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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Did God really say that?

One of the first red flags I got about Rick Warrenwas when I looked at the back of PDL to take a look at sources and why Rick used so many translations.
On page 325 we find Rick saying "Second and even more important, is the fact that we often miss the full impact of familiar Bible verses, not because of poor translating, but simply because they have become so familar! We think we know what a verse says because we have read it or heard it so many times. Then we find it quoted in a book, we skim over it and miss the full meaning." end quote
This is Rick Warren trying to deceive us on purpose quoting the line satan used on Eve in the Garden of Eden "Did God really say that?
The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth so dont let this liar fool you into thinking you dont understand a verse because you have read it many time.
The burden to lead into all truth is on the Holy Spirit not Rick Warren.
Rick Warren either does not know the truth.
or refuses to listen to the truth.

Here is a excert from a very good article from Moriel Ministries on Ricks style of hermeneutics.

The Coasters (1958) Rick Warren (2006)
Sheep are led, not driven. Rick Warrens followers however call those unwilling to be driven Resisters. His use of Jungian psychological profiling and mishandling of scripture are not to be challenged or resisted Dont Talk Back.
That Warrens unbiblical ideas rooted in seeker sensitivity (a euphemism for consumer psychology and not warning against sin or preaching repentance), like those of Bill Hybels, Robert Schuller, and C. Peter Wagner produce more transfer growth and false conversions than actual salvations and have no model for biblical discipleship is irrelevant Dont Talk Back! But the core issue is Warren and The Bible.
Biblically exegesis is drawing out of Gods Word what The Holy Spirit inspired to be into it. Eisegesis is reading into Gods Word things not in it. The worst form of this is of course Gnosticism. But it is not the only form. Essentially, a text out of context in isolation from its co-text is always a pretext. This perversion of Gods Words out of context date back to Satans spiritual seduction of Eve, Rabshekas distortion of Isaiah 30 in Isaiah 36, and Satans temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4.
Others under demonic inspiration have gone further. The ancient Samaritans changed the text of the Torah to make Mt. Gerezim not Mt. Zion the true Temple Mount. The Jehovahs Witness cult invented a future imperfect in the Greek language and inserted a non existing indefinite article into the text of John 1 The Word was a God. Rodney Howard Brown on his clowning in tongues video with Kenneth Copeland changed the word manto mind in 1 Corinthians 2: 14 trying to circumvent the fact that Gods Word twice defines self control (ekreitei) as the fruit of The Spirit, not the lack of it.
Rick Warren however, has gone beyond all of them with his hermeneutics (biblical interpretation). His approach only begins with something academics call conscienceicization; an approach to the bible where instead of interpreting a situation in light of scripture you reinterpret scripture in light of the situation. It was invented by left wing Roman Catholic liberation theologians such as Sobrino and Bonino in the 1960s.
Warren pursues this with a device common among those who pervert the Word of God called Proof Texting where you already by presupposition have your conclusions and Then hunt for verses or passages to prove your point, which often means distorting the texts out of context to create a pretext, and in Warrens case usually means finding a paraphrased bible like The Message to quote from because any priority of the original languages from a literalist translation undermines your case. This dangerous game however is not wholly unique to Rick Warren, although Warren has certainly honed it to a very fine art. It is troubling that so few pastors can see or are even willing to see what he is doing.
What is unique to Warren however is his HIGHLIGHT & DELETE , CUT & PASTE butchering of Gods Word. The hermeneutics of Brian Maclaren and Peter Tsukahira are Gnostic. The unbelievable hermeneutic of Rick Warren do not have a proper term as yet, so we simply describe it by its action Cut & Paste.
In The Olivet Discourse in Matthew 23 & 24 Jesus was asked what will the signs of His coming and the end of the age be (Matthew 24:3). He gave an extended discourse followed by illustrative parables plainly warning us to be alert for the listed signs (Matthew 24: 42) and telling us to preach The Gospel of The Kingdom (using end time prophecy about His coming soon coming when we witness these signs) as an evangelistic strategy (Matthew 24:14). This is reiterated in the synoptic accounts of Mark 13 and Luke 21 where the return of The Jews to Jerusalem is predicted by Jesus.
Recurrently Jesus warns of deception perpetrated against the elect. Jesus commands us WATCH!
Instead of doing as Jesus commands us however, Rick Warren teaches that end time prophecy is a diversion. Forget God Word we have Ricks word.
What is most staggering however is the atrocious manner in which he propagates this lie.
It is Satan who does not want the church to be ready for the return of Christ, or to recognize the signs of His coming, or to evangelize in an effective way in the last days, so as Paul the Apostle explains, Satan as usual, always finds one who comes in the character of Lucifer as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). Today this man is Rick Warren, an adulterator of The Word of God extraordinaire, of such a magnitude the likes of which the Christian church has very rarely seen it in its post Reformation history.
Let us view how Warren argues from scripture that eschatology is a diversion.
On postulating this argument, Warren cites the text of Acts 1: 6-7 stating that when Jesus was asked about His coming He said It is not for you to know the times and seasons the Father has fixed, but you shall be my witnesses.
In fact in verse 6, the Apostles asked Jesus when He would restore the kingdom to Israel fulfilling the prophecies of Davidic restoration in keeping Gods Promise to King David.
In short, the were asking Jesus about the Millennial Reign, not about the parousia itself, that is His return. That question was again asked in Matthew 24:3, when He warned us what to look out for in His imperative to be vigilant of those signs of His return that Warren in effect says to ignore as a diversion. This is serious, and seriously wicked.
What Rick Warren actually does is highlight and delete verse 6 of Acts 1 and cut and paste verse 3 of Matthew 24 in its place! He rearranged the order of verses from one book to another so instead of doing what Jesus said, we will not do as He commanded and be caught off guard regarding His return. Warren actually gives the answer to the another question by deleting the question and pasting in another before Jesus answer.
Not even a Jehovahs Witness has done anything as renegade and wicked as this. I know of no other man who has so adulterated the Word of God in this way or to this degree.
Yet tens of thousands of pastors instead of shepherding their sheep feed them to a wolf, how be it a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Rick Joyner may call the rapture a lie of Satan, and Gerald Coates may deny the rapture as a fantasy and a myth. Rick Warren may call it a diversion. God however in Daniel 12:1 calls it a rescue from the wrath to come. Let us not be diverted with Purpose Driven delusion, or deluded with the Gnosticism of those twisting Gods Word


Blogger Sophia Sadek said...

Thanks for the posting.

Although I don't agree with them on everything, I do enjoy reading the early Church Fathers for some of the observations they make. Jerome, for example, complained about the way that traditionalists read the books of Bible literally. They obviously weren't written to be taken that way.

Augustine also pointed out that the divine Logos is not something that can be expressed in human language.

When people mistake human words for divine oratory, they've been deceived into following a path that leads out the wrong gate of the sheepfold.

1:46 PM  

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