kingdom of Satan on Earth. “By their own confessions, they (witches) flew on demonic horses or broom-sticks, they feasted, danced and copulated with each other, with their familiar spirits, and sometimes the devil himself…witches made a formal pact with the devil.” (4)

This perception of witchcraft made its way to the New World and was succinctly recorded by eyewitnesses to the “Salem Witchcraft Trials” in New England in 1692. In a nutshell, the trial testimonies reveal several facts:

· Many who were tried, convicted and executed for the crime of witchcraft were innocent victims.
· However, the evidence reveals that all were certainly not innocent, and there is indisputable evidence of crimes to the extent of murder that involved the manipulation of paranormal forces.
· The confession of William Barker in the Salem trials claimed there were 307 witches scattered throughout New England, and they were involved in a plot to replace Christianity in the New World with Devil Worship. (5)

The witchcraft of Salem and pre-Colonial Europe does not, however, ring true with the modern, sanitized, 21st Century version of witchcraft popularly and publicly displayed as Wicca. Wiccans generally point back to the 1940s and Gerald Gardner for their brand of witchcraft; and they claim this to be the true, ancient witchcraft of all ages. Actually, Gardner began studying and writing on witchcraft rituals of ancient times and pulled bits and pieces of that which he discovered to formulate what many today call Wicca. (6) Most Wiccans, however, are completely unaware of the fact that many of Gardner’s rituals were actually written by none other than the notorious “black magick” Satanist, Aleister Crowley after Gardner became an initiate in Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis. (7)

Paradoxically, the great majority of Wiccans will insist that they do not believe in Satan or a Devil as such, but they worship the Mother Goddess as revealed in nature. Most hold to a “Star Wars” style of religion that dictates oneness, interconnection, immanence, and community as the aspects of the goddess (This will be discussed in detail later). (8) Since they (and everything else) are one with, and manifestations of the goddess, they attempt to go inside themselves, and discover the goddess within-- and thus reach their full human potential.

In somewhat of another contradiction, most Wiccans assert that the consort of the goddess is the mythical god, Pan. (Most pagan and neo-pagan religions worship or acknowledge the existence of many gods as manifestations of the goddess.) Pan is revealed in folk lure as the horned half-man, half goat; or even is portrayed as the satyr—the upper torso of a man with the lower body of a horse. Pan is the god of the underworld, the lord of the forest, or the “god of the hunt.” The description of Pan equates to Osiris in the Egyptian Mysteries, Bacchus in the Babylonian Mysteries, Baal of Old Testament fame, and can be traced directly to Nimrod, who the Bible describes as “a mighty hunter against the Lord,” (9) and the builder of the Tower of Babel. David Livingstone records:

“In medieval times, the devil was known as the Goat of Mendes…According to (the Egyptian Mysteries and documented by ed.) Plutarch, after Set dismembered Osiris’ body, his penis was never found, and Isis made a gold replica of it and buried it at Mendes, where there was a temple to the goat god. Plutarch noted that the most beautiful women were selected to lie with the divine Goat of Mendes.” (10)

Most interestingly, Mendes is the Egyptian name for both Pan and for a goat. Therefore, when a modern witch admits the recognition of Pan as consort to the Goddess, this is an admission (whether realized or not) of the satanic origins of a religion that paradoxically and emphatically denies the existence of Lucifer.

When taken to its logical conclusions, one must reasonably question the correlation between the Mother Goddess and Lucifer. If the Mother Goddess has Pan as her consort, is Pan not just another manifestation of Lucifer himself? Furthermore, if Pan is just a manifestation of the Goddess, does that not also make the Goddess the embodiment of Lucifer himself?

Where then did the worship of the Mother Goddess originate? The Bible records in the Old Testament the worship of Ashteroth, Astarte, Isis, the “Queen of Heaven,” and other female variations of goddess worship. The reality is that modern witchcraft had its origins at the Tower of Babel, and the infusion of the worship of mother goddess and the “mother and child cults” evidenced throughout world religions for the last 4500 years were conceived in the Babylonian Mysteries that originated with the widow of Nimrod, Semiramis and the “son of the widow,” Tammuz.

