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Sunday, February 25, 2007

New article from Berit Kjos

Another fine article from my friend and sis in the Lord -Berit

A New Mask for an Ancient SecretAdded:
Feb 24th, 2007 10:42 AM
By Berit KjosFebruary 25,

"'As above, so below!' The Emerald Tablet, circa 3000 BC."[1] Introductory page of The Secret."This phrase [above] ... embraces the entire system of traditional and modern magic which was inscribed upon the tablet in cryptic wording by Hermes Trismegistus. The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula. 'That which is above is the same as that which is below.'"[2] "Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ." Colossians 2:8

Cheered by Oprah Winfrey and Larry King, an enticing little book and corresponding DVD have stirred widespread enthusiasm. "It's making headlines around the world," announced Oprah's website, "and buzz just keeps building. Some say it's the secret to creating the life you truly want—losing weight, making money, finding love."[3]

Yes, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne teems with tempting promises and positive affirmations. But it omits all facts that could sound negative, since "summoning what you want" demands an intentional and selective focus only on what's positive. "The law of attraction doesn’t compute 'don’t' or 'not' or 'no,' or any other words of negation."[1]So while the next quote gives us a glimpse into the tantalizing roots of this Secret, it doesn't tell us that those roots include ancient Egyptian mystery religions, the Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, and Hermetic magic. Nor does it warn us that its more recent branches include Unity, Science of Mind, and the "New Thought" movement that swept through the Christianized world over a century ago.

[4] "Fragments of a great secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it. In this book, you'll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You'll begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that's within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life."[5]
What does that imply?
That our God is obsolete?
That real spiritual empowerment means replacing the Bible with The Secret? As Byrne tells us in her fast-selling book, she unlocked a secret that has captivated aspiring occultists, conjurers and magicians for thousands of years. "I'd been given a glimpse of a Great Secret," she tells us in the foreword. "Why doesn't everyone know this?" The answer is simple. When Christianity spread, the forbidden forces behind magical arts went underground. Rarely mentioned in public, they were hidden in secret societies and occult orders until the 20th century, when books, movies, television and universities re-introduced them to a thrill-seeking, Biblically illiterate nation ready and eager to revive the mystical powers of the past.

Byrne herself illustrates this fascination:"A burning desire to share The Secret with the world consumed me, and I began searching for people alive today who knew The Secret. One by one they began to emerge. I became a magnet as I began to search, one great living master after another was drawn to me.

"[1]Those "masters" included mythologist Joseph Campbell, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch (who published his occult messages from a counterfeit "god" in Conversations with God), and Jerry and Esther Hicks. The Hicks' website introduces us to a cluster [or "legion"] of demonic spirit guides called "Abraham":"Abraham, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader non-physical perspective through the physical body of Esther [Hicks]. Speaking to our level of comprehension... they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being...."[6]"New Thought" and Ancient MysteriesByrne introduces Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) as "one of the earliest writers and founders of the New Thought movement... [who] has influenced countless writers and teachers."

[1] This quote from Thoughts are Things summarizes his "mental and spiritual laws:""There is no limit to the power of the thought current you can attract to you nor limit to the things that can be done through the individual by it. In the future some people will draw so much of the higher quality of thought to them, that by it they will accomplish what some would call miracles. In this capacity... lies the secret of what has been called 'magic."[7] During the 20th century, such thinking inspired "positive thinking" gurus like Norman Vincent Peale who, in turn, converted Robert Schuller and countless other leaders who are now pastoring churches or marketing the deception through church-related programs around the world.

John Maxwell and other global change agents demonstrate the subtle influence of this feel-good, self-empowering ideology.

"Nothing," Byrne assures us, "can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts."[1 p.43] Our sovereign Biblical God has no place in this man-centered philosophy. But other religions are acceptable -- including a compatible distortion of Christianity:"Religions, such as Hinduism, Hermetic traditions, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and civilizations, such as the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, delivered it through their writings and stories.

Recorded throughout the ages in all its forms, the law can be found in ancient writings through all the centuries. It was recorded in stone in 3000 BC."[1 p. 4-5]The last reference points back to ancient mystery religions and to the words inscribed on the fabled Emerald Tablett.

Remember, Byrne used those words, "As above, so below," to set the stage for her book. An occult website decodes their meaning:"The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell.... [M]an is the counterpart of God on earth; as God is man's counterpart in heaven. Therefore, it is a statement of an ancient belief that man's actions on earth parallel the actions of God in heaven.... The purpose of all rituals in ceremonial magic is to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm to join God... with the human consciousness.

When such a supreme union is achieved the subject and object becomes one.... Aleister Crowley [a satanist member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn], claimed that when the magician reaches this ultimate peak of altered consciousness the miracles are no longer important, the extreme goal becomes the direct union with God."[2] Now as then, those dark Luciferian teachings have become shining lights to post-Christian cultures inspired by "false apostles and deceitful workers" -- servants of Satan, the "evil one" who masquerades as "an angel of light." (2 Corinthians 11:13-14)

After all, The Secret offers gullible seekers everything under the sun. And its promises sound good, don't they? Consider these examples:"There isn't a single thing that you cannot do with this knowledge. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, The Secret can give you whatever you want."[1, p. xi]"The law of attraction is the law of creation....You create your life through your thoughts."[1, p. 15]"With this powerful knowledge, you can completely change every circumstance and event in your entire life..."[1, p. 17]Do those affirmations remind you of Lucifer's attempted bargain with Jesus in the wilderness?

