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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Purpose Driven Trojan Horse-Walking around in a state of HUH?

This is a older article I wrote a couple years ago. Im reprinting it for the sake of the many new readers God has blessed us with world-wide.

The Purpose Driven Trojan Horse-Walking Around in a State of HUH?

Recently I sat down to watch a movie with my wife on television. As the movie played I noticed annoying little mini commercials being played in the lower left hand screen. One was a graphic portraying a pit crew changing tires on a race car, then it showed the driver jumping in to race the car off your screen. Another one advertised a movie that would be on next week. Of course no sound played as the mini commercial ran but it really distracted away from that was playing on the TV screen. HUH?
Walk into a store and try to figure out the proper toothpaste to buy. Before it was simple choices. Now I like having choices but remember the days when the choices meant Colgate-Crest -or Ultrabrite. HUH?
Now even within the brands you have toothpaste's that make your teeth more white and remove tartar. You can buy brands with mouthwash in the toothpaste. Literally rows of choices. I was in a grocery store two days ago shopping and saw a old man shopping for some jello. He told me he was confused over all the different weights and wanted to get the best buy on sugar free jello. I helped him a bit, he thanked me but said he wanted to look a little longer. When I was ready to get in line for check about twenty minutes later I noticed the old man was still in the jello aisle looking at all the boxesHUH?
Cellphones now make it available for us to be interrupted in the middle of whatever we are doing so someone may speak to us.Ever been in a long line at the store when someone is getting ready to pay and they get a phone call, and are then oblivious to the clerk trying to collect their money and move the line? How ever did we live before without all this?
I know people who will sit at a computer , while watching TV, and carrying on a conversation. They call this multi-tasking. I call it not paying attention to any one thing. Something is bound to suffer.HUH?

Christianity is suffering from this as well. We have so much stuff available to us we very seldom will just sit down and read the Bible without a study aid or purpose driven something.
So what is it about Rick Warren that makes us go HUH?
Could it be that Rick Warren states that Robert Schuller is not his mentor in Richard Abanes book about Rick Warren.
But yet writes a article titled "Learn to Love Yourself" for Ladies Home Journel and never mentions the name of Jesus and the first line is" Self Esteem still wobbly after all these years?"
From a article in Christianity Today "Schuller, though, won them over. "He had a profound influence on Rick," Kay says. "We were captivated by his positive appeal to nonbelievers. I never looked back."
Rick Warren has stated church growth is not about the numbers. Yet brags constantly about numbers and growth.
Rick Warren states this in Christian Retailing magazine"None of us feel we are smart enough to figure out how to make a devotional book by a pastor sell 25,000,000 copies."
Then states in The New Yorker Magazine
"You guys don't understand."Warren told them. "This is a hundred million copy book:"
(Warren talking to his publishers before PDL was published)
In Rick Warrens best selling self help book The Purpose Driven Life Rick opens out with the sentence "It's not about you."
And then proceedes to put the whole books focus on you.
In Ladies Home Journel Rick Warren states " God accepts us unconditionally, and in His view we are all precious and priceless."
If God accepts us unconditionally why did He have to send His son Jesus to die a horrible bloody death on the cross?
Ricks statement is a lie. There are conditions that God sets on us. We need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior or we go to hell.
on page 66 of PDL Rick writes "Worship isnt for our benefit! We worship for God's benefit. When we worship, our goal is to bring pleasure to God, not ourselves."
But yet Saddleback is a huge entertainment center centered on pleasing men not God check this link and see the various worship venues (insert entertainment when Rick mentions worship)
Notice it states TRY one of our worship venues. Rick movement is centered on mans needs and wants not Gods worship.

I would say that Rick Warren preaches another jesus but I very seldom hear Warren speak about Jesus in the many articles he writes or TV shows Rick is on. Is Rick ashamed of Jesus?
Warren actually encourages people not to sing songs of praise and commitment to Jesus because it may make the unsaved feel uncomfortable (Purpose Driven Church page 291)

And in truth the unsaved will never ever feel comfortable in the presence of a Holy God.
Do I think the unsaved feel comfortable at Saddleback and other Purpose Driven churches.
You bet I do.
Perhaps because Gods presence is no longer there.

Here is a pretty good description of Rick Warrens God in a article by The New Yorker titled "The Cellular Church"
(speaking of The Purpose Driven life)
"It is tempting to intrepret the book's message as a kind of New Age self-help theology. Warren's God is not awesome or angry and does not stand in judgement of human sin. He's genial and mellow. "Warren's God'wants to be your best friend.' and this means, in turn, that God's most daunting property, the exercise of eternal judgement, is strategically downsized.
Rick Warren's latest comment on hell.

Rick Warren – “Making a Difference with Your Life”
40 Days of Peace # 1, Sept 17-18 2005
Message at Saddleback Church
"Let me tell you what my definition of hell would be. Hell would be if God were to show me all the blessings in life that I’ve missed because I was selfish or afraid. To me that would be hell. I missed that just because I was afraid, just because I was insecure.”

With all this confusion where do you think Warren gets his wisdom?
James 3:15-16 "This wisdom descendth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, and devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion, and every evil work."

And if you think Warrens man made movement is not causing strife read all the other articles here and you can see where ever this guy and his movement goes the church lowers their standards. Which conflicts with the Bible.
The church is called assembly or congregation which in Greek is ekklesia which means "called out from. "
We are called out from this world. But Rick wants to call your church into the world. A purpose driven entertainment center.

Rick Warren articles , books and statements often contradict itself.
God is not the author of confusion. God will not make you go HUH. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth.

You be the judge of who built this Purpose Driven Trojan Horse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister in law gave me a copy of 'pdl'. I was pretty clueless about the scripture quotes especially when compared to my beloved NKJV.

I tossed the 'pdl' in the trash bin halfway through the 2nd chapter...see I DID try.

11:46 AM  

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