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Friday, May 12, 2006

New article on The Da Vinci Code

This was sent to me by Bud Press a dear friend of mine.
Funny looks like Rick Warren let my old pal Richie Abanes out of his cage. Richie is a pseudo apologist and unofficial spokesperson for Rick Warren.
The blog world was really getting boring with someone pulling the chock chain on ole Richie.
Im never quite amazed at how many hirelings like Richie and Josh Mcdowell are making the buck on pointing people to go to the movie and then buy their books and materials to make a buck.
Hey why not stay at home and read your Bibles dont waste your money on garbage like The Da Vinci Code movie.

Here is the article with Buds comments as well.
[Source: Christianity Today, May 12, 2006, The Da Vinci Code book and movie denigrates the Lord Jesus Christ, and we're encouraged to "Enjoy the book and the movie as entertainment..."? Do the words compromise behind the deception ring a bell? No doubt that The Da Vinci Code, and similar works in the future, will serve to damage the spiritual welfare of weak-minded Christians. Red print added]

Get Ready for The Da Vinci CodeThe bestselling novel hits the big screen this summer and lots of water-cooler discussions are sure to follow. Here are some pointers for talking to your friends about the confusing religious questions raised by the popular book.By Lisa Ann Cockrel

What do Tom Hanks, Mary Magdalene, and the Mona Lisa all have in common? All three are coming to a theater near you on May 19th.

Tom, Mary, and Mona have prominent roles in what's projected to be the summer's biggest movie The Da Vinci Code. Based on Dan Brown's bestselling book, the story follows Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of religious symbology, and Sophie Nevue, a cryptologist with the French equivalent of the FBI, as they piece together clues to solve a mysterious murder in the Louvre. But it's not long before they land in the middle of an unexpected quest the search for the Holy Grail.

Over 40 million people have read the fast-paced thriller since its 2003 release. But the popularity of the book has concerned many Christians because the characters in words and deeds take aim at central doctrines of the faith and suggest that the church is rife with corruption. And despite the fact that the book is fiction, many readers think The Da Vinci Code is on to something. A poll by the National Geographic Channel in 2005 found that 32 percent of Canadians who've read the book believe that the theories outlined are true particularly that Jesus had a child and his bloodline exists to this day.

Now Oscar-winning director Ron Howard is bringing the story to the big screen with a $125 million budget and an all-star cast that includes Hanks as Robert Langdon. It's expected to draw large crowds. "We live in a very visual society and if it was bad with people believing the book, I think it will be ten times as bad with people believing the movie," says Richard Abanes, religion journalist and author of The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code.

But rather than calling for boycotts, many Christians are recognizing that this is a golden opportunity to use a popular movie as a catalyst to talk to their friends and neighbors about Christ. "People are already asking questions about Jesus and Christianity from the book," continues Abanes, "and I think that's going to increase ten-fold as well after the movie. People are going to want to talk after seeing it." And this provides the Christian who has done a bit of homework with a marvelous opportunity to share the true story of Jesus with friends and neighbors.

Remember, there's no need to be defensive and combative in the face of The Da Vinci Code. Enjoy the book and the movie as entertainment and be prepared to discuss it with your acquaintances in a friendly manner. "We have to understand that, out of the gate, we're the ones who look wrong," says Abanes. "And it's our responsibility, as Christians, to learn and then provide the correct information. And to do it in a loving way, with the confidence that comes from knowing the facts are on our side."

With that in mind, scroll down for some "class notes" to help you prep for the movie's release.

Lisa Ann Cockrel is associate editor of Today's Christian Woman, and a regular contributor to


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