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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nazarene's embrace Rome at their General Assembly

This is the report my firend and brother Manny Silva wrote on what we saw at the Nazarene GA. I will follow to fill in some information because I am an ex Catholic.
Mannys report....

Attended A Workshop: Scripture As Spiritual Formation. It was led by Mark Maddix of Northwest Nazarene University and Richard Thompson.

Shortly after it started, I think we knew where it was going. Professor Maddix later promoted lectio divina, one of the contemplative spirituality rituals. He later ended the session by encouraging people to investigate more into learning about spiritual formation. At the end, I was the last person to ask a question, and I asked Mr. Maddix:

“My father was rescued from the bondage of the Roman Catholic church years ago as a young man, and became a Christian. He preached for years as a Nazarene pastor until he died. So why is it that the Nazarene denomination is welcoming and promoting mystical practices that come straight out of Roman Catholicism, which is a false religion?”

Mark Maddix strongly disagreed with me. Mr. Maddix unequivocally stated that the Roman Catholics are our brothers and sisters in Christ. He does not believe it is a false religion, even though it is clear that the RCC preaches works-based salvation. Mr. Maddix does not know what he is talking about regarding the history of the Roman Catholic Church. He made an erroneous claim that we got the Bible from the RCC, which is dead wrong.

A man then came up to me- and said he was grieved at my comments and my “attack” against Roman Catholics, because he has many friends who are Catholic. I said so did I, and what does that have to do with telling the truth that it is a false religion. I asked if he would be willing to show me through Scripture that I was wrong, but he walked away. I sensed much disapproval after I asked my question, and when Bev Turner followed up with pointing out the teachings that are being promoted in the universities, a man across the room yelled at here disrespectfully, asking if she had read those books. She responded yes, I did. Telling the truth to these people touches a real never with them, but I thanked the Lord I had the chance to witness to the truth. A young lady approached me after and thanked me for stating something and this issue, which was troubling her also. It made it all worth it.

If we can reach one person in these sessions by voicing our biblical objection to what is going on, then I give praise to God for obediently following His command to “bring light into the darkness.” I firmly believe that Mark Maddix, and a whole lot of other leadership in the church, have bought into these lies and have been deceived. I believe if the question was asked of some of our General Superintendents, they might be forced to admit the same belief Mark Maddix expressed.

The church is embracing the rituals and beliefs of a false religion. It is embracing a religion that actually teaches that we ourselves are lost, unless we come back to the “mother church!” We are told in Scripture to come out, to be separate, not to join them. As I think of my dad, and how he returned to preach to the very people who were lost as Roman Catholics, I continue to think how ironic that this has turned around this way. It was a sad moment I experienced as I attended my first workshop at GA.
End of Mannys report my comments to follow.

We were all in this with Manny and I took more of an observe stance to see how they would respond to Manny.
Manny and myself continued to question Mark Maddix as we left the room. I had Marks ear for a second you could tell both guys were upset so I was gentle. I straight up asked Mark if he thought that Catholics taught the same gospel as the Protestants taught and Bible believing Christians taught.
Mark said yes both taught the same gospel of grace.

Mark is in great error here. If the gospels were the same there never would have been a split during the reformation. For sure Mark does not know what the Catholic church teaches but I also question if Mark understands the true gospel at all. Im not sure because of his answers.
The Catholic church teaches that you receive grace through the 7 sacraments so Mark is just flat out in error. The Roman Catholic church teaches that everyone else is in error but them so even though they may call us brothers and sisters in the Lord the actual church (not individual Catholics) would not recognize us as such.
The gospel according  to Rome is one of Jesus's death on the Cross, plus our works, plus grace given through the 7 official sacraments of the Holy Mother Church. And that probably will not get you straight to heaven but you end up with a certain amount of time out in Purgatory.
As for Rome giving us the Bible that's again college professors rewriting history.
Here is a good article explaining that..

Another good article to read

So I guess the point is the Church of the Nazarene has professors that actually do not know the history of the Catholic church or its teachings by the Magesterium (not individual Catholic because it does not matter what they think but what the Holy Mother Church teaches through the Magesterium and its heirarchy.
Nazarene professors rewriting history. No news flash there

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