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Monday, August 05, 2013

A Night In Dan's Glory Part 2

This is part 2 of a live Dan Bohi meeting I went to last week.I'm really curious with so much error I found in the meeting why our pastors don't have more discernment. Forget the obvious stuff like Dan blowing in to the mic and saying "Thank you for your presence God".
What does that even mean, the blowing in the mic part?
Was Dan imitating the wind the true Holy Spirit cause during Pentecost?
Was he saying a quick breath prayer?
Not sure at all what was the point of blowing in the mic.
Dan in my opinion is a salesman at this point nothing more nothing less.
Lets recap.
An hour of mantra style praise and worship to get people in the mood.
Than Dan making sure the room is set up to receive what he is selling by casting out fear.
Even though godly fear of the real God is a healthy and wise thing.
As Dan cast out fear (or what I would state as discernment) he stated how satan hinders before a great breakthrough. Ive heard that one before. "Fear can prohibit you hearing from the word of the Lord."

Wait lets stop there.
 In my opinion that was Dan saying that fear (ie discernment) will cause you to not hear the new truths, new revelations that Dan has for you.
This does not pertain to hearing God from His written word in scripture.
Than Dan states "I don't want to be in fear". Followed up by Dan's straight man Rob McCorkle( who is a pastor I think) crying out loudly "Praise God" to affirm what Dan is stating.
"We didn't come here for a experience we came here for an encounter".

To which I would ask an encounter with what?

Dan talks about Dan and his ministry for about an hour than pokes fun at the Nazarenes a bit when he is talking about slain in the spirit stating a couple of times "I'm not comfortable with that because I'm a Nazarene." Than Dan goes around setting people up to fall down at his command. Most all falls I saw were very controlled with hands going back and catchers letting people down easy.
No really power here not even demonic I would access its just staged by the power of suggestion by a guy they call a prophet. And like a bunch of trained circus animals people fall down.

Dan also stating" Balaam was the most accurate prophet in the Bible."
"Pastors don't invite me unless their desperate for the glory. More Dan.
Than Dan stating more about being to 480 churches in 52 states.
That one kinda stumped me I guess I cant count.
Dan calling down sickness on a group I belong to and the crowd roaring with approval and applause as Dan also states he wants our hands to freeze to our typewriters.
Guess it must be gradual kind of like the healing these guys are known to serve up.

Tell you what makes me sick. The lack of discernment a room full of pastors have.
Lets look at some other things Dan has stated.
From my friend and brother in the Lord Manny Silva and a article he wrote on Dan.

Archive for the ‘Dan Bohi’ Category

It have been  three weeks since my last post, due to family commitments and work.  I am currently working on two issues: The second is to answer a question from several friends from my email list recently, which essentially asks “how bad is it in the Church of the Nazarene, and is it worth staying or joining?”  But first, I have been working on a report on the teaching of Dan Bohi of which I have been very concerned about.  Noting that Mr. Bohi is very popular in many churches and districts, I advise all Christians to not look at numbers or any other result of his ministry- but to consider what he is teaching as it lines up with scripture.  That is the only measuring stick of truth for what a person teaches and preaches.  This may cause some friends to be angry at me, but the truth compels me more than a desire to keep friends.

