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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Trouble With Dan and Mark
This is a piece from a blog piece posted by Mark a member of a group I am part of on Facebook. It concerned a Dan Bohi meeting Mark attended. I will attempt to just be fair and consistant. I want to focus on Dans teaching and who it stacks up to scripture nothing else matters.
At the end of the piece though Marks describes Dans appearance as such and I quote "

"I stated this earlier but Dan is an odd man. He resembles an unmade bed and he is a towering man. I am 6’4” and #$#Q pounds and Dan makes me feel like Twiggy! (Yes, I am dating myself!!). I do not believe he has any formal training in theology or Biblical studies yet, people respond to his message? He preaches Christ and Him crucified. He preaches the message of Holiness and accountability to that call to be sanctified."

Referring to another human being Christian or not an an unmade bed is really un Christlike and should bring shame on any minister of the gospel. And making a not on size should not matter at all so lets just stick to the teaching.
What if I had made this comment? Could you imagine the uproar they would have the tar and feather ready and out. I dont think this kinda stuff is funny at all.
Actually I saw t dans Facebook page and do not think he takes a bad pic at all think him and his twin take a nice shot and he has a beautiful wife. And actually saw a shot on one of the videos when his grandaughter ran up and it was quite touching.
This is not about Dans looks or family its about Dans teaching.
So here is the gospel Dan preaches

This is Dan's own words---"The problem with Protestantism is that we keep trying to prove a theory or a doctrine instead of living Jesus. "…

"A big point when dealing with Protestant, the term “sanctification” can be shown, not to be “needs to be shown”, not just “being good”, which in Protestants equals “holiness and sanctification”, but it originally meant “ordained for priesthood”. A priest was someone who ideally inquired of God, to give God’s immediate prophetic word to the people who come consulted with him."

"They also involved in healing. So if you are sanctified and made holy in the biblical sense, not in the Protestants’ sense, you will be commissioned, set apart, sanctified by God to replicate the ministry of Jesus—to introduce the kingdom, the spirit of God in charismatic power, in the gift of Sprint power."

"So the real gospel is the miracle power, the dutumas (Greek word), and the salvation, healing, deliverance, not just being good enough to go to heaven, but be empowered enough to bring heaven to earth." (end of quote). Dan stated this is the Gospel? Is this the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in scripture

Mark has seen this but has refused to comment or answer if this is the true gospel taught in scripture.

Mark states in his piece
"Another criticism of Dan Bohi is that he is ‘into signs and wonder’ and other errors. This I believe has been totally misrepresented. In his sermon on “Two Wings, One Dove” that is posted on the site, only gives a ten minute cross-section of an almost three hour long message. To base an opinion of him being a false prophet based on less than ten percent of an entire service is beyond logic and reason. Dan Bohi is not ‘into’ signs and wonders"
Yet Dan promotes folks like Bill Johnson (I posted Dans promotion Of Bill in another article I will post it again later)and signs and wonders all the time and Ive listened to over 40 hours of Dans sermons. So Marks may not have heard it in the short time he was there but it is there.

From Marks blog
There was talk in the first meeting about our ability to raise people from the dead. That brought up a large red flag for my wife and I. We took notes and went home and prayed that God would reveal what Dan Bohi meant by this and was he literally talking about raising someone’s physical body from the dead. The Patricia King/Joshua Mills group is actually trying to do this, going to funeral homes asking people to let them ‘practice.’ The very next day, the prayer we prayed was answered as Dan explained that “people are dead in their sin, their trespasses and are in need of us ‘resurrecting’ them by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.”
on this tape which is out in the public Dan makes the claim that his ministry literally raised three people from the dead. Not from theor sins but actual dead people from the dead and greaw some new feet for a lady this is in the first five minutes of the tape. I will be making emails to get actual proof if I get actual documentation and proof I will gladly post it. Because of course God can do this if in His will He so chooses.
here is the link

From Marks blog
"Dan Bohi uses a great deal of Greek in his services. Being a student of Greek there were two mispronunciations of two words, neither of which changed the meaning of the term. Most people do not understand this language and this would not even be an issue if I have not studied it for years"
Not sure why Mark shared this or what the point was. Mark did explain a good portion of his opening explaining to his readers his educational background. Granted education is imporatant. Paul was well educated most of the other apostles were not and also Mark refers to Dan Bohi like this in his piece " I do not believe he has any formal training in theology or Biblical studies yet, people respond to his message?"
So Mark kinda goes all over the place at times he refers to groups and thinks and is not on track so Im not sure where he is going with it or who he is talking about. Must be very confusing to some of his readers I think.
Here is one comment that really stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb.
From Marks blog

"One of the criticisms leveled against Dan Bohi is that he does not speak out against the emergent church heresy. He did Tuesday evening in very clear terms. He said, “The 18-30 crowd do not believe in God or the church and would rather hum a mantra or light a candle.” He went on to say that this is wrong and we need to reach that generation for God. But we are not going to do so outside the power of the Holy Spirit. Did he name people by name? No, however, that was not his message. His message was about renewal in the Nazarene Church."

Now either Marks notes are flawed or something is wrong here because that statement could be taken as any number of things and how you get that as an Emergent Church statement is beyond me. That could be taken as a statment as a Catholic Church statment because they light candles and say Hail Marys which is a sort of mantras. It by no means a clear term against the Emergent church. And the scriptures is very clear about naming names. If Dan did he would lose gigs because many of the chueches he preaches in are very Emergent friendly. And if the real Holy Spirit was moving in those churches they would be casting all the false teaching aside. Instead we are seeing Len Sweet showing up at Camp meetings to sorry to be a bummer just dont try to sell me that great revival has come to the Nazarene denomination.
Instead the signs and wonders movement, IHOP,and the Emergent Church are planting their roots here and their not going anywhere.

The real immature thing about Mark is he seems to want to pin everything on me like Im some kind of evil Sith Lord that laughable abd insults everyone else like they cant think for them selves
And thats satan at work.
Well Life goes On

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