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Monday, November 14, 2005

What is the Emerging Church?

So what is this new apostasy we have been talking about lately from this blog?
It is actually what we would have called back in the day- New Agers.
I have taken all the material in this post from their own website.
Let it speak for it self but three points stuck on to me.
*Pluralism is ok. Most post-modernists believe that all paths lead to God. They aren't too sure of whom that God is, but He's there and anyone has access to Him.
(My comments-If you believe all paths lead to God then you don't truly believe in Jesus as the Christ and you are not really saved at all. Jesus is the only Way,the only Truth and the only Life. Know one comes to the Father unless it is through salvation through Jesus Christ. No exceptions period. Most post modernists don't know who Jesus is because they would rather talk about how moral The Matrix is rather than who Jesus is. Jesus is seldom mentioned in their sermons-if you can call them sermons.)
* Desire is to experience God. Experience is highly valued in the post-modern generation. People dont want to just know about God, they want to experience Him with all their senses.
(My comments- again I spent a lot of time playing in Word Faith churches that either promoted the false experience of being slain in the spirit and had many other goofy experiences in the name of the Holy Spirit. These days feelings are everything and if you don't feel God, He is probably not there. Which is false, because He will never leave or forsake those He has saved. And most of the feeling are either generated by demons or just the plain whoopie of running around a room. Feelings are fleeting. And what happens when you no longer feel something? This is a false and dangerous and immature notion That's not to say God does not touch us and we feel joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength.)
* Image is everything. Our worship facilities should clearly portray a sense of spirituality. They dont want a huge multi-purpose room that is also used for basketball and dinners. People in the post-modern generation, including nonreligious people, often wear crosses.
(My comments-Again with the visual. What kind of visual do you think Paul and Silas had in a jail cell? They were in stocks which means they couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom. Hmmn doesn't sound like much of a image to me. But you know what? Paul and Silas still sang and praised the Lord. Could superficialicial Emergent crowds praise the Lord under these circumstances? I doubt it.)
Here is a link to the rest of that article decide for yourselves.

And here is a link to the main players in the movement.

Mark them and warn your pastors about them. They are teaching pagan and occult rituals like Lectio Divina, centering prayer and labyrinths.
And yes the Catholic monks practiced these rituals.
And yes the church (the church of Rome) dumped the practices themselves 3 times.
They always made a comeback. What does that tell you?
I watched a DVD by Sally Morgenthaler titled Digital Glass. It was as pagan and panthestic as it goes. Showing a bunch of natives, wild animals and nature. Not saying this is bad , but what is the point.
Plus they also used a technique called photo reading.
Do a search on photo reading for yourselves.
Again check this out for yourselves and then go check out what your youth is being taught.
The Emergent church crowd and all its leaders will lead some of the church into the New Age movement


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was the best over all website I've seen on Emergent Church. Thanks so much for this link. Guess one needs a group of young people to explain it best! I've been researching emergent for several months and this site consisely says it all. All the major purposes, players and links are included. If you need a place to start emerging--this is it! Besure to take your Bible with you as you trek through the pages. "Where is THIS in the Bible is always a good place to start."

Rachel Asher

12:06 PM  

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