One of the biggest traps we as Christians can fall into is to admire a teacher, pastor or preacher so much, that when that person falls into error in their teaching, we can easily overlook the error because of our admiration for that person.  This is very dangerous, and can lead to Christians neglecting their duty to “please God rather than please men” (Gal. 1:10).  It would be biblical negligence on my part to overlook error, whether because of my like for a person, or because many of my friends like that person and believe him to be sound.  I had to leave my old church because a very likeable pastor was in great error. The fact is we must always be completely loyal only to one: He who has no error.  If Paul commended the Bereans for scrutinizing what he preached, then we ought to do the same for all preachers, no exception.
I have written recently about the topic of judging, and we learn from scripture that judging is critical in the believer’s life, not only for their spiritual well being, but for the spiritual well being of their fellow believers.  If a teacher or preacher is in error, it must be refuted and corrected, regardless of the popularity of that teacher.  Often, that means publicly calling out that teacher or preacher for his errors, just as he publicly exposes many to those same errors.
There are now indications in various Nazarene and other churches of an infiltration of the signs and wonders phenomenon.  Pastors are associating themselves with, and learning from teachers like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in California.  Bill Johnson has shown himself to be a false teacher, and yet undiscerning pastors and preachers are getting close to him, instead of following biblical guidance to stay away from those who teach a false gospel.
That leads me to my concern here.  Nazarene evangelist Dan Bohi has been under scrutiny for some time now by me, as well as others who have already written their opinions.  I have been looking at two things: his teaching, and his association with or favorable promotion of some false teachers.  My opinion has nothing to do with his personality or any other personal issues. We are to judge the teachings of all who teach within the body of Christ, and none are exempt from review, and none are exempt from correction if it is needed.
I have come to the conclusion that even though some of his preaching is good, there is too much error that needs to be pointed out publicly so others may take warning.  I have not contacted Mr. Bohi personally, nor do I intend to at this time, as others have asked him questions, and have not received specific answers.  However, I welcome any clarification or explanation of these concerns if anyone wishes to forward this to him.
I will alert you to several serious concerns for your consideration:
Example #1:  Claims of People Being Raised From The Dead
Quote: “I prayed for a man. My brother and I were in revival in Coffeeville, Kansas… and we prayed for a man who was dead… and he came back to life. I prayed for a man when I did a revival at the Roy Clark Theatre in Branson… and he came back to life. I prayed for a man in Olathe, Kansas at a Tuesday night revival service at 9:04 pm… and he came back to life. I haven’t raised 600, like Heidi and Roland.. but I’ve done three because I’m a Nazarene and a Nazarene always has three points.” (laughter)
Source (2:40: Faith, Not Maybe: I Am, Part 2)
His reference was to Heidi and Rolland Baker who are involved in missionary work in Africa, and whose blog is full of stories about miraculous raisings from the dead, instantaneous healings, visions of the Lord, and many signs and wonders.  This is very disturbing, not only the raising from the dead claim without any solid documentation to prove such a serious claim; but also his apparent connection with, or at least knowledge of the Bakers, whose outrageous claims of raising many from the dead include an example in this story (Back From The Dead), which as far as I know, has no substantive proof behind it.
In another sermon, (10:27) in which he also says he prayed for a lady and her leg grew two inches, Mr. Bohi said:
“We prayed three times in our services for people that had been raised from the dead.  I don’t feel comfortable about that, ‘cause I’m a Nazarene.  And I don’t like to disrupt people and I probably wouldn’t pray for them if I knew they were dead but these people were dead and they came back alive.”
Mr. Bohi is again claiming miraculous raisings from the dead.  Is there any documentation of these occurrences?  Is there any proof?  I myself could claim this, and would you not want evidence of such a miracle?  And again, his mention of the Bakers, implying that he knows them and approves of their ministry, is very troubling.  His favorable mentioning of Bill Johnson is also troubling to me.
Example #2: Does Not Like The Definition of Faith In Hebrews 11
(Faith:Not Maybe, I Am, Part 1, at :50)
“I don’t like the definition of faith in Hebrews 11 because it doesn’t make sense to me, even though I know what it says.”
Mr. Bohi then goes on to give his definition of faith.  “ My definition of faith is a two letter word… :to”.  I believe we are being transformed from glory to glory.  We all experience glory…”
Mr. Bohi seems to be setting aside what Hebrews 11 teaches about faith, does not accept it, and substitutes his own special definition of faith.  Are we not to have faith in what God’s word says?

Why was Dan Bohi allowed to keep on conducting a meeting after a statement like this. This shows the real problem which is a lack of discernment from pastors and leaders that state they are Christian.
Another quote from the same article.