Variations and cults derived from goddess worship and the Mystery Religions even influenced Judaism. The Jews influenced by the occult when they developed an “oral mystical interpretation” of the Old Testament known as the Kabalah:

“Although falsely claiming to date from some time prior to the Flood, the system of the Kabalah represented the appropriation of foreign doctrines into Judaism adopted by the Jews in the great ancient city of Babylon, when they were held there in captivity in the early part of the sixth century, BC.” (11)

The Kabalah is among the direct ancestors of Gnosticism, and with the advances of the Moors into Europe in the Ninth Century, magical and mystical cults fleeing into southern Europe brought with them a Gnostic dualism that directly led to the worship of Lucifer. (12) According to David Livingstone:

“They worshipped Lucifer, regarding the material world as his work, and holding that by indulging in carnal pleasures they were accommodating their Demon-Creator. It was said that a black cat figured in their ceremonies as an object of worship…at their nocturnal orgies, sacrifices of children were made and their blood used for making the Eucharistic bread of the sect.” (13)


Thus witchcraft, with its origin at the Tower of Babel has evolved from the open worship of Lucifer to the modern sanitized version of the craft—Wicca. However, like a ghoulish, haunting spectre, the underlying issue in Wicca and other “white magick” neo-pagan belief systems is the question of the imbedded worship of Lucifer himself lurking under the white-washed façade of the Mother Goddess. The late Anton LaVey, founder and self appointed high priest of the Church of Satan in San Francisco, had a very dogmatic view of this question. In his book, The Satanic Witch, he stated:

“Any girl or woman (LaVey contended that a witch can only be female. –ed.) who claims to practice only ‘Wicca’ or ‘white magick’ is either kidding herself or has much to learn.” (14)

In support of this contention, this author received a personal email containing the following statement:

“Many witches do not even believe in a Satan of any sort. Personally –Satan is
my lord and father - I fall into the satanic witch camp!!!! We are for
the emancipation of the entire human race from the plunderings of a
murdering jewish god---- whom does not exist as such but is merely mass
hysteria of the fearful xtians (sic) perpetuating their own reality and
prophecies on their own humanity and world. It is the actions of and
teachings of xtianity (sic) which hinders the worlds increased development.
This will soon end.

All will awaken to the light within soon!!!!” (15)

In the light of history and the above statements, this author must agree (as painful as that may be) with the contention of LaVey. The deceptive nature of Lucifer himself is evidenced in the very fact that those individuals who believe they are seeking the goddess within are outwardly, and in reality, serving the “god of this world”---Lucifer himself.


Now that a baseline has been established as to the position of modern witchcraft, the question must be addressed as to its infusion into the Church. As this subject is addressed, several prerequisites and disclaimers must be stated:
· When addressing the Church, this manuscript is only addressing those who profess salvation by faith in the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ---not those in the Modernist camp who carry only a façade of Christianity.
· All discussions exclude Roman Catholicism, which in and of itself is a bastion of white magick paganism.
· This author is not necessarily accusing any individual or individuals of involvement in practicing witchcraft unless otherwise directly stated.
· The intention of this discussion is to call into question those who either knowingly or unknowingly are interjecting the terminologies and doctrines of devils into the psyche of those who not only profess Christianity but also those who are being evangelized.
· This chapter will specifically discuss aspects of goddess worship infiltrating the Church. Other occult influences such as New Age and Theosophy will be discussed in later chapters.

