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Monday, October 10, 2005

Music is not neutral

Unfortunately I heard from the pulpit in my church today a Rick Warren mantra.
"There is no such thing as Christian music only Christian lyrics"
I love my pastor but he is wrong here.
I'll make this short-Music can be
Inspired by
1.The Holy Spirit
2. The flesh
3. Demons

Agreed not all Christian music is inspired by the Holy Spirit. But you could not take a song by Marylin Manson or some other band like that and take the actual music put Christian lyrics to it and then honor God by playing it.
Im not a anti- contemporary guy as well. But certain styles that started with demonic inspiration you can't take it in any way and honor God with it.
You could take a dirty pig, wash it up and put a fluffy pink ribbon on it.
It would still be a pig.
When you write a song you usually start with putting the music together. Certain bands now actually seek demonic help in putting the material together. So you as a composer or arranger put notes together in a certain way. Usually for a song to be good this is a very important part of the process because the music will get across what you are trying to say lyrics will sweeten a song as well.
You can honor God by seeking the Holy Spirit for inspiration in your song writing.
No matter how many songs you sell. besides the Christian music industry doesnt really like Christian music now anyway-but thats another post.
So why not write a song inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Because many Christian musicians are lazy. Why go through the bother of writing a song when you can take a KC and the Sunshine band song -put Christian lyrics to it-and it will work to get them jumping everytime.
And yes it will work.
Celebration time come on.
Ever go to a movie.
Soundtrack guys are masters at using movies to mess with your emotions. Remember that small cello run when the shark approched in the movie Jaws. You can play that and virtually most everyone on the planet can tell you what movie that is from.
Think of movies without any kind of music in it.
There is a reason people use soundtracks in movies-its to inhance the scene and play with your emotions.
The mantra "There is no Christian music only Christian lyrics" was put into someones head by the enemy so we can have pretty much anything goes in our churches.
Its a immature statement.
Its a lie.
And is not based on any real knowledge of music.
Its just one more excuse the church uses to have a flesh fest if desired.
Not all music styles honor God.
Its been said "Why should the devil have all the good music.
My responce to that is that the devil doesnt have any good music.
And if your listening to the devils music.
Music is not neutral.


Blogger Diane said...

Thank you for posting this. I agree 100% and have been saying the same thing for the past 30 years. But most Christians just look at me like I am a space alien if I bring this up......which of course now, I have learned not to bring up this very much....LOL.

Basically, the foundational problem in the church is poor discernment, and poor music choices is but one fruit of it.

10:37 PM  

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