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Friday, February 28, 2014

James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

I recently found this post from a friend and sister in the Lord named Wendy I thought it was a good way to open up this article

Wendy-I found the following statement ( thought could share) to be interesting and it seemed to fit what we seem to face today. This is from Tom Bradford's Judges Bible Study ( ): "It is interesting that the wording the Bible used to introduce each of the cycles of rebellion and apostasy that precipitated the need for a Judge was usually the same: “The people of Israel did what was evil from God’s perspective”. From “God’s perspective” are the operative words. That is, there was quite a disconnect between how the people of Israel viewed their moral and spiritual condition and how God viewed it. I wonder if ever in mankind’s history people or a nation viewed their own actions as evil? I wonder if Israel ever thought that what they were doing (while they were doing it) was wicked and ungodly? From their perspective they were doing right and good; but all too often from God’s perspective they were doing wrong. Humans have an amazing capacity to deny and rationalize our bad behavior, or to even attribute to God things that we do, even though He specifically prohibits them. And the way that happens is by slowly replacing or mixing God’s Word with our own thoughts and opinions. If a lie is told often enough and loud enough, eventually it is taken as truth and few even challenge it. Once a tradition (Christian, Jewish, or secular) is practiced long enough, how it came into being and what it actually symbolized, and whether it’s in harmony with God’s will is no longer questioned. Those who might be so bold as to challenge established doctrines and customs are seen as troublemakers, people who are creating disunity, even heretics. So there is always great peer pressure in communities and congregations of people to keep quiet, put your brain in neutral, and just go along with the flow."

Interesting things always happen on Facebook. Recently a group I am part of was mocked by a page called Concerned Nazarene Memes. The interesting thing is the page is run by pastors and leaders most are in the Nazarene denomination. Brannon Hancock created the main picture when you get to the page. He is a worship pastor in Xenia, Ohio. The interesting thing is that when the admin posts pictures under the name Concerned Nazarene Memes the idenity is hidden. The admin indenity is hidden as well. The admin password could be shared by a number of people. Interesting that Brannon would make this comment on his other site "Sacramental Nazarene" which is a site in my opinion that is dedicated to bringing the Nazarene denomination into fellowship and maybe even membership with the Roman Catholic church.We know some Nazarene pastors have converted to Roman Catholic faith and practice  or Orthodox Faith which is pretty much the same in faith and practice they just split from Rome centuries ago but still foloow similar practice as this man did after attending a Nazarene college.

 He who wrote an article Sola Scriptura.
Webmaster's Note: Father John Whiteford is a former Nazarene Associate Pastor who converted to the Orthodox Faith soon after completing his B.A. in Religion at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma. He first encountered Orthodoxy as a result of his involvement in the local Pro-Life (Rescue) movement, which also included Father Anthony Nelson and several of his parishioners. After over a year of searching the Scriptures and the writings of the early Church; and through the love, prayers and patience of Father Anthony and the Parishioners of St. Benedicts, Fr. John was received into the Holy Orthodox Church. When he wrote this article he was serving as a Reader at St. Vladimirs in Houston, Texas and is continuing his studies. He has since been ordained a Priest and serves St. Jonah of Manchuria Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia), in Houston, Texas.

Brannon Hancock in my opinion is leading the way in trying to get the Nazarene denomination to move in the direction of Roman Catholic faith and practice by leading up the FB page Sacramental Nazarenes. Many leaders from the Nazarene denomination are members of this group from current to former General Superintendents and down the food chain.
To make up you own mind on Brannons discernment and spiritual sense of things you may want to read this article written by my friends and brother in the Lord Manny Silva.

Brannon through one side of his mouth says this-
Brannon Hancock So we hear... So be it. Nothing behind closed doors here. If we're off base, there is transparency and accountability for us.end comment

So why be a part of a group that has no transparency like Concerned Nazarene Memes where the leadership hide?
I know they are fearful of what our group may do but Brannon is a Nazarene in Ohio so Im not sure why he would be in any fear what so ever.
Another person involved is Brannon's cousin Evan Alba who is some sort of leader of something> Still trying to figure that out. Evan states.
 Evan Abla Whatever you do, don't be dishonest about who you are. I think that sends the wrong message. We have to be upright here. We can't let anything come between the fact that we love God and are committed to the sacramental life.