Now that witchcraft itself has been addressed, the relationship of witchcraft to the Goddess Religion must be closely scrutinized. Again, Margot Adler supplies the basic information necessary to comprehend the relationship of the witch to the Mother Goddess:

“Witches consider themselves priests and priestesses of an ancient European
shamanistic nature religion that worships a goddess who is related to the
Mother Goddess in her 3 aspects of maiden, mother, and crone. Many also
worship a god related to the ancient horned lord of the animals, the god of
the hunt, the god of death, and the lord of the forests.” (16)

This description undeniably is a mirror image of modern sanitized witchcraft as has been described in this manuscript— a pantheistic nature religion ostensibly based on older pagan religions. Starhawk (a professing witch), in her book, The Spiral Dance, clearly states the 3 core principles of Goddess Religion:

· Immanence—All human beings are each a manifestation of the living earth.
· Interconnection—All are linked to the cosmos as part of one living organism.
· Community—The primary focus is not on the individual, but the group. (17)

Immanence and Interconnection will be discussed over the course of the balance of this chapter. However, the entire next chapter will be devoted to a discussion of “Community.”


The preceding chapter discussed the infusion of pantheistic philosophies into the Church. The discussion centered on the contention by Dr. Rick Warren in his book, The Purpose-Driven Life, “God is everywhere and in everything.” To reiterate the diagnosis reached in Chapter 1, while Dr. Warren’s statement is not conducive to sound biblical doctrine, it does reflect a form of pantheism.

In way of review, pantheistic philosophy teaches that “all is god.” This is the doctrine of the strict pantheist. For example, the strict pantheist may state when drinking a glass of milk that “god” is drinking “god” from a glass container that is also “god.” For this individual believes that one object is just as much “god” as the other, whether inanimate or living. However, the teaching of witchcraft is not as the strict pantheist, for witchcraft teaches of a transcendent Mother Goddess who exists above all as the guiding energy force of the universe. Furthermore, this teaching contends that all things—whether living or inanimate—are manifestations of the Mother Goddess and are indwelled by the Mother Goddess. Such a belief system is closer to a form of pantheism known as panentheism. Laurie Cabot, the “”Official Witch of the State of Massachusetts,” confirms this in her book, Power of the Witch:

“…witches believe in their oneness with the source of all life, the Great Mother,
and their position as co-creators of the universe.” (18)

Panentheism simply states that there exists a transcendent god (or goddess, or energy force) that rules above everything and indwells everything. Panentheism basically exaggerates strict pantheism to the point that there is recognition of a force that transcends above all of creation. In other words, panentheism allows for a deity that is more “god” than is anything else in the universe, though the balance of the universe is a manifestation of and is indwelled by this same “force” known as “god.” In addition, most pagan religions teach that individual adepts can ascend to the point to becoming “wholly one” with “the force” or the Mother Goddess.

As a further example, God (the true God) is transcendent and omnipresent, but He is not thoroughly immanent. God is Holy. God transcends above all of His creation. Furthermore, He is omnipresent—He is always present, but in a transcendent fashion. However, He does not indwell all of His creation. God is immanent only in the sense that He indwells those and only those who accept by faith the blood sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that all of creation manifests (or reveals) the glory, majesty, and power of the Creator, but the Bible does not teach the panentheistic principle that God is transcendent over, and indwells all of His creation. Goddess Religion differs from the worship of the true God in that the Mother Goddess, while truly transcendent, also is completely immanent within all of nature.

All of which makes the translation of Ephesians 4:6 in the New Century Version of the New Testament quoted by Dr. Warren more the doctrine of witchcraft than that of the strict pantheist or true Christianity. All that differs from witchcraft and the New Century’s rendering of “He rules everything and is everywhere and in everything” is the gender. If the “He” were changed to “She” the result would be a perfect description of the transcendent Mother Goddess.

The current situation in the Purpose-Driven Church Movement is quite a paradox. Would Charles Spurgeon (to choose a name of a famous Baptist preacher completely at random) ever have dreamed that a conservative Baptist preacher would list Immanence as God’s presence “in everything?” Would Starhawk, who believes that all individuals are manifestations of the Mother Goddess, ever have imagined that a conservative Southern Baptist preacher would imply the same of the God of the Bible? (For if God is “in” everything as the New Century Version and Dr. Warren state, is not all of mankind inclusive in “everything?”) Could anyone have foreseen this scenario? For most biblically grounded, true Christians--- not in their most vivid nightmares would they have imagined such a departure from the Word of God that would open the door to the teachings of witchcraft in the Church.


