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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bud Press On Truth and Richard Abanes

Dear Tim:

This post is for the benefit of your readers who are interested in truth. Although this post does not reveal the entire story, it may very well develop into an informative article in the future.

There are truths and there are lies, and it is up to us to discern the difference between the two. When faced with truth we have a choice: deny it, compromise, and make excuses, or accept it–regardless of personal agendas, personal feelings, or personal ties.

Indeed, solid, irrefutable documentation stands on its own and cannot be denied. Documentation displaces ad hominem, innuendo, and off-the-cuff statements. It also provides people with the other side of the story and allows them to “test” and think on their own, as opposed to accepting someone’s word.

People deserve truth at all times, even if it hurts, for it is truth that sets people free.

This year, I spent a considerable amount of time carefully reviewing and preserving the articles on Richard Abanes’ website, specifically those that dealt with Ken Blanchard and his involvement with and participation in the New Age Movement. I have also monitored and preserved Abanes’ movements on numerous internet blogs and elsewhere.

Later, I felt led to contact Abanes and provide information on Ken Blanchard that he may not have been aware of. Despite his treatment of myself and others, and despite Ken Blanchard’s strong ties with Rick Warren, I gave Abanes the benefit of the doubt and reached out to him in love.

During an exchange of e-mails, Abanes requested updated information on Ken Blanchard, to which I gladly provided. On numerous occasions, Abanes gave his word to issue a public statement on Ken Blanchard, and even went so far to say he would privately inform his pastor, Rick Warren.

But as of this writing, Richard Abanes has not kept his word, and has even gone so far as to help me with the following “tantalizing conspiratorial scenario” on Ken Blanchard:

“Ken Blanchard, who is really my Uncle Kenny, called and pleaded with me to not expose his true New Age agenda, which is to teach the church how to Lead Like A New Age Jesus. And to bribe me, he deposited $30 million into a Swiss Bank account with the last 3 numbers being 666. I told him that this would be acceptable, and that I’d never say anything negative about his book endorsements or associations with new Agers as long as I not only got the cash, but also was promoted to the Regional Director of the Illuminati, complete with my own special ‘I’ embroidered blazer, a coat of arms pin, and a direct special hot phone line to the Vatican” (CRN.Info blog, June 6, 2008 at 10:32am, ).

This is disturbing. Equally disturbing is that in the same post Abanes accused me of harassment, and stated in part that:

“I told you that I’d get to Ken Blanchard and make my report when possible, given my responsibilities. I’ve already begun the research, and have even posted a caution about him to persons visiting my website.”

But again, as of this writing, Richard Abanes has not kept his word. And, because of the strong ties between Ken Blanchard and Rick Warren, I will be surprised if Abanes keeps his word on this issue at all.

My first letter to Richard Abanes was on March 11, 2008–over 4 months ago! During our exchange of e-mails I granted Abanes permission to link to my articles on Ken Blanchard and post my e-mails on his website. I have nothing to hide, and would like to see Abanes post ALL of our correspondence on his website and blogs, in their entirety, for the world to see.

Richard Abanes reached out to me and asked for updates on Ken Blanchard. But behind-the-scenes, he reached out to his constituency with something entirely different.

For example, one of Richard Abanes’ excuses for not dealing with the Ken Blanchard issue was the responsibilities with his new book. But since my first letter to him on March 11, those responsibilities didn’t stop Abanes from spending an incredible amount of time posting lengthy messages in various blogs and dealing with New Agers on “YouTube.” Many of his blog posts had nothing to do with his new book.

I knew exactly when Abanes’ part in the book was finished. I talked to his editor.

Speaking of blog posts, in the Phoenix Preacher blog on April 17, 2008, a poster named “Dusty” asked the question, “Anyone heard of Christian Research Service?” Yet, despite the fact that Abanes had requested updates from me on Ken Blanchard, he stated to Dusty with the following:

Richard Abanes
April 17th, 2008 at 8:22 pm
Dusty: Anyone heard of Christian Research Service?
RA: Yes. Bad. False. Slander. Sensationalistic. Knee-jerk. A guy named Bud Press. I am pretty much a heretic, iar, and compromiser to them.
[ ]

One minute later in the same blog, Abanes stated:

Richard Abanes
April 17th, 2008 at 8:23 pm
I’ve tried to take civilly with Bud Press, but he will have none of it. He is one of the people whose thoughts about me are echoed in the above list I posted of accusations that have ben made against me this year. [Ibid.]

Again, in the same blog at 8;27 pm, Richard Abanes stated:

“ROFL. Yeah, it’s called truth. Oh, and I actually get along very very well with the REAL discernment folk out there. Lots of very good ministries that have nothing to do with these Bud Press types.”

On April 29, 2008, Richard Abanes wrote me a “DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN” e-mail, then turned around on May 10 and requested additional information on Ken Blanchard and asked me to “Please send it again.”

Needless to say, all Abanes had to do was go to the “Ken Blanchard/Lead Like Jesus?” page of my website and find the information I had provided to him in the first place.

But here we are now, Tim, months later, and Abanes is still ranting and raving about all the “lies/slander” being spread about him. Sadly, he is too spiritually blinded to see that he is his own worst enemy. It is he who has destroyed his reputation and integrity, and it is we who have nothing to fear from him or others like him.

With dedicated vengeance, Richard Abanes has waged a battle and attempted to destroy many solid, Bible-based ministries. But he is fighting a loosing battle.

Many of those I have spoken to within the apologetics and cult-evangelism communities have had their own encounters with Richard Abanes. They all maintain, as I, that there is no reasoning with him and that he has damaged his reputation and integrity on his own.

Unless Abanes fully repents and reconciles, he is on his way to self-destruction and judgement from God.

“When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, the foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest” (Proverbs 29:9)

So I say to Richard Abanes and those like him, keep Rolling On the Floor Laughing (ROFL); keep mocking ministries called of God to share the truth and defend the faith; keep twisting the truth and causing the innocent to stumble. After all the dust has settled, God will have the last word.

“The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; the one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin” (Proverbs 13:3).

“At the same time they also learn to be idle, as they go around from house to house; and not merely idle, but also gossips and busybodies, talking about things not proper to mention” (1 Timothy 5:13).

“Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them. For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting” (Romans 16:17-18).

God bless you, Tim. Stay strong in the Lord.

Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service
Jude 3

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