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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Curse of Purpose Driven Part 4 -Rick Warren and a Walmart minute and 50 seconds

A friend of mine from down under sent me a link to this article from a blog called The Expositor. I have always contended that famous businessman Rick Warren has created his own religion. I believe that Rick only uses the name of Jesus Christ when he is playing to a certain crowd. Rick only shares the gospel (Ricks version of the gospel which at best I do not beleive would bring anyone to Christ even though I can hear the rumblings from Saddleback even now as I write this).
Rick again plays to the crowd because he wants to please people not God.
Read this bit of a article from the Jewish from a article titled "Jesus’ Man Has a Plan".
Now Im not sure what jesus the author of the article was referring to but here is some of the article.
"The program’s leader, Rabbi Ron Wolfson, met Warren a decade ago and was influenced by the pastor’s first book, “The Purpose-Driven Church” (Zondervan, 1995). And to demonstrate what such a church looked like in action, Wolfson brought two busloads of synagogue leaders to Warren’s Saddleback Church in South Orange County to experience firsthand the pastor’s success. The church has 87,000 members. Its Sunday service draws 22,000 worshippers to a 145-acre campus in the midst of affluent, unaffiliated exurbia. Clearly, Warren has reached the kind of demographic synagogues had all but given up on.

There are two aspects to Warren’s success, and both were on display Friday night. First, he is an organizational genius. His mentor was management guru Peter Drucker.

“I spoke with him constantly,” Warren said, right up until Drucker died last year at age 95.
(My note-noticed that Rick was lead into all truth by the Holy Spirit but rather mentored by Drucker)
The next quote is even more shoking but true about Rick Warren.

"The other secret to his success is his passion for God and Jesus. Warren managed to speak for the entire evening without once mentioning Jesus — a testament to his savvy message-tailoring."
(My note-Thats a contradicting statement. How can Rick Warren really have a passion for God and Jesus and not mention Jesus. The only name who saves. But that would be bad for business for Rick Warren.)
Here is the link to that article

And here is the article my friend sent me. Again Rick Warren denies Christ I believe he does this because he has concluded it would be a bad business move for him. And Rick wants nothing to slow down the new purpose driven religion Rick deceives many with today. Thats my opinion of course. But we shall no them by their fruits is what the Bible states about Rick and those who choose to follow him.

From Mike Corley's The Expositor

Once again Rick Warren blows a wonderful opportunity to preach the Gospel. Warren was a part of the first ever Christmas Carol Concert presented to all locations of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club in America which was also presented by the Salvation Army.

Warren spoke for 1 minute 50 seconds and spoke of celebration, salvation and reconciliation, but in his inimitable way, he managed to do it without speaking the Name of Jesus, and of course presented a light and fluffy, back-rubbing waste of time.

What is it that compels people like Warren, Bill Hybels and others to leave the Lord Jesus and the Gospel out of what they describe as Christian messages and events?

Is Rick Warren stupid, dumb or suffering from some physical or mental defect? Of course not, he is a very talented, gifted and articulate person. His worldly success is rivaled by few, generating billions of dollars in the sale of his Purpose Driven empire, from the books to purpose driven merchandise.

So why? What is so wrong with presenting a clear and scriptural Gospel message? My only conclusion has to be that Warren and those like him CHOOSE to deny the Lord. They CHOOSE to be ashamed of the Gospel. They CHOOSE to present a weak and watered down Gospel. They CHOOSE worldly success and fame and acceptance over the self-denial and offense that comes when one presents the Gospel as it should be.

Jeremiah and Isaiah and Paul and Peter and all the others just went about it the wrong way. They should have toned down their presentation. Obviously if these men had been more loved by the world, they, the world, would have loved God, right? Great martyrs of the faith should have tried to get along, and be more tolerant and sensitive. If Polycarp had not been so nick-picky and so bold and direct, perhaps he would have been murdered.

Rick Warren is not only a joke, he is an embarrassment. He is an embarrassment to the Lord and to the cause of Christ. Pray for Warren. I call on him to repent while there is still time, and to lay down all of this purpose driven trash, and do not be ashamed of the Gospel.


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