Whether an individual involved in “the occult” or witchcraft is a strict pantheist or a panentheist, there are many common denominators in these belief systems. One such major component is the belief in interconnection. Starhawk defined the witches view of interconnection with the statement, “We are all linked to the cosmos as part of one living organism.” (19) As stated earlier, the individual involved in witchcraft will state that all things, animate and inanimate, are manifestations of the Mother Goddess, the life-force of the universe. As a panentheist, the witch believes that all is controlled and directed by the goddess, rather than left to chance. That fact, however, does not preclude those involved in witchcraft from evolutionary theories. Simply stated, their view of evolution is a variation of theistic evolution, as they believe the Mother Goddess, though in and of herself a product of evolution, controls the direction of the perceived evolutionary impetus.

As a matter of fact, the entire basis of the occult view of interconnection is based in the misplaced concept of a primordial “Big Bang.” Once one considers the logical course of the Big Bang, however illogical the entire theory may be, the concept of interconnection is a reasonable conclusion. The process in this line of thinking would proceed from the idea that according to the Big Bang, the entire universe was formed from one very small, very dense mass of matter. Now if everything, and theoretically everyone, was ancestrally united and contained in this very small mass (most contend it was about the size of a period on this page), then all of mankind and everything else in the universe originated from this common, if not extremely ancient ancestor. If this indeed were the case, every individual would have a physiological and even a psychological interconnection to everyone and everything else.

Taking this concept to the next level, such a belief system logically concludes that all the knowledge of the universe lies dormant within each individual, and the only issue that remains for mankind is to access that knowledge. The belief in the Mother Goddess simply takes the theory of the Big Bang and states that the goddess is the very life-force that evolved from the Big Bang, and controls all of nature by manifesting herself in all of nature. As a result, all is one, all is interconnected, all is a manifestation of the Mother Goddess, all is worthy of worship, and by the way—all is still evolving.

The strict pantheist will have basically the same concept of the evolution of man as does the panentheist, but the strict pantheistic view does not allow for a transcendent figure such as the Mother Goddess. The strict pantheist will simply take the view that “if all the knowledge of the universe is contained within me, then I am God. However, I alone am not God, but everything else in the universe is also God, and the impersonal evolutionary impetus will eventually bring all mankind to the next level of evolution, homo noeticus. At this the final stage of evolution for humankind, all mankind will not only realize they are God but will also possess ‘God-like’ powers.”


Based on this discussion, there is absolutely no surprise that many of the leaders of the movements in the Twentieth Century that promoted (or still promote) the mythical and sometimes ostracized New World Order were well-known occultists. A complete list would be impossible to compile, but some of the more recognizable names include:

· Aleister Crowley, organizer of the OTO and known as the most evil man on earth
· H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine and War of the Worlds
· Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World
· Alice Bailey, leader of the Theosophical Society and founder of the Lucis Trust
· Adolf Hitler, attempted to implement an occult New World Order the hard way
· L. Ron Hubbard, author of Dianetics and founder of Scientology
· Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy
· Willis Harman, author of Global Mind Change and Insight to the New Age
· Ervin Lazlo, author of The Systems View of the World: A Holistic Vision for Our Time
· Maurice Strong, Former Senior UN advisor and organizer of the 1992 Earth Summit
· Jean Houston, Expert in Human Potential and Hillary Clinton’s personal medium

All of the individuals in this list made great contributions toward a whole system transition to a planetary society. Such a society would replace Judeo-Christian values with pre-Christian pagan values, establish a world government, establish a one-world religion, and install a world ruler. So what’s wrong with such a world system?

