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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review on the Harbringer

Well folks I belabored through this very tough read and have come to the conclusion Im not sure what all the hubbub is about. First of all I want all to know that I love to read books and enjoy page turners of all sorts.
This is not one of them.
To put it frankly it is written pretty much like a movie script and it was just a very hard and uninteresting read.
The next task to get through in my opinion was the huge ego writing this book. Cahn has set himself up as a self proclaimed end times prophet of sorts and frankly I just dont buy it he comes off sounding more like a member of the Kansas City Prophet or Apostolic Reformation folk even though I am not sure he is affiliated with either group.
The content of the book was basically how America is under or will be under judgement.
The error here though (again in my opinion) is that America is already under judgement.
Our culture and the daily news pretty much spells that out.
The one thing I did take exception on in this book was what I guess is the presentation of the gospel on page 223.
It starts out with "And how does one become born again"? "By letting letting the old life end and a new one begin. By faith, surrendering your opening your heart to contain the uncontainable."
Now to be fair on page 232 it does talk a bit about Jesus and that there is "no salvation,except in Him who is salvation."
But again the gospel presentaion that follows sounds very new age-Rick Warrenish to my ears even though it does mention sin. I would encourage you to perhaps go to the library and check the book out and read those pages for your self and decide. Me personally I choose to rent the book from the library and am personally glad I didnt spend money purchasing the book.

I want to add again its no big mystery that America is already under judgement and its does not take a prophet of sorts to figure that out. The book also seems to come to the conclusion that America is the new Israel or on the same level. The Bible does not teach this as well as America is not even mentioned in endtimes scripture. Here is a good article by Greg laurie that addresses that.

In summation this is a bit from Tim Challis review of The Harbringer.
"Much like The Shack—quite an obvious point of comparison—Cahn displays the power of melding fiction and theology. What stood out to me as I read The Harbinger that perhaps was not quite so clear in The Shack, is that writing fiction allows the author to dictate his reader’s reaction. He can present a mundane fact and follow it with a gasp or an expression of awe as if the reader has missed the obvious importance. This is something Cahn does often and to his advantage. What seems like a great stretch in logic can be rationalized or given increased credence by a character’s excitement. It’s an effective tactic I hadn’t spotted before now. To be fair, unlike The Shack, this book contains a clear and substantial call to the gospel, definitely one of the few highlights and rather a rarity for a book that makes its way to the bestseller list.( I disagree with Tim's assesment on a clear presentaion of the gospel here but perhaps go to the library and decide for yourself)

It’s not that The Harbinger has nothing good to say, but that so many of even those good things are built upon a poor and even dangerous foundation. The book depends upon a fundamentally flawed way of understanding and applying the Bible, treating the Bible as a mystery to be solved rather than a clear and sufficient explanation of what we are to believe concerning God and how we can live in this world to his glory. There is no good reason to read or recommend this book."

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Blogger J.E. Nickerson said...

I read the Harbinger several months ago and came to the same conclusions that you arrived at in this article.
In addition to being poorly written and not entertaining, I thought that the depiction of angels was unbiblical. I was also very upset about the content that referred to mystical Hebraic writings. Although Cahn never mentioned Kabbalah by name, the promotion of mystical Jewish writings and the heavy importance placed on the meaning of the lead Character's name, made me wonder if Cahn was promoting Jewish mysticism.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Thanks for your comment John. I agree and you can google Berit Kjos and The Harbringer . Berit is a sister in the Lord and very solid source of biblically based information. Berit wrote a article on your above mentioned concerns. Also it was alarmimg that Cahn did contact some reviewers that did not agree with him and his book or didn't care for the book. This dust is settled now but was a concern. His presentation of the gospel was very weak and it didn't take his book to warn me of Gods judgement on this country. Gods judgement has been on this country for some time now. I pray for my country but most of all I pray for Christians in this country who have given being good Bereans a back seat

9:13 AM  
Blogger J.E. Nickerson said...

Thank you for your suggestion. I will look up Miss Berit.

I also write a blog called Wise Christian Thinkers.

You can also find me on Facebook at John Edward Nickerson

7:59 PM  

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