Now, compare them with the next tempting promise.

Notice the cost, which Byrne never mentions:"...the devil, taking Him up on a high mountain, showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said to Him, 'All this authority I will give You.... Therefore, if You will worship before me, all will be Yours.' And Jesus answered and said to him, 'Get behind Me, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’ ” Luke 4:5-8Risky Attractions"The Secret is the law of attraction!" declares Byrne. "Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind. It’s what you’re thinking...."[1, p. 4]This "secret of attraction" has a simple explanation. When we seek forbidden thrills and forces, Satan is ready to answer.

In Old Testament days, God protected His people from the full onslaught of such forces as long as the nation followed Him and His loving guidelines. But when they rejected His guidelines and sought the occult thrills of pagan neighbors, He withdrew His protection.[8] Left to their own meager resources, the nation was destroyed by Babylonian armies. Would God ever withdraw His protection over America?Back in the nineties, I received a phone call from a Canadian psychologist.

He had read A Twist of Faith and wanted to discuss the swelling tide of seekers visiting his scenic community. Hoping to find their personal spirit guide, they would participate in Indian sweat lodge ceremonies and spirit quests. In former decades, few "succeeded," but recently something had changed. Now almost everyone "meets" their demonic guide. Some therapists had expressed their surprise, he said, by the current explosion of what they only knew as multiple personality disorders. Many seekers were terrorized by strange voices and felt they had lost control of their own minds to entrenched foreign personalities. Now they longed for freedom.

The demonic realm, which used to be distant and non-threatening, now crouches near. Occult books, games and movies show children how to empower themselves by summoning demons. Yet we shouldn't be surprised. America has silenced God's warnings and compromised His truth. The consequences could bring unthinkable heartbreak.

But God warned us! "...when you have eaten and are full, and have built beautiful houses and dwell in them... your heart is lifted up and you forget the Lord your God. ... you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.’... If you by any means forget the Lord your God, and follow other gods... you shall surely perish. As the nations which the Lord destroys before you, so you shall perish, because you would not be obedient to the voice of the Lord your God." Deuteronomy 8:10-20

It does matter what you think and imagine. When we set our minds on self-empowerment and self-focused idolatry, the consequences can be devastating. Again and again, God's Word shows His concern over the corrupting influence of our rebellious thoughts: "GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." Genesis 6:5Though God is amazingly patient with us, the time comes when He must deal with human depravity. Long ago, He promised Abraham that his descendants would "be strangers in a land that is not theirs... for four hundred years." They could not enter the promised land until "the iniquity of the Amorites was complete." (Gen 15:13, 16)

Our patient and caring Lord would not replace the corrupt Canaanites with Abraham's descendants until their cruelty, idolatry, child sacrifice and perverted sex rituals had reached intolerable proportions. Nor did He allow the Babylonians to destroy Jerusalem until -- centuries later -- the depravity of Israel was ripe for His judgment: Seventy years of exile.“The Lord will judge His people," warns the Bible. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." [Hebrews 10:30-31]

Yet, the masses -- whether in ancient Israel or in our own times -- pay little attention. Nor do they fear the consequences. Miracles happen - but what's the sourceIn response to the DVD version of The Secret, "stories of miracles began to flood in," wrote Byrne. Her fans "wrote about healing from chronic pain, depression, and disease....

We have received thousands of accounts of The Secret being used to bring about large sums of money.... Some of the most magnificent stories we have received have come from children using The Secret to attract what they want, including high grades and friends.... There are Secret parties being held in homes around the world, as people share the knowledge with loved ones and families....."[1, p. x-xi] Many forget that "the angel of light" is a shrewd deceiver, not a kind giver. God has allowed Satan a measure of authority for a season of time, but his power is limited to that which serves God's overall purposes. Our loving Father allows trials in our lives to train us to rely on His strength and wisdom, not our own.[9]

That's the exact opposite of Byrne's New Thought message. She may boast of miracles from the hand of the deceiver, but there's a cost. And the devil never fails to claim his due. "The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

We cannot afford to be ignorant these days. The Bible tells us to "be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Why?"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." Ephesians 6:11, 13To avoid experiencing evil, we need to discern evil.

Many of Byrne's esoteric concepts have already been adapted to the "Word of Faith" teachings, contemplative disciplines, holistic health and other familiar practices. They sound good to those who are blind to the "wiles of the devil." May God show us how to prepare ourselves and our families for the spiritual warfare ahead!"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith...."

1 Peter 5:8-9Endnotes:1. Rhonda Byrne, The Secret (TS Production Limited Liability Company, 2006), Foreword, page 14.2. "As above, so below," The Oprah Winfrey show at New Thought - its roots and close cousins at Oprah's promotion of The Secret: .Isaiah 22:8, Ezra 5:12, Nehemiah 9:30 Psalm 81:12 and 106:41, Ezekiel 39:23, 1 Corinthians 10:1-11, Romans 1:18-329.See and

Friday, February 23, 2007

More on Oprah

From my brothers and sisters in the Lord at Lighthouse Trails

Oprah: A Significant Platform for the New Age Movement

Oprah's current promotion of the DVD, The Secret, is not the only time she has promoted an author who turns to spirit guides for spiritual direction. Gary Zukav's book, The Seat of the Soul, has been one of her favorites for some time. But in Zukav's book, he talks about the non-physical guides he uses. These non-physical guides are referred