Once again retracing the steps of mankind to the Tower of Babel, God Himself separated men by changing their languages and thus instituting the nation state. The efforts of men over the course of history to build a world empire have always been accompanied with a false religion and rebellion against God. Perfect examples of these world empires include the Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire. With each of these empires came a false religious system that incorporated the occult principles still evidenced in the world today. Furthermore, the Bible very clearly teaches that one more world empire is in the future of humanity. This final world empire will mark the end of this very age, and will be ruled by none other than Antichrist himself--- the man whose kingdom will suffer its ultimate defeat at the hands of Jesus Himself at His Second Coming. In addition, Antichrist will become a priest-king, presiding not only over a global kingdom but also an occult one world religion.

The key to the establishment of this New World Order is interconnection. As so succinctly stated by occultist, Dr. Jean Houston:

“Making a difference has never been more critical in a world in which so much can go right or go disastrously wrong. We are the ones who have the most profound task in human history--the task of deciding whether we grow or die. We have an opportunity to play a role in the greatest transition drama the world has seen. In order to do this we must become able to access depths of body, of mind and spirit that we may have forgotten we had….The present emerging ecology of minds and psyches, our availability to each other, our ability to dream each other's dreams and experience each other's biographies is part of the interpenetrating wave of the current time, psyche, and memory. We are being rescaled to planetary proportions, as we become resonant and intimate with our own depths. (emphasis added –ed.)

We glimpse in this new century the coming of a planetary society which heralds the end of ancient enmities and the birth of new ways of using our common humanity and its various cultures. In fact, we will need a gathering of the potentials of the whole human race and the particular genius of every culture if we are going to survive our time.” (20)

In other words, if the human race is to survive and continue to evolve to the next level of evolution, it must access the goddess within each individual and interconnect through each other’s dreams, psyches, and memories in order to solidify the reality of a new global society.

Thus interconnection is the very essence of globalism---a planetary society based on occult principles and ultimately the worship of Lucifer. The Bible expressly states, “…and they worshipped the Dragon who gave power to the Beast.”(21) The “Beast” is Lucifer’s servant, Antichrist (who will be possessed by Lucifer himself), and who will lead the consummate act of rebellion toward Almighty God.

Therefore, any reference to the New World Order is intrinsically if not overtly linked to modern witchcraft and the worship of the Mother Goddess. Just as Starhawk stated that the principle of interconnection signifies the connection of the entire human race to one another as well as to the cosmos as a major tenant of goddess worship, it is also the underlying impetus toward a New World Order and the ultimate reign of Antichrist.


Chapter 38 of Dr. Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose-Driven Life, is titled “How to Become a World Class Christian.” The chapter is based on fulfilling the “Great Commission”—Christ’s directive to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. The author of this manuscript is in full agreement with this premise, and furthermore, agrees with Dr. Warren that the Church has failed miserably in following this commandment. Every Christian should not only have a burden for lost individuals world-wide, but each individual believer should be fulfilling this commission in any manner that the Lord has given the capacity to perform its fulfillment.

However, there are some very disturbing aspects of Dr. Warren’s appeal to “go into all the world.” These concerns are outlined as follows:

· As a prerequisite, in Chapter 36 of The Purpose-Driven Life, Dr. Warren relayed to his readers and those using the book as a devotional study guide that Jesus told His disciples not to worry about His return to the earth, but to concentrate on their mission (i.e. The Great Commission). He further discouraged the study of Bible Prophecy by taking the words of Jesus out of context when Dr. Warren stated, “If you want Jesus to come back sooner, focus on fulfilling your commission, not figuring out Bible prophecy.” (22)

In light of the discussions here, there are several issues with Dr. Warren’s statements that must be addressed as prerequisites to the overall conclusion:

1. A full one third of the Bible is prophetic Scripture. Are Christians to tear these pages out of the Bible? This author’s Bible states, “All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, correction, reproof, and instruction in righteousness. That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished to all good works.” (23) In Dr. Warren’s view, should the phrase “except those that pertain to Bible prophecy” be added to this verse?
2. The Bible is the only holy book of the world’s major religions that dares to predict the future. Furthermore, not only does it dare to predict---it does so with 100% accuracy. By this fact alone, the study of Bible prophecy proves to the student of the Word of God that God is indeed the one true God. To discount Bible prophecy is to discount both the omniscience and omnipotence of God.
3. Most significantly in reference to this particular study, an ignorance of Bible prophecy results in an ignorance of the dangers of globalism, the so-called New World Order, and the overt moves toward a One-World Religion.

