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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dan Bohi and his false teachings: I would suggest for this that everyone be faithful Bereans and search the scripture and balance it against what Dan is teaching.The problem with the Emergent Church coming in to the Nazarene denomination is that it was already here for sometime but no one bothered to search the scriptures to see if what was being said and taught was true. Hope we learned from that. With Dan I would suggest you start at this link on U Tube titled the two Wings of the Dove. Then go to "Take Another Drink" on U Tube by Bohi. Dan promotes being drunk in the spirit at the end on 8 and 9 in this series. Then go to" Faith not maybe I am" I encourage you to watch all 9 parts of each one of the series they are only about 7-8 minutes apiece. I could barely make it through the very first 2 of "Take another drink" but I will let you decide. Within this series Dan states a boy was healed of MS as well as a lady who only had three weeks to live from cancer. I would like to see documented proof of these healings and will be contacting Dan so he can provide proof. Dan is typical of many preachers on TBN who state we can stop God by our lack of faith,sin,fear or ignorance. This is a tactic used by faith healers to explain why people dont get healed.This is more of having faith in your own faith. Dan also states he does not like the scriptural definition of faith stated in Heb 11 and then goes on to give his own definition. Dan states this i the series Faith not maybe I AM 1/9. Dan very cleverly mixes truth with error. Dan then promotes false teacher Bill Johnson in 4/12 of Faith Not maybe I am. For more on Bill Johnson go to this article Bill Johnson has claimed that angel feathers and gold dust have appeared in his church just google him for more information. Dan Bohi also distorts what scripture teaches about people seeking signs and wonders in his series "Take Another Drink" 3/9. Dan also states a lot about revelation knowledge and that he pretty much operates in all the gifts of the Spirit in the link I provided.Revelation Knowledge is God speaking to you personall outside of you reading Hid written Word. For more about Revelation Knowledge check here and listen to the podcast. Dan Bohi has also made claims that a lot of tithers are being taken but people are not getting saved. Where do we get those numbers at? Dan just kinda throws that out there. Dan claims at one of his meetings that 200 people were filled with the Spirit and 75 people were saved. You receive the Holy Spirit at salvation so Im not sure what that is about. Sanctification is a process I know but you are filled with the Holy Spirit at the moment of your salvation. That where you start to be less so He can become more. I will continue to go into Dan in more detail in future articles. I do want to thank my brother and friend in the Lord Sandy Simpson (who was on our DVD) for publishing my article on Dan on his website Deception in the Church. His site gets over 1 million hits a month so we will continue to get the word out. But dont take my word on it. Listen to Dans series and then hold it up to the light of scripture. Keep in mind sucess and large altar calls mean nothing. Look at Benny Hinn,the Toronto Blessing Todd Bently etc.. And Dan is very much cut from the same carpet. So view the teaching read your Bibles and decide for yourself. Dan Bohi is very clever at mixing truth with deadly error and is also man centered in his teaching and preaching. PS The Holy Spirit never lost one of His wings and it is surely not up to us to allow God to work in power and glory for His great pleasure.


Blogger J. Dean said...

I have to say that I left my Nazarene church in part because of their bringing in Mr. Bohi. I wrote two letters of concern regarding Mr. Bohi, including some links that documented things he said (Including a link to one of his messages in which he claims to have had people raised from the dead-literally).

When the head pastor did not respond after the second letter, I went public to others in my church with this material, and sadly the pastor in an open letter to me and the church board tried to make me the issue, accusing me of slandering him. I responded with my own open letter, challenging the notion that I slandered Mr. Bohi, and presented my evidence.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bohi still ended up coming, and that was the end of my time in that Nazarene church. Between the liberalism and the seduction of charismaticism, I cannot stay in this denomination any longer.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Kim Poff said...

I attended a service last evening in which Mr. Bohi lectured on the 9 fruits of the spirit (9 bones in one wing) and the 9 gifts of the spirit (9 bones in the other wing) of the dove, but I felt like I was sitting in a faith healing service not too much unlike those I have watched on TV. And, of course, there were no "miracles" that took place. I do know that God still performs miracles and He is the Almighty who created the earth, sun, moon, stars, me, and you. I don't doubt His power, but I do doubt the sincerity and alterior motives of man.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Casting aspersions, creating doubt,causing divisions among the churches and the saints is not the work of the Holy Spirit. If this ministry is not of God, it will fail and fall flat on it's face. If it is of God and it results in real REVIVAL, it has not arrived any to soon!

I am not the Bill Johnson referred to in this blog, nor am I related in any way. I am retired and am serving as a layman in my church.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Ahh Bill the advice of Gamaliel an unsaved Pharisee. If that same logic would be used no one should point out any false teaching or religion for that manner. And yet false revival continues. Look at Todd Bently and Lakeland, the New Apostolic Reformation, brownsville, Toronto and the lists go on. Nowpeople need to go back and read the book of Jude and the rest of scripture where it states we are to contend for the faith and expose false teachers. Many folks believe as you do and that adds to the fact that false teaching has taken over our pulpits here in America. Look at TBN, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer,Ken Copeland. Need I go on? Thanks for your comments. I do acknowledge your comments reflect a lot of American Christianity. I also state your comments do not reflect the Holy Spirit because they do not reflect the whole of scripture. Rather they reflect a small proof text from someone in scripture who was not even a Christian.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Trust In God!!! said...

I have checked out His teachings, and so far I have not seen anything wrong. The roots and the verbs and the nouns as you have said for us to check out. THESE ARE TRUE STATEMENTS according to "THE COMPANION BIBLE"... I SUGGEST YOU CHECK THESE OUT YOURSELF, BEFORE YOU WORK WITH SATAN TO DISQUALIFY HIS TEACHER!!! You are very WRONG! This Teacher of God's Word is waking up the World, so that they can LIVE.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Trust In God!!! said...

OK! You challenged us to check this Teacher out. Now you won't even show the proof that I just commented on regarding all the roots, nouns, and verbs that this Teacher used is TRUTH. So I am just writing to you... Since you have to approve all comments before they go on your blog. I want you to CHECK those things out as I just DID. I just proved and told you what this Teacher is speaking. He is telling the TRUTH. So I challenge you, to let my comments be approved to go on your blog... I DARE YOU to let my comments on...

9:54 PM  
Blogger Trust In God!!! said...

OH!!! By the way...
He did not mean raising them from the physical death... He meant raising from the walking dead, so they can still live as a new creature with their Heavenly Father inside them, before they physically die. One should listen and check out what someone says, before broadcasting lies about that someone. COME On, now. Do you really like doing Satan's work for him?

10:00 PM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Trust in God you are for sure wrong about Dan stating that it was not a very real physical raising from the dead which shows you did not listen to Dan's own words or tapes. Sorry that you have a lack of discernment from a blatant false teacher. I think thats very sad. The fact that you did not listen to Dans own words you discredit your own comments plus you said nothing specifically about examples of Dans teaching as compared to scripture. I did. Sorry you are in error.Plus you said nothing about Dans poor testimony of multiple bankruptcies and civil suits from the 80s on.

9:15 AM  
Blogger Tim Wirth said...

Dan stated on tape that he didnt like the definition of faith as is stated in the book of Hebrews. Plus he sells the spiritual gifts which are not his to sell. Two reasons on their own that guy should never be allowed to speak in a church and shows the ignorance and greed of pastors who will take any weird show that draws an audience. Thats why there are so many goat farms out there.Trust in God if you would like to make any further comments please speak to a specific teaching of Dan's and use scripture to back up your point. Thank you.

10:52 AM  

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