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Monday, March 03, 2008

Operating outside your gifts

Hi all: This has been on my heart for sometime so Im going to share my thoughts with you.

I have been a professional musician (drummer and percussionist) for well over 30 years now making a pretty good living on this for a large portion of my life. I left this career in the mid 80's because I didnt want to be on the road and I had just started a family. I was not saved at this point and knew nothing of Christian music and found my old career to be shallow even though it was profitable so I retired from music and the road at this point in time

I was saved on Feb 13 1994 in St Paris Ohio and soon found out that there was such a thing as Christian music and was thrilled that I could play music for God Himself.

I found that many of my drumming heroes were also saved Christians and played on Integrity videos such as Alex Acuna.

I did not go immediately back on to the music scene because I wanted to spend sometime in study of scripture and time with my new found relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 1999 I went out to Integrity music headquarters in Mobile Alabama for some intense study on the how and how nots of leading worship. Well worth the investment.

Since then I have had the pleasure to play with Jeff Fenholt, Paul Baloche, Darlene Zcsech and Hillsongs, Lincoln Brewster as well as produce and play 2 CD's for the troops over seas with such talent as Alex Acuna, Abe Laboriel and Justo Almario.

This was all great and a wonderful time but with the joy came the sorrow of seeing many folks operating outside the gifts God gives each one of us all.

You see Praise and Worship music became a thing.

What I mean by that is it became a marketing strategy instead of true praise and worship.

That happens when you let secular companies take over or influence Christianity for the sake of money.

Churches feeling the growth pressure of having to have a in house band bought on from the false pulpits of guys like Rick Warren and Bill Hybels.

Many folks invaded this territory once held in high esteem by the Levites that had no business being there.

Now I dont mean to sound judgemental but if God wants you to sing on the platform you will have the gift of voice.

The same goes for playing an instrument.

God will also give you the drive to want to practice and give you a attitude of excellence.

God doesnt want your left overs folks.

He didnt honor Cains sacrifice and if you are not giving your best he wont honor your sacrifice either.

Some people are just not called to be a musician or a singer or a worship leader.

But many of the uncalled fill our platforms today again because of the pressure for every church to have a in house band.

Many musicians who were unsuccessful in the world (because of lack of talent) now have found a new stage to play on.

Praise and Worship is not about us its about God.

I will work with anyone of any skill level as long as they show a heart to do the best they can and are willing to work hard at giving their best.

Sad thing is though many uncalled worship leaders fill the platform as well and have lowered the practice and expectation bar.

People dont show up for rehearsal and thats ok they are still allowed to play.

What a shame.

Think if George Bush was showing up at your church with all the press.

How many rehearsals do you think would be going on that week?

But yet we often show up when we wanting giving the very God of the Universe our second best.

Our left overs.

Does this honor God?

Of course not.

Sounds harsh.

Truth often is.

Frankly if people are not willing to show up for practice I would rather lead worship with a CD.

The advantages of that would be.

Everyone shows up on time, no wrong notes and everyone sings in key.

Besides its not about the bands presence is it?

It shouldnt be.

We are not there for people to watch but to lead in worship and lift the notes higher than our faces.

Its a shame as well that we have geared everything as we do at a rock concert.

The typical starting out with a bang-fast songs then we slow it down and then sometimes end it with a bang even throwing around inflated beachballs.
The Bible is very clear that we are not to imitate the world.

Another really bad practice is to hire ringers (unsaved people) because of a lack of talent in the congregation.

A good friend of mine who I have recorded with is Steve Camp.
Steve unfortuantly followed this practice with hiring Lee Sklar to play bass for him on worship albums.

I love Lee's playing and his work with James Taylor and Phil Collins (Lee's the guy with the big beard).

But Lee's a practicing Buddist.

I dont find any scripture to support this practice.

David did not jam with the Philistines no matter how good they were.

Keep in mind the Levites were professional musicians who played skilfully before God.

Take a long look at your abilities and the time you put into increase your skill and do some real careful self examination.

If its not what it should be maybe you should quit.

Pray and find out what God really wants you to do.

I know this is hard but think of how much this honors God being on His plan and putting your own ambitions aside.

And if you were called to play and lead always do it with a attitude of excellence.

Practice hard and honor God with your hard work.

Worship is not about us its about God.

Maybe we need to refocus our efforts and review our callings.

Peace and Blessings

Tim Wirth


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