Example #3: Is Mr. Bohi Promoting A Catholic Like Communion?
He posted on his Facebook page:  ““Adam and Esau gave up their birthright and authority for a meal. Are you willing to eat Jesus’s flesh and drink his blood to get yours back?”
This does not make any sense scripturally at all.  Mr. Bohi does not continue on and explain what he means by this.  We look at what Jesus said at the last supper with His disciples, and clearly he teaches us that it is a symbolic remembrance of His sacrifice.  This sounds more like what the Roman Catholic church teaches about transubstantiation.
In another sermon: “I’m going to do a kingdom impartation service tomorrow night at Atlanta Grace Point… So I’m going down to impart the kingdom faith so they can walk in the power of God.” (Walking In The Spirit: Part One).  Much of this kind of language is reminiscent of those who teach Kingdom Now theology.  Is this something also that Dan Bohi is leading many into?

From an article from my brother in the Lord Mark Fonner some insight into Dan's straight man Rob McCorkle.

The people around Dan Bohi, namely Rob McCorkle, are frankly a huge detraction from the message of Jesus Christ. During the Tri-State Awakening, I was at a meeting one morning of several other pastor’s and ministers with Dan. Rob was in attendance. The push was from Rob about signs and wonders. I initially blew this off as a bit of grandstanding on Rob’s part. Then the conversation somehow, (he was sitting to my left about three chairs away from me), changed to Todd Bentley. Mr. Bentley believes in planting his boot in people’s faces because the Holy Spirit tells him to. That is odd enough. But, Mr. Bentley had an affair on his wife with an assistant. She became pregnant. Mr. Bentley divorced his wife, (this was during a revival I might add) and eventually married this other woman. Needless to say, that the revival died and many good people were hurt, yet again, by a Christian minister in an adulterous relationship. Rob McCorkle defended Mr. Bentley saying that, and I quote, “That we cannot be too hard on him. He had a great deal of pressure and it was not a real moral failure.” Say what?
I thought at this point about walking out, (which today I regret not doing), then conversation changed and concluded. Since this time, I have been following Dan on email and his website. I have listened to the sermons I purchased from him and issues in them loom large.
This is a case of not listening on my part. I admit it. I saw the signs and heard the issues but was praying and hoping for a better outcome. I think that Dan is a good man with a compassionate heart. I have spoke with Dan personally about two key issues and he just does not see the issue. The issue is for me is that he is not concerned about it. With amount of negative press he is receiving, he should be. We can each learn from those who even oppose us. Something’s that are   good. Something’s that are not so good. He needs to listen. But, sadly, he has his inner circle that are advising him, and I must say badly. The Bible is clear to seek Godly counsel. end  quote

Rob permitting Todd Bentley. Just google the name Todd Bentley and see what demonic box of tricks  is opened up by Todd and the people around him.
Again this points to the lack of discernment among people who stand behind pulpits every Sunday and even on other days. Part of it is the hunger for revival and I agree with that. I would love to see a increased hunger for sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.
Afraid a lot of these folks want to see a revival with all kinds of stuff happening. A magic show. Acts of Illusion. And that's whats being served up here.
Go to your bibles and see what God says about those seeking signs and wonders. Go to the scripture and see what happens to those seeking the supernatural. The only supernatural encounter that ever happened outside of Gods sovereign will was Saul and the witch at Endor. And how did that turn out?

We don't sell spiritual gifts because they are not ours to give.
The Holy Spirit and His sovereign and perfect will decides who among the Body of saved believers gets what gift. Because He knows what they can handle and what would benefit the Body of Christ the most.

Don't fall for snake oil salesman the bible does not teach a great end-times revival. And the great Awakening will happen once the truly saved believers are raptured off the earth. Find a preacher who does not reek of pride and get into a good church that believes and teaches the Bible.

And most of all share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.

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