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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Really great article from Living Journey

This is from my sis in the Lord down under in Australia. Special welcome to all my mates from Australia and New Zealand.
It does not give me pleasure to post negative article on Hillsongs because Ive had the chance to play with Darlene and Rueben and the gang from Hillsongs.
They are wonderful people and I do believe they love Jesus.
I also believe they are deceived and listening to the false Word faith teachings of their pastor.
I believe we need to keep these folks in prayer that the Holy Spirit will open their eyes.

Here is the post-

Rick Warren and Hillsong singing the same tune | Money Money Money!
July 5th, 2006 · 16 Comments
Following quote taken from:

“Prophet- Minded. Pentecostal Churches are not waiting to inherit the earth. They are taking it now tax-free”.

by Adele Ferguson.

The New Zealand-born Houston, pastor of the biggest Pentecostal church, Hillsong, is one of the main proponents of prosperity theology. The author of ‘You Need More Money: Discovering God’s Amazing Financial Plan for Your Life’, Houston writes: “Prosperity is definitely a result of applying God’s word to your life.” In section two of the book, he adds: “It’s God’s will for you to prosper.”

Whatever the case, the popularity of Pentecostal religion is unquestionable. Pastor Ashley Evans from Paradise Community Church says: “We are scratching where people are itching.” That itch has a lot to do with the way Australians are feeling.

They do this by selling a message that is easy to buy: that Pentecostalism is about enjoying life now. In other words, if you embrace this brand of God, you will be rewarded financially and spiritually in this life, as well as the next. It is much easier to think that wealth and worldly success are signs of God’s favour than to wait for happiness in the afterlife, as most traditional religions preach. Ruth Powell, a manager at NCLS Research. (emphasis mine)

Now for Rick Warren - who is at this very moment attending the Hillsong Conference 2006 - has been quoted saying on the 4th of July 2006:

THERE is nothing wrong with being Christian and rich, says the Californian preacher Rick Warren, just so long as you give most of your wealth away. “I don’t think it is a sin to be rich, it’s a sin to die rich,” he told the Herald earlier. “I want people to make as much money as they can as long as they give it away as much as they can.” @Sydney Morning Herald

How Hillsong is aquiring its money is a question to be asked is it not? There does seem to be questionable use of government funds which would be only a small amount compared to much of the generated income for such a mega-church known for its music on a world wide scale.

According to Hillsong is using Government grants which was supposed to go towards helping the indigenous people but instead has salaried staff with only a small amount of the grant being used for its intended purpose. Now I am not saying that Hillsong is reaping all of its money from Government funds, far from it, that is another post all together. I am just pointing to an undercurrent that has been in the news of late, here it is:

Hillsong Emerge also recently parted ways with two larger federal grants for indigenous business development, in one case because Indigenous Business Australia discontinued it, and in another because Hillsong made a late decision not to reapply for funding.

Hillsong Emerge has threatened to sue Mr West over a column he wrote for a NSW union website, Workers Online, in which he canvassed some of the allegations he had raised in parliament.

He also mentioned the Government’s revelation that Hillsong Emerge had spent $315,000 in federal funds to cover the salaries of seven of its staff, who in one year provided only six loans to Aborigines worth an average of $2856 each. 29th April 2006.

Yes, the government is involved and some of our politicians are seeing red flags. The interesting thing is one of our leading politicians while pushing for parties votes during an election campaign was seen at Hillsong and singing their praises. His brother Rev Tim Costello however, had this to say about Brian Houston the Hillsong Church leader :

“I was a critic of Brian Houston’s book You Need More Money - God’s Financial Plan For Your Life. It was a ‘Jesus Gets You Rich Book’,” said Mr Costello. But other books by Mr Houston - such as God Has Set You Right and Positioned To Win - remain on sale. They show how material wealth in this world is not a bar to entering heaven. (emphasis mine)

Politics and Religion do not mix and now since the red flag is up and waving Hillsong is avoiding the politicians like the plague during this years conference where Rick Warren is a special invited guest:

TODAY’S opening of the annual convention of Sydney’s largest evangelical congregation is to be a politician-free zone. A rollcall of five federal ministers, eight Liberal backbenchers, two Nationals Senate leaders and the then NSW premier turned up to the high-energy religious gathering last year.

But amid disquiet about the political influence of the Christian right, the senior pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, has not renewed the invitations.The church has come under intense parliamentary scrutiny, particularly from federal and NSW Labor for its use of federal grants for indigenous business start-ups and crime prevention.

Hillsong insists all its projects have been run successfully and with probity, but it lost a large federal grant amid the controversy.

The professor of sociology at Monash University, Gary Bouma, said Hillsong appeared to be treading more carefully in the ways it sought to influence society. “I think both politicians and Hillsong have been a little burned by being too close together.”@Sydney Morning Herald 3rd July 2006

Hmmmm….. Birds of a feather…..

Here is the web-site for the Hillsong Conference 2006

For more on Rick Warren - For more on the Social Gospel

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Blogger Douglas said...

G'day Bro.,

Brian Houston and Hillsong need to get on their faces before God and REPENT!!! So does Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven movement. I am re-reading Bob Dewaay's book "Redefinining Christianity: Understanding The Purpose Driven Movement" and listening to the audio's here and it really is most shocking how Rick Warren has twisted and distorted the truth. Yet, to this day he still remains unrepentant for deceiving so many millions of people around the world. It makes me sick in the stomach. Brian Houston has no excuse for his false teachings either and he makes me cringe to think he is a fellow Kiwi. He's on the so called Christian T.V. Station here and it is extremely troubling what he teaches and preaches. I went to a church here in Christchurch a couple of years ago where Brian Houston was teaching his prosperity message and he said; "None of you here disagree with the prosperity gospel do you?" and I lept up out of my seat and said: "Yes, I do. And you are a false teacher and you must repent." They got the bouncers to physically manhandle me and threw me out of the church and told to never come back. The church my wife and I were married in!!!Lovely eh? I forgive them, let's hope God forgives them all.

Brian Houston: "There is a need in the Church today for gifted followers. It involves taking risks and trusting leadership. Followers have to follow the lead. Further you have to be able to change direction, often quickly. As the leader turns a corner, you have to have the capacity to go with the flow, wherever it may take you. People are far too quick to turn away from those who have been their spiritual leaders. Followers shouldn't! We should honour and respect them. People who don't are insecure. Never think that it was a coincidence that God gave you the leader you have."

Houstons... We Have A Problem
Part of CWM's "Unmasked..." series which appears in their Vanguard Magazine. Used by Permission. This article, written by Neil Richardson, appeared in the August 2000 issue of Christian Witness Ministries' Vanguard Magazine. It is an excellent Biblical critique of the book, "You Need More Money", written by Brian Houston, current General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Australia and senior pastor of AOG Hills Christian Life Centre, home of fantastically popular Hillsong Music. Houston's indoctrination by Word of Faith and Dominion Theology are clearly revealed in his own writings. His beliefs have been appropriately exposed by Neil Richardson's article.

John Howard has been deceived by Brian Houston. Tragic. Aussie is a godless country in many many ways. I lived their for 15 1/2 years. Yes, their are some really nice kind people there but most live with the attitude; "She'll be right, mate." God is not in their thoughts unless for what they can get out of God. No holiness of fear of God. Same here in NZ.

8:12 AM  

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