Evan bought this up after Concerned Nazarene was inflitrated by a person using a false idenity on Facebook who was part of a group Evan post on. The person using a false idenity acted like he was one of us for 3 months and was heartily behind our efforts and than he posted this. Of course the idenity was false and this person was from the Concerned Nazarene Memes group which Brannon , Evan another pastor James are all part of.
Here was Chucks post.

Chuck Hendershot Dear friends, I must share this with you. Last night I had a life-changing experience, one that has shaken me to my very core. In the midst of sleep last night I felt my heart strangely warmed. I thought that perhaps it may have been the hot wings I'd had for dinner, but no. Upon waking, the fire within my bosom did glow and persist until looking up unto heaven, I saw a ghostly figure--a woman dressed in blue, accompanied by the unmistakable aroma of roses, filling my bedchamber. My nocturnal visitor introduced herself, as if there were any doubt in my mind of who she was, as the Blessed Virgin Mary, our dear Lord's own mother, the very theotokos. She spoke to me in words so clear I could scarcely believe my ears. She explained to me our Lord's plan to evangelize the whole world through the Holy Catholic church, and asked me, with words so piercing and sincere, why I had been so critical of the Lord's work and his people. She explained to me that Dan Boone, Dan Bohi, Joel Osteen, Tom Oord, and even Brannon Hancock and Evan Alba, and others too many to mention, were not emergent heretics as I had been led to believe, but had been empowered to spread God's word of love and tolerance and sacrifice. She warned me that I should encourage Tim Wirth and Manny Silva to embrace all of humanity, and not to shun them, neither to rebuke them. As I listened to her words, I felt as if the weight of the whole world were lifted from my very soul. But then she spoke the most unbelievable blessing unto me. She told me that she had known of my hidden feelings all of my life, and that there was no shame in my sexuality. She said, with words dripping with loving kindness, that God had made me gay from the beginning, and that my feelings as a teenager for my youth pastor were perfectly normal--even blessed. She told me that there was a man out there for me, and that together we would enlarge the Kingdom of God. I awoke with such amazement, not unlike Adam in the freshly created dew of Eden, that I sprang from my bed and rushed to the nearest Catholic parish, where I confessed my sins are detailed my vision to the dear Father Mackenzie, who has instructed me in the rosary and the discipline of the One True Faith. I look forward to sharing my feelings and my beatific vision to as many as will hear, and I look forward also to the Season of Lent and the celebration of our Lord's death and resurrection beginning next week. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art Thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. end of post

The not so funny thing is these are the guys occupying pulpits and leading music in churches. Yes and I realize its because the time we are in. Marsha West has posted some articles on unregenerate pastors that you may want to read.

The interesting thing about the liberal mind set is they scream for tolerance why they themselves are the most intolerant. The liberal church also states they "Love Jesus" while they scream "We hate your word in scripture."

Evan in one side of his mouth states this
"Evan Abla That's why we have to be careful how we handle folk who are so vehement in their disagreement. It really is sad. Nonetheless, God is good and is reconciling all of creation to himself through Christ, just as Colossians 1 suggests.

Evan Abla "In all seriousness, I wish we could talk, listen, and agree to disagree. Instead, we are maligned, defamed, and accused of being heretics."

Than out the other side of his mouth Evan states this describing a Nazarene elder who's only fault was to be part of our group. "Evan Alba Oct 26 "Henderson's a squatchy pile of flaccid filth. How's that for name calling. If had anything positive to say he would've said it years ago, but alas he has nothing good to say." end quote
I challenge anyone out there to give just one example of where myself or Manny Silva ever refered to someone in these terms
Of course the liberals dont like the word "heresy" even though its a biblical term Brannon actually forbids its use on his page. Which is of course is his right.
The person Evan referred to Mr Henderson is always a gentleman but this is the kind of backlash you get from liberals who have no tolerance for an opposing position.

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