The bottom line is that an individual cannot recognize error if that same individual is ignorant of the truth. Concerns over terminologies and marketing tactics that are consistent with the terminologies and teachings of witchcraft or goddess worship will go unnoticed when one has no grasp on the truth of the “whole counsel of God.” This exact scenario would clearly be the case as one considers other aspects of The Purpose-Driven Life:

· The second subheading used in Chapter 38, “How to Become a World Class Christian” is Shift from local thinking to global thinking. This cute little catch phrase is very much akin to the popular slogan of the radical environmentalists, “Act Locally, Think Globally” and tends to frame the thought process of Dr. Warren’s “World Class Christian” along these same lines.
· The next sentence states, “God is a global God.” Of course God is a global God. God is an omnipresent, omnipotent God. However, without proper instruction in Bible prophecy and recognition of the dangers of globalistic programs, individuals, and organizations; this statement has the potential of leading the novice to support programs such as the Earth Summit, The Earth Charter, Man and the Biosphere, The Baca Ranch, etc.----just because “God is a Global God.”
· Dr. Warren then states that “much of the world already thinks globally.” Yes, especially those are working for a one world government, a one world religion, and those who ascribe to a neo-pagan pantheistic world view. Are Christians to join with these groups?

As dangerous as these statements are, a few sentences later Dr. Warren boasts, “We are more connected than we realize.” (23) Now it is absolutely true that genuine Christians are interconnected to one another as members of the “Body of Christ” through the bond of the Holy Spirit of God. However, it was not in this context that Dr. Warren made this statement. He stated this after speaking of world trade and the number of countries in which your clothes were manufactured. Occultist Jean Houston, in her 1989 speech, Whole System Transition: The Move to a Planetary Society, made exactly the same analogy when explaining that all individuals are interconnected “world beings.”

Dr. Jean Houston worships the Mother Goddess. Dr. Jean Houston ascribes to the aspects of the goddess outlined by Starhawk: Immanence, Interconnection, and Community. This manuscript has detailed that modern witchcraft perceives itself as the religion of the Mother Goddess. Dr. Houston would have no issues identifying with modern witchcraft or Wicca, but what about a “conservative” Baptist preacher? What would be the motive of a preacher who introduces witchcraft into the Church? Would such an individual have issues identifying with witchcraft? One would certainly hope such an individual would have many issues with such identification; but yet this manuscript has previously exhibited that Dr. Warren’s book has promoted an occult form of immanence, and now he touts interconnection. Surely, this must be completely coincidental—or is it?

Lest any misunderstand, this author is not accusing Dr. Warren of practicing or knowingly promoting witchcraft in the church. However, as coincidences (if they are indeed coincidences) continue to pile up, one must certainly question the true direction (as well as the source) of the methods and teachings of Dr. Warren and the thousands of other pastors pursuing the growth and success of the “Purpose-Driven Church.” While a final assessment cannot be made at this juncture, one must conclude that serious problems exist in a religious movement that overtly claims to be fulfilling the Great Commission while in reality is rebuilding the Tower of Babel.

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This essay was written by the fine folk at Cutting Edge Ministries. At the moment they have some really well worth reading biblically based info on topices. Good source for info on Rick Warren.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree totally with your article.
There is more to this purpose driven theology than meets the eye.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Good job, Tim. Excellent article.

9:43 AM  
Blogger IveyLeaguer said...

I think your article demonstrates great insight, Tim. Few today are able to discern the principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness that war against us. Further, the leaders of Big Christianity are totally oblivious to them.

It is, indeed, the same adversary, the same beast, whether occult or purpose-driven, that is behind those who are hard at work endeavoring to build their tower to their god. The only real distinction is whether or not they are aware of it.

Thanks for your contribution to the Ekklesia.

