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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paul Proctor article

Now before I post this article I want to make a comment.
Both Paul and some others were booted off(or removed based on what article you read) Brannon Howse website for-I guess from what I understand being mean which they also stated was un Christlike.
I think perhaps Brannon confused being mean and being blunt.
I think Paul is very blunt.
I like that it shakes me up and makes me think.
Bud who is a friend is very blunt-I like that to.
I also like to read both Ingrid and Ken Silvas articles because they are very blunt as well.
I think a Body that has fallen asleep needs to be shaken.
Now I just got a email from Christian Worldview Network that states Brannon Howse is going to sing with Dino playing piano on TBN.
And yes Ive performed on TBN as well.
Not anymore.
TBN is solely responsible for exposing literally millions to false teachers and false prophets like Ken Copeland, Rod Parsley, Joyce Meyer and Benny Hinn.
I think Brannon Howse is trying to have it both ways.
TBN gave Hal Lindsay the boot because he was to mean as well (to Islam)>
Open up your eyes folks.
Here is the article and remember a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
You cant have it both ways.-Tim


By Paul Proctor

September 30, 2006

Let me begin by expressing my sincere appreciation for you seeing to it that Peter Singer’s books were removed from your American Family Resource Center after I mentioned his work being for sale there in a recent article entitled: Beware Of ‘Christian Bookstores'!

It was very thoughtful of Innovative Inc.’s Larry Haege to email me, and a few others, with a confirmation of that removal.

But I’m still a little confused about something and am hoping you can clear it up for me and a few of my concerned friends. Please forgive my writing to you in this manner; but since ending your last email to me with: “I have nothing else to say to you” going public seems to be the only way of getting answers.

Regarding your organization’s recently retracted review of the Contemplative Spirituality book, Sacred Listening, on Agape Press, you might recall me asking you in that email exchange, the following two questions:

1. “Why does AFA offer a retraction for one book full of new age teachings while operating a 'Resource Center' full of them?”

2. "How can you possibly maintain 'a traditional evangelical position with respect to theology and Christian doctrine' while profiting from the promotion and sales of pagan beliefs, practices and mysticism?”

As we both know, you didn’t really want to answer these and other questions privately; so I am hoping you will be more inclined to do so publicly, along with a few more:

1. Why do you petition and protest Ford Motor Company for supporting homosexual marriage and issue an “Action Alert” to your subscribers criticizing Wal-Mart for endorsing the homosexual agenda and sponsoring Diversity Week when American Family Association has been selling numerous books by homosexual and pro-gay authors from its American Family Resource Center for years?

2. Why do you interview authors like Brian Flynn on your Worldview Weekend radio program about the dangers of new age mystical practices like Contemplative Prayer, as if you oppose it, when you’ve been selling the books of New Age and Contemplative authors from your American Family Resource Center all along?

3. Do you oppose the Church Growth Movement and its leadership with their pragmatic precepts and principles such as those found in The Purpose Driven Life and similar books? The reason I ask is because your close associate and Worldview Weekend co-host, Brannon Howse, publishes numerous articles on his Worldview Weekend website AGAINST Rick Warren and The Purpose Driven Life while you SELL 86 PDL products from the American Family Resource Center, along with many other books by church growth gurus, as if you support them. Are you not a sponsor of Worldview Weekend and its conferences? Is it me – or is this just another strange contradiction that continues to go unexplained like the others listed above? Maybe you could put this matter to rest once and for all by going public with your position on the Rick Warren issue in an honest and forthcoming manner and not evade the subject any longer.

Once you clean out your American Family Resource Center of its unchristian products maybe you could join us in our effort to clean up the rest of the Christian Bookstore Industry – that is if you indeed hold "a traditional evangelical position with respect to theology and Christian doctrine.”

Thank you Tim, for your time and consideration.

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Blogger Pastor Eric said...

Well sadly, I think we all know that the bottom line answer on why the AFA is selling those unChristian products is the almighty dollar. You'd think they'd be smarter than that - but I guess credibility isn't something they desire.

10:30 AM  

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