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Thursday, September 13, 2007

To Comment or not to Comment that is the Question

As of late I have really been watching how people react and comment on blogs.
Ive also been watching those who censor comments (of course sometimes its good to censor or not allow comments on your blog).
My rule here is pretty simple.
Let me know who you are.
If you stand by what you say be willing to put your real name down.
I do not allow links to other sites within the comments.
I do allow when you sign in as a blogger a link that people can click on that goes to your site.
Understand I will also check out your link and warn people if need be.
I have had a swami trying to comment under the Christian yoga topic and link to his agenda on you tube.
I dont publish comments like that.
If you are commenting you need to use scripture to back up your point if you disagree.
Gods Word is really what counts here not what we think.
Dont quote the book of Mormon to me because I do not care what it states because it was not divinely inspired by God.
Also try to stay on topic.
I get more hits on my Chuck Smith JR articles than anything else.
But no one has addressed the fact that Chuck promotes contemplative.
Most comments are just what a nice guy Chuck is.
Thats all good and fine but what about the topic and what it addresses.
What do you agree or disagree with what it states.
I have also noticed some blogs are being labeled hate blogs because they disagree with what another blog or website states.
This is the same ammunition homosexuals are using to discredit what the Bible states about homosexuality labeling it hate speech.
Also comment using hard facts.
Recently I had a disagreement with a friend and brother in the Lord of mine.
He stated that I misrepresented Dan Kimballs views on the Labyrinth.
I asked why?
He stated that in a private phone call with Dan Kimball Dan stated he no longer endorses the Labyrinth.
If this is indeed true (and I have no doubt that Dan stated this to my good friend on the phone).
But if its true let Dan come out with a public statement that he no longer endorses the Labyrinth.
Dan has not to my knowledge done this.
And then Dan needs to retract his book "The Emerging Church" and make corrections on his new stand as well as retract and correct any articles out there which supported Dans past views on the Labyrinth.
You see it doesnt really matter what Dan states in private but what Dan is willing to do publicly to keep someone in the Body of Christ from stumbling using occult rituals like the Labyrinth.

Another trap some discernment ministries fall into is just allowing comments that agree or encourage them.
Not to say that there is anything wrong with encouragement.
The Bible tells us to encourage one another.
But if we are in error in scripture or in unChristlike delivery and set ourselves up on our own little island we are heading for trouble.
No accountability is a bad thing and will always head us down a slippery slope.
If you want to set your blog up for healthy debate I think sometimes that is a good thing.
I will shut down and not allow comment when people use bad language there is no room for that.

What happens when we sometimes allow comments (to our own little choir) and then disallow healthy Christlike debate we lose credibility at large.
Shutting comments on and off show a disturbing pattern sometimes.
If thats the way you want to roll perhaps not make your blog or website open to comments.
Maybe its best to make your site non interactive and information only.
And please watch the name calling when you post.
This further discredits you as well as the point you are trying to make.
Did Jesus sometimes use harsh language?
Yes He did to both his disciples as well as the religious folk of that day.
Maybe when we lead the perfect life He did perhaps then we have a right to be harsh because Jesus's judgement is and always will be perfect.
If you are judging according to scripture let the Word of God make your case through the Holy Spirit.
Dont call people names.
Tim Wirth


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