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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Important press release

Another important press release from my friends at Lighthouse Trails.
Spread the word.
LifeWay Calls Lighthouse Trails "Irresponsible" ...

Contacts "Legal People" ..

LifeWay Stores Keeps Contemplative, New Age Promoting Books - Calls Lighthouse Trails "Irresponsible"

October 25, 2006 - On October 3rd, Lighthouse Trails posted an article titled "LifeWay Stores Says OK to New Age Sympathizing Authors." The article explained that Southern Baptist LifeWay Stores is selling and promoting books by several contemplative and New Age promoting authors. The article included a reply written from LifeWay Stores to a concerned believer regarding these books. LifeWay's response was disturbing as they supported and defended authors such as Ken Blanchard, Thomas Keating and Leonard Sweet, who promote a non-biblical, mystical belief system called contemplative spirituality. In a similar email sent out from LifeWay, LifeWay representative Jim Shull states:
To address your concerns, I went to the web site [Lighthouse Trails Research] you linked in your email. While it is true that we carry books by many of those authors, to our knowledge, there is no New Age material in any of them. For a web site to list some quotations out of context by outstanding Christian leaders and then label them "New Age" is at the very least inappropriate or irresponsible.
These "outstanding Christian leaders" Shull speaks of include not only Blanchard, Keating, and Sweet but many others such as Basil Pennington, Marcus Borg, Ruth Haley Barton, and Brian McLaren. Two weeks ago Lighthouse Trails sent Mr. Shull a copy of A Time of Departing and Running Against the Wind, with the hopes he could read the documentation that shows teachers such as the ones LifeWay carries are indeed promoting contemplative spirituality and that this spirituality is New Age in its premise and foundation. Lighthouse Trails editors hoped that in reading Ray Yungen's and Brian Flynn's books, Mr. Shull would see that "quotations" have not been taken "out of context" and that there is indeed reason for Christian ministries and believers to be concerned. While LifeWay Stores sends out emails telling people that ministries like Lighthouse Trails are "inappropriate and irresponsible," LifeWay continue to play a hand in promoting New Age philosophy that negates the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

In a phone conversation Lighthouse Trails had on October 25th with Mr. Shull, these matters were discussed. While Mr. Shull said that LifeWay may be removing Thomas Keating from their store, he said no decision has been made regarding the other books and authors in question. He did tell Lighthouse Trails that LifeWay had contacted their "legal people" regarding our articles about LifeWay. We explained that we were more concerned about the countless people being introduced to heretical teachings through their store (and other online stores such as American Family Association's online store) than we were about any legal threats against us.

While it is becoming more and more apparent that, overall, Christian leaders, publishers, seminaries, and organizations are embracing contemplative spirituality at a heightened intensity, it is equally apparent that many believers see this taking place and are making concerted efforts to defend the faith and speak the truth in love and courage. It is with that body of believers Lighthouse Trails stands and supports.

"This is the 'stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the chief cornerstone.' Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name [Jesus Christ] under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."
Acts 4: 11-12

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Contact information:

Jim Shull
LifeWay Christian Stores

Tim Wildmon
American Family Association me.asp
(662) 844-5036
Fax: (662) 842-7798

Lighthouse Trails Research Project
Editors - Lighthouse Trails Publishing

Please feel free to distribute this press release.


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