7:22 PM  
Anonymous transplantedinOC said...

In my own defense, your dots didn't, and still don't connect. Using the links you referred to in your last post as a guide, I read the essays posted (one by Dan and another by a "witch" or some other creepy thing). You went on to conclude (illogically) that because Dan's essay contained similarities to the other, Dan was a witch or, was at the very least, promoting witchcraft.

Obviously, you know a ton more about Dan than I do. But using the information you provided in your post, the dots DON'T connect. You reach illogical conclusions from the facts you provide regardless of whether you are actually correct about Dan or not.

The ingredients of Dan's essay do indeed have a few things in common with the witch website. However, many things share commonality in this world. To pick a couple of very specific phrases out of Dan's essay and use them as "evidence" of his promoting witchcraft is a gigantic leap. Using that same (reverse) methodololgy, you could conclude that the witch is christian because she agrees with Dan. Neither conclusion is logical however.

I have read many of your posts and you use the same (il)logical style of argument to make your points. It is called the association fallacy. An example of this is: Bombs use fertilizer, bombs are bad, therefore fertilizer is bad.

Not true.

Here is another, more specific, example: Dan's essay had similar phrases to the witch's essay. evidence is clear that the witch is not a believer, therefore Dan is not a believer either.

That is what I meant by "the dot's don't connect".

I don't know that much about Dan. For all I know, you are correct. I have no interest in finding out more about him, before your post appeared, I had never heard of him.

My only suggestion is to draw more logical conclusions with your arguments. It would increase your credibility and would do your readers a service of honesty in their search for discernment.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Trans in oc: I do enjoy your comments and I would never mean to insult your intellect, but let me explain further and maybe you will understand where Im coming from. I'll use your fertilizer analogy.
Fertilizer is bad when used in a way that it was not intended.
ie a bomb or something destructive.
The same with the supernatural.
We would both agree (I think) that there is a supernatural.
In the Bible God initiates every supernatural experience not man.
Contemplatives and Emergents as well as a evergrowing hosts of others conclude that by using a mantra (alleged sacred word done in repetition) that you initiate a supernatural experience or communication with God.
This is all dashed on the rocks because Jesus taught not to use vain repetition in prayer.
Thats just one example of the practices of contemplatives like Dan.
Dan is promoting the occult, or whatever you want to call it because these practices Dan endorses are spoken out against in the Bible.
Ive sighted scripture in my articles to back this up.
The question should be why are the pagans so comfortable around Christianity now as a great many of them are.
Guilt by association is a valid argument since the Bible teaches us to to be unequally yoked.
The bigger question to you may be why you dont understand this?
You say you dont know anything about Dan.
You may stick up for Dan because you think my logic is flawed.
And thats ok.
But why stick up for a guy who is very clearly and without apology promoting the occult?
A guy you know nothing about.
I mean this with all love and respect.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous tranplantedinOC said...

Since you know quite a ton more than I do about Dan, I am willing to concede that he is indefensible. I was not intending to imply a defense of his beliefs. On the contrary, I was pointing out that in your original post about Dan and Witchcraft, there were some thinly threaded logical arguments made that didn't pass scrutiny when using the very links you provided in the post. Since that post, you have gone on at length about the various and sundry other references to which I have conceded that I am on the short end of the knowledge stick about Dan, Wiccans, the Occult and many many more subjects.

While I will not defend Dan, I will always defend the use of logic as a means of argumentation.

I believe your ministry serves a valuable purpose and I think it would have a greater reach (and impact) if the discernments you make were backed up with solid logic rather than faulty logic. Too often, I believe, you are drawing conclusions that don't stand up to scrutiny or, conversly, making assumptive leaps in your arguments that can't be reconciled with the facts at hand.

The "Cutting Edge" article about Witchcraft is another post that binds arguments will illogical ties.

In closing, I will keep an eye out for Dan at Saddleback. If he ever shows up, I will be more informed than before, having read your blog and participated in these dialogues.

3:28 PM  

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