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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Final Adieu-Rick Warren and the Real Purpose That Drives him.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell something has gone really wrong in Christianity and those who say they represent Christ.
Here is a quote from the rag Christianity Today (scary but this magazine really does reflect Christianity Today).The quote was on the new movie "Sweeny Todd-The Demon Barber from Fleet Street".
"Sweeney Todd is well-made, well-acted, and admittedly a little bit fun (especially if a comically dour view of humanity tickles your funny bone)."
The magazine also gave this gory R rated movie a 3 out of 4 star rating.

This craziness would not have been a issue perhaps ten years ago, but the loonies are now running the business of Christianity.
When leaders decided to make Christianity a business they handed over the keys of the kingdom to the world which ultimately influences Christianity Today.
What does this and guys like Rick Warren have to do with Jesus Christ, salvation, and the scriptures.
Absolutely nothing.
Rick Warren is not inspired by the Holy Spirit or truth but rather inspired in peoples felt needs.
Should we take care of the poor, clothe the naked help with people inflicted by diseases like AIDS?
Of course we should but guys like Rick Warren would have you think the church was asleep until he came on the scene.
The church has steadfastly taken care of people through out history way before Rick was born.
But Rick wouldn't have you think that.
Besides what should be our focus here?
The unsaved with a Saviour.
Or the unsaved going to hell fully clothed with a full belly?
Plus when did we first start listening to liars?

I guess since the garden.
We are still susceptible to deceit from guys like Rick Warren.
Joseph Farah of World Net Daily has exposed Rick numerous times but yet Rick still has people who will fight for him.
Ive also exposed Ricks Acts of Mercy AIDS foundation here in articles.
This foundation in my opinion is more about teaching pastors and other unsuspecting, undiscerning folk the purpose driven mantra.
Rick brags about him and Kay being 90% tithers but yet the Acts of Mercy foundation paid Rick and Kay in 2004 63.750 based on 20-40 hours a week, and then in 2005 121,250.00 based on a 40 hour week.
Just a foot not on this-Since I exposed this fact from Acts of Mercy's 990 form they have not made any current 990's available on Guidstars website.

Rick also relies on a spin doctor (not just Richard Abanes) to fluff his stuff to the undiscerning masses.
This was chronicled here in the OC Register

Rick Warren has other spin doctors as well here is some more info on that.
Posted on 04/12/2007 7:26:48 AM PDT by Esther Ruth

Warren’s Spin Doctor Tells Half-Truths About the CFR to Save Warren’s Face

Published April 11th, 2007 by Editor in Rick Warren, Purpose Driven

In case you were not aware, Rick Warren has retained the services of a Media/PR spin doctor. (Since when do Pastors need spin doctors??). His name is Mark Kelly and he writes a blog that is dedicated to cleaning up Warren’s media image.

Mark has a new piece on this blog designed to dispel the controversy over Warren’s membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. Mark employs two very interesting tactics in his piece. The first tactic is ad hominem attack. The second is half-truths about the CFR’s global agenda. (This article will primarily look at Mark’s use of the half-truth. If you would like to see how Mark uses ad hominem attacks to smear CFR ‘conspiracy theorists’ as self-serving people with mental and emotional problems and those with ‘a darkness within their souls’ you’ll have to read the piece for yourself.) Click here to read Mark’s piece.

Mark’s use of the half-truth

In an effort to discredit conspiracy theorist’s mis-givings about the CFR’s efforts to establish a global government Mark sets up a straw-man type of arguement that focuses on the fact that the CFR is no longer in the ‘global government’ business. Said Mark:

“The CFR was organized in 1921, and discussions at first focused on naïve notions that world peace could be achieved by establishing a global government. Projects like the ill-fated League of Nations were undertaken toward that end. Apparently that still makes the CFR a great target for conspiracy theorists, though recent discussions have focused on topics like Congress’s proposed guest worker program, relationships with China, defending chemical plants against terrorist attack, bipartisan opposition to free trade agreements, al-Qaeda’s new leadership, and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.”

This is a very slick half-truth.

Although the CFR ‘think tank’ publishes many documents discussing issues as diverse as guest worker programs and free-trade, and it is also true that the CFR is not advocating a one world government, it is important to note that Mark purposely failed to mention one of the CFR’s core policy issues. That issue is ‘global governance’.

Yet, even a cursory reading of the top websites that are critical of the CFR bear out the fact that the CFR’s postion on ‘Global governance’ is the primary reason why the CFR has such outspoken critics today.

Here is where things can get really confusing. It is important to keep in mind that Global Governance and a Global Government are not synonymous. Another critical issue to understand is that the CFR is actively advocating a redefinition of our understanding of state sovereignty and is recommending that states give up portions of their sovereignty to ‘global governance’ institutions such as the WTO and others like it in order to acheive international goals.

A prime example of this is the president of the CFR, Richard N. Haass’ op-ed piece published on the CFR’s site entitled ‘Sovereignty and globalisation’. In this piece Haass makes the case for redefining state sovereignty and says that ‘states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function.’ Click Here to Read Haass’ Op-Ed.

Many Christians who research and follow the CFR’s ‘global governance’ agenda have legitimate concerns and apprehensions about the CFR’s redefinition of state sovereingty and its calls for states to surrender portions of their sovereingty. These concerns are especially heightend by a fear that the CFR’s efforts may play a role in fulfilling eschatological prophecies regarding a global one world government that will persecute Christians during the tribulation. What Mr. Kelly needs to recognize is that merely expressing these concerns does not automatically make a person an emotionally unbalanced “conspiracy theorist”. The reason for this is simple. Conspiracies are conducted in secret. The CFR on the other hand, is very open about its ‘global governance’ agenda. Therefore, the CFR’s stand on ‘global governance’ is not a conspiracy. Instead, it is their official PUBLIC policy position. Since this policy is published for all the world to see, people have a right and a responsibility to examine and debate this policy without being accused of having psychological problems.

Furthermore, Christians have a right and a responsibility to question and debate Rick Warren’s involvement in an organization that is openly pushing for a redefinition of state sovereignty and an expansion of ‘global governance’ and international systems.

Mr. Kelly, rather than marginalizing those Christians who have legitimate concerns about Rick Warren’s involvement in the CFR and telling half-truths about the CFR’s efforts regarding ‘global governance’ why don’t you take the discussion to a higher level and tell us what Rick Warren’s position is regarding ‘global governance’.

Does Warren support the CFR’s position on ‘global governance’?

Does Warren have any concerns about how the CFR’s efforts towards ‘global governance’ could play into eschatology? Why or Why Not?

Given what scripture tells us about the political realities that will exist when the Anti-Christ enters the world stage, is it appropriate for a Christian pastor to align himself with an organization that is openly pushing for expanded ‘global governance’?

We’d all like to know the answers to these questions. Answering them would raise the bar in the current debate over Warren’s involvement in the CFR.

Portraying the CFR as an institution that is a victim of self-serving lunatic conspiracy theorists while ignoring the CFR’s publicly stated advocacy for redefining state sovereignty and expanding ‘global governance’ is a half-truth and a form of deception that is inappropriate for any journalist, especially one employed by a Christian pastor.

One thing is certain, propaganda, half-truths and ad hominem attacks are the tools of deception, and not the the tools of open and honest debate. Mark Kelly’s tactics make us wonder what Rick Warren is trying to hide. end of article

In conclusion I think Ricks fake image of being this good old boy approachable likable guy is just a front for something even more sinister.

In my opinion Rick Warren has a lust for the limelight and power this is what I believe is the real purpose on what drives Rick.
I know the MO here because I was once a rock star of sorts and I know personally the lure of the limelight.

Rick is not a pastor but a businessman who started out his new spin on Christianity with fulfilling the suggestions of how a church should be from unbelievers.
Yes the suggestions on how Rick should do church comes from people who were on their way to hell.
Not from God.
Not from scripture.
You decide whether to follow Jesus Christ or Rick Warren.
They dont both follow the same road.
Jesus shows the narrow road.
Rick Warren paints a new broader road that I believe will only lead to the pit.
Tim Wirth

The real purpose that drives Rick Warren will be


Blogger Marie4thtimemom said...


Once again, I applaud you for saying what needs to be said - on several points. I cancelled my subscription to Christianity Today several years ago. Don't get me wrong - the occasional secular movie is fine; but when the "church" glorifies the same sin that put Jesus on the cross, something is seriously amiss.

I also agree that while humanitarian aid matters and we should be doing all we can to help others, downplaying our collective responsibility to share the Gospel of salvation with them is a tool of the enemy. This is a blog entry I wrote a few months back on the relationship between social justice and evangelism:

Blessings to you and your ministry in this New Year!

12:33 PM  

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