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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Purpose Driven Trojan Horse-Slick Rick sez the request lines are now open

Galatians 1:10 "For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ".
2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having inching ears;
And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Remember Rick Warren (as stated in Richard Abanes book) wanted to be a guitar playing rock star.
Then he played Purple Haze for a captive audience when announcing his Global peace plan.
For those of you that are not familar with the song "Purple Haze" its a song by dead rock star Jimi Hendrix. The song glorifies the drug known as acid which is a mind altering drug. For a famous Christian personality to play even seconds of this song after worship music has been played is beyond me. Some say Rick was just joking around.
I don't think he was I think Rick was specifically after a audience responce.
And he got it.
Shame on you Rick Warren.
Now lets see where Rick gets his true chops, and lets see what he wants to share with you and your churches.

From The Purpose Driven Church page 282
" Some people assume that the "hymns" mentioned in Colossians 3:16 refer to the same style of music we call "hymns" today. The truth is, we don't know what their hymns sounded like. But we do know that the New Testament churches used the style of music that matched the instruments and culture common to that day". end quote
SCrreech-put the brakes on go read that again-
In one sentence he is stating that we don't know what their hymns sounded like-then in the next sentence he states the style of music matched the instruments and culture common to that day.
We dont know what they sounded like but we know the style.
Ricks first sentence was correct. His second sentence was to forward Rick Warrens agenda not based on any actual facts.
Iv'e learned in readin Rick Warrens writings you need to be careful because Rick flip flops a lot.
Rick will take bible verses out of context (something he is critized the most for ) or resort to using urban legends and half truth so he can fulfill his purposes.
Which could be a hostile takeover of your church.
Purpose Driven Church page 290
"When I took our music preference survey, I couldnt find a single person who said, "I listen to organ music on the radio."
Purpose Driven Church page 291
"Unchurched visitors often feel awkward during the congregational singing portion of your service. Since they don't know the songs, and the songs speak of praise and commitment to Jesus, they are forced to stand there while everyone else sings. This is especially embarrassing in a small church, because everyone notices if you aren't singing. On the other hand, unchurched vistors feel very comfortable listening to performed music, if it is a style which they can relate."
Before I comment on Ricks above immature statements lets look at what Gods word says in Matt 10:32
"But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven."
In Slick Ricks first statement lets burn up that little strawman. This must be Ricks personnal preference because number one I have never even heard of a organ music radio channel. Why doesnt Rick just say "I dont like traditional church music." Even though I see Saddleback has added a traditional music in one of their entertainment tents. I see the request lines are still open. Pipe organ, Hammond B3, all have great uses in even todays modern music. Even the rock band Deep Purple was known for its use of a Hammond. And most gospel music would be dead in the water without a Hammond. Now whether it is a Hammond or other another kind of organ it still has a wonderful use in church. Rick just prefers guitar driven music. So should you then I guess.
Rick states in Purpose Driven Church on page 290 "You must decide whether your church is going to be a music conservatory for the musical elite or whether your church is going to be a place where common people can bring unsaved friends and hear music they understand and enjoy."
Here Rick again is trying to get you to lower your standards in making music for a Holy God. The Rolling Stones sells millions of albums and still sells out concerts but should we be initating them or striving for something better because we want to honor God by playing skillfully.Worship leader Paul Baloche I know teaches of playing skillfully to bless God, as God is the goal of worship.
The goal of music is not to tickle the ears of the unsaved.Its not for our enjoyment as well the focus is on a Holy God who we honor by playing skillfully-Psalm 33:3
And yes I know that Paul taught at Saddleback.
I hope they listened.
Lets look at the next statement. (from Purpose Driven Church page 291 quoted above)
We don't want to sing praises and songs about commitment to Jesus because we may embarrass unbelievers? What?? Is that just a man driven self esteem nutball comment or what?

And people should not notice who is singing and who is not if they are worshipping in spirit and in truth. God should have their full attention.

To have a famous Christian personality make statments like these really freaks me out. The church in America is in trouble if we don't wake up.
Now lets look at Ricks next statement- (Prefered use of performed music)
Not only do we need to use performed music (Slick Ricks word for entertainment which is what he is really describing here).And not only that but we have to entertain unbelievers with the music they like to make them happy. What??? Where is the verse in the Bible that backs that practice up??
Let me go look-
Hold on-
Shazaam-- its not there.
Any musician that would be part of such deception should hang their head in shame.

Look at Genesis 25:27-34 and look at how Esau let his flesh get the best of him and gave up his birthright for a bowl of soup. Something to think about when reading Warrens writings.

Here is more on Ricks agenda that will cause confusion in your church (or result in a hostile takeover).
from Chuck McAllisters article How to transition an established church from Uncle Ricks Toolbox
" Gradually de-emphasize the piano and organ while introducing other instruments like guitars and drums.
This is a Trojan Horse to make your music more guitar driven. Which to me is just really a bunch of posers tempting you to make changes because they have a agenda.
Piano and organ musically sounds great in any style of music. There agenda is to take away the trappings of traditional music and replace them with a rock band.

Music has been dumbing down for a long time both secular and Christian. And Slick Rick and his gang now that if they need to get you on board and sell you more Purpose Driven stuff you will need a praise band in your church.
And guitar driven music is just easier to play (mindless and talentless often) but it means you to can rock like the flock at Saddleback.

What Rick Warren and other immature Church Growth gurus still don't realize is that music in church is not about us. And its certainly not about performing ever.If you have to jump around, use laser's, have the band come from under the stage use big screen anything-the focus is on the players and not onb our Holy God. And you are simply not worshipping in spirit and in truth if you need to have all the stuff to stimulate you to worship. Your worship then is a lie and a farce. When we gather together as a church our music should be focused on our Holy God. (Mature Christian musicans and worshippers will know this)
Its not about us.
Its about God.
And I know Slick Rick may preach this .
But its not being practiced and written about in his books which again Rick tends to flip flop a lot. Makes you wonder why there is so much confusion following this guy.
Isnt it interesting as well that (maybe since Clinton) we use the word flip flop instead of lying.

If you need to have the type of music you like the most played for you or else you won't worship and sing God praises in church then you have a problem as well.
That also doesnt mean we take music that was inspired by the devil and expect people to worship a Holy God with it.
Just because we Christenized the lyrics.

Final comment and then we will close the chapter on music and Slick Rick.
page 285
"I will admit we have lost hundreds of potential members because of the style of music Saddleback uses. On the other hand, we have attracted thousands more because of our music".

Somebody pass Rick his bowl of soup.
Its not about the numbers Rick?
Yea right!

Next article on The Purpose Driven Trojan Horse-Your Fired learning to eliminate the Bereans


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