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Monday, September 11, 2006

Purpose Driven Deception Part One-Marketing

I was at the local grocery store yesterday buying groceries. Marketing these days is geared toward making something look better than it really is.
And if you are not hip to it you pay a big price.
I was buying some Ramen when I looked at the various packaging.
Ramen wrapped in a bag of six was 2 bags of six for $5.00.
I always look at the price on the tag to see a per bag price.
The bag had a per ounce price on it instead.
The Ramen separately was .15 if bought separately.
If you bought the 2 bags (same size and serving) for $5.00 you end up paying over .40 a package.
So the moral of that story is check the package out, don't be in a hurry and do the math.
I then proceeded to the veggies to buy some red onions.
Now you could get pealed red onions for $1.99 per onion.
For the red onion you peal it and pay $1.00 per onion.
Lazy people will always pay more.

I guess I want to start out by saying Rick Warren has taken advantage of lazy pastors and Christians and has made a mint on it.
At what cost?
Hundreds of faithful people being herded out of church in favor of Ricks way of doing church.
Ricks way appeals to the flesh so its easy to do Ricks methods and pack people in.
Rick travels on the broad road -not the narrow.
That's what seeker sensitive is all about.
Now I have to say this.
Rick Warren is a genius at marketing and networking.
He does what Schuller and many other false teachers could never do at a much larger scale.
But the thing is Rick is spreading the message Schuller hoped to just on a much larger scale.
Humanism and self love which the Bible is a bad thing 2 Timothy:2.
But the Bible (if you would read it for yourselves) warns us of guys like Rick Warren.
1 Timothy 4:1-2 "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons;
Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

No not Rick Warren or Purpose Driven you may say!!!
Rick is not of the devil you may say!!!
Rick attempts to deceive you (and deceives many) when he explains why he used 12 different translations.
(side note The Message is not a translation of the Bible but rather what Eugene Peterson thinks the Bible says-it gets Slick Ricks blessing though)

Page 325" Purpose Driven Life"
"This book contains nearly a thousand quotions from Scripture. I have intentionally varied the Bible translations used for two important reasons. First, no matter how wonderful a translation is, it has limitations. The Bible was originally written using 11,280 Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words, but the typical English translation uses only around 6,000 words. Obviously, nuances and shades of meaning can be missed, so it is always helpful to compare translations.
Second, and even more important, is the fact that we often miss the full impact of familiar Bible verses, not because of poor translating, but simply because they become so familiar! We think we know what a verse says because we read it or heard it so many times. Then when we find it quoted in a book, we skim over it and miss the full meaning. Therefore I have deliberately used paraphrases in order to help you see Gods truth in new, fresh ways. End quote"

Rick tells you that he is going to deceive you-and you buy it!
Its the same old tired con that satan used in the garden Genesis 3:1 "Did God really say that"
Do we need Scripture in fresh new ways?
Isnt Gods word the same yesterday,today and tommorrow?
Does Gods Word change.
No of course not.
Whats Rick peddeling here?

I also hope to prove to you that Rick relies on his own flesh and not the Holy Spirit.
So if you are a Warrenite you are being led by Rick Warrens flesh and wits (and hey Ricks smart and charismatic).
Rick is however not led by The Holy Spirit.
So all you EF Huttons out there need to really get a clue and repent of being deceived.

More to come


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