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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rick of Rwanda and more purpose driven nonsense

Just got the new Christianity Today and it had Warrens new move to purpose drive Rwanda. I bought this up on another post but though I would start a seperate post here. Now good godly missionaries have been working in Africa putting there lives on the line for many years now in a effort to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa. Now Rick is bringing another gospel to Africa. I think the alarming thing is what happens to folks and missionaries who do not want to get on board and join the purpose driven cult? What happens then Rick is brilliant he got President Kagame on board not just with purpose driven promises but promises of other sorts such as commerce (do you think they will put in a Krispy Kreme?) Do you think Kagame will let any resistence by faithful Bereans in Rwanda. Will people have a choice? Heres a quote from CT "One reality that we have to face here is when a leader speaks, we follow even if we are not convinced."-end quote
Want to know why they would follow?
Rent "Hotel Rwanda". Maybe we could chip in and send Rick a copy.
Its is encouraged by the folks following Warren and furthering his own agenda that "You must deal with those swiftly and decisively, preferably putting those issues to rest before you start the transition process. It will mean dismissing staff if they do not "buy in" to the transition. " Thats from a article titled "How to transition an established church " by Chuck McAllister on Dismissing tends to be a little more permenent in countries other than our own. And notice the title states how to transistion a established church. Doesnt matter to Ricks gang that the church may have been established on Gods word. All that matters to Rick is that PDL sells 100 million copies and that his New Age P.E.A.C.E plan does happen. Ricks says it therfore it is. Thus sayeth the Rick
My biggest problem with Warren besides the fact that he takes scripture out of context and contradicts himself constantly is that Rick seems to give the idea that no one is doing anything in Africa.
And I have not hear Rick Warren in any article state that its important to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa.
I heard him say Africa WILL have his PEACE plan and PDL. But I have not heard (not in one article and I try to read them all) that he is interested in getting the gospel of Jesus Christ to Rwanda or anywhere.
Thats not where Ricks priorities lie in my opinion.
Instead I hear Rick saying (about Rwanda) that you need to go to the man of peace in the village from CT " " Find the man of peace. Bless him. He blesses you back. Who is the man of peace? He's influential and he's open. He doesnt have to be a Christian. Find a non-Christian who's influential and open-a Muslim or an atheist." end quote
Rick mentions his many business startegies that he has confiently wrapped scripture around. Rick mentions (the only mention of anything to remotely do with spirituality) one of Ricks 5 giants.
"Spiritual emptiness"(People) dont know God made them for a purpose."
Does Rick propose to fill that emptiness with the gospel of Jesus Christ.?
No instead Rick will fill it with Ricks purpose and agenda.
Many people join the New Age movement and other cults other than Ricks because they feel spiritually empty so Rick statement means nothing. People need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think its great that we feed them and clothe them. These are all good things but what about leading them to the Lord and presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to them? It would be awful for a person to die with a full belly and dressed and still go to hell.
Plus again Rick seems to imply that no one else is doing anything in Africa. There have been thousands of missionaries who go into Africa all the time without the benifit of Ricks security entourage and a Presidents police.
These folks are the true heroes of Christianity (Rick refers to them in the CT article as well meaning because of course no one can do it like Slick Rick) The ones who put there lives on the line to get the gospel of Jesus Christ out to the folks there.
No where in scripture does Jesus command us to go tell people that God made them for a purpose.
No where-go look for yourself.
But Jesus does command us to go out and preach the gospel-the Gospel of Jesus Christ (not Rick Warren) to the nations. Spiritual emptiness can be filled with many things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only gospel that can save you from hell and truely fill that void.
No where in the CT article do I hear the gospel of Jesus Christ-the real GOOD NEWS being promoted. Warren speaks a lot about a spiritual awakening. I believe Rick is bringing one forward. I also believe it is not of God.
Rick speaks of his book Purpose Driven Life this way in a USA Today article
"Yes, the book is GOOD NEWS"
I'll let you formulate that in your own minds how to take that. As it was mentioned before in Tims Challis article- Rick on Larry King " It's Ashley's redemption and it's Brian's redemption" Brian became a Muslim what kind of redemption is that. Really no redemption at all. Paul Proctor put out a great article on this.
Rick also went to the Jews-to present to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ? No to bring to them Purpose Driven ways of building attendence.
Dont think God looks at this seriously?


Blogger dean souers said...

It's very sad when a pastor goes reprobate Just remember rick warren double the pride double the fall unless you repent and returned to your first love and preach christ crucified and him only will you be turning people into true converts stop in the name of jesus what you're doing now and turn from it.

7:10 PM  

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