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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another false revival targets our youth

Our youth is under great attack from Rick Warren, Richard Abanes, Leonard Sweet and those promoting centering prayer.
As well as the new mystical movement and labyrinths cloaked in the Emergent church.
As well as another false revival happening in the wacky world of Charismania.

This article was also sent to me by Ed Newby. Its never ceases to amaze me that if many Christians are not experiencing something they figure their church is a dead church. Now that same spirit that bought you Brownsville, Toronto and other false revivals brings you the latest rage packaged up in a grunge look with the Lakeland revival.
The real scary thing is I do believe that a real spirit is imparted here that comes back to your church.
Is it the Holy Spirit?
Absolutely not.
The Holy Spirit will never need to piggy back on someone to come to your church.
The Holy Spirit of God can be anywhere at anytime.
Notice how all these supposed revivals seem to need a human vessel to carry the goofiness back to your church.

While the Bible tells us to test the spirit, and test all things these folks throw caution to the wind and just want the next rush that psuedo-Christianity and false revivals bring.

This is all loosening people up for the great deception that is coming as well as the New Age movement that is already here ( packaged by people like Rick Warren and his new age friend Leonard Sweet as new spirituality).

Here is a personnel report you can decide for yourself is this is true or false. side note- I watched the revival with Todd Bently on God TV (this station though is not the God I know so I would use extreme caution if you watch this station which is filled with false teachers). My comments on the revival and sorry if this sounds ad homenuim but on the praise and worship the leader couldnt sing very poor vocalist. The band played ok but they just mantra'd the latest Christian music hits. Nothing very well played here. I am waiting for Integrity Music to put out a CD though because this place is in the news.
As for Todd Bently its not the tattoo's or even the piercings that bother me. Its just the fact that Todd has repackaged all the stuff we saw in Brownsville, Smithtown, Toronto and repackaged it in a relate with the grunge package.
Also where did Todd say he got his healing anointing from.
An angel right.
Where does it state this practice in the Bible?
Angels seem to be the focus of this revival as well, what does the Bible teach about the worship of angels?
Whether they will admit it or not a lot of glory and undue focus is given to angels here.
Look at what the New Age movement teaches about angels and all.
What does the Bible teach about the enemy coming as a angel of light?
Even though most following this revival would deny they worship angels.
But look where the focus is here.
I looked at the crowd and Im sorry all I could think of was Mickey Gilleys song "Looking for Love in all the wrong places".
Or should that be looking for experiences in all the wrong places.
What happens when the experiences stop?

And I want you to go look in your Bibles right now and see what Jesus Himself state about those who seek after signs and wonders.

Plus notice that this false revival is targeting our youth and children as well.
The bottom line folks is you need to read and be into your Bibles and Gods Word more than ever in history. As well as getting your children to read their Bibles so they can tell truth from error

Here is the report sent to me by Ed Newby-

From Patricia King's Revival Journal … More Thoughts on Revival


May 5, 2008
Wow! It is so much fun being in revival. Last night at our monthly XPerience Night in Phoenix there was standing room only. We literally ran out of chairs, but people were so hungry for God they didn't mind standing against the wall. The glory came in during worship and the healings began. We didn't pray for anyone to be healed ... they simply got healed in the glory presence of God and then testified. We prayed for an impartation of what we had received in Lakeland for everyone in attendance. Some people received prayer 3-5 times. They kept getting back in the line-ups. Many of them couldn't stand. Many of them staggered in the glory ... laughed in the glory ... fell in the glory. There was so much joy and so much hunger ... they were hungry for God's presence!!! No one wanted to leave. Children were being touched, healed and blessed (Special report from Shirley Ross below).

Lord, thank You for your kindness to us. I love the refreshment You are bringing Your people. It is glorious ... but as glorious as it is, I know it is only the beginning!!!! There is much more... so much more!!! I want to posture myself to experience more of You! Help me to experientially tuck into Your heart and dwell there forever. I love You Lord!!!! I love Your Presence!!! I love Your glory!!

And Jesus ... I want You to visit the Growing in the Supernatural revival meetings this month in outrageous ways … Why? Because we are all really, really, really, hungry for YOU!!! Feel free to bring Your angelic friends too ... We love Your angels ... and we love anything and everything You want to deposit in our midst.

I love You Jesus ... my heart feels really big with love today. Thank You, Lord! You are always GOOD!

Oh ... and Lord ... we emptied our ministry bank accounts last week ... could You fill them for us? We really need that? And ... could You also fill all the bank accounts of all our Breaker Team Partners and friends and give them lots of supernatural provisional miracles -- they would really like that ... it would bring joy to their hearts … Thank You, Father ... Thank You!!!


Blogger Unknown said...

A musician with discernment -- will wonders never cease? Praiseallujah!

-Jackie Alnor

2:41 AM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Well a big price was paid for this meaning most of the people I have played with will no longer even fellowship with me because of my views. But thats ok I sleep good at night knowing I havent compromised. Plus I just flat out dont tolerate false doctrine anymore not even for the sake of a gig. This was all spoken about in my book "Pa$$ the Plate and Let Us Prey-My Search For Black and White Christianity in a Gray Nation. This was about my stint playing for TBN churches and what happened once I started searching the scriptures as a young Christian.
I also appreciate the work Jackie has done on her website.
You have to appreciate someelse who has bumped heads with Richard Abanes.
You can go to my word press blog for article's that focus on Warrenite apoligist Richard Abanes as well as Rick Warren and his new religion Purpose Driven
here is a link

6:23 PM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Removed the last comment due to typo. What I stated was even though I paid a price it was not on the level that my brother in the Lord Steve Camp paid when he spoke out against the CCM and their lack of discernment.
Steve is a great player and has paid a big price because of the discerning spirit Steve has.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todd's angelic anointing is so strong he ordered a demon out of a pastor the other night and didn't even have to call on Jesus and bother Him.

6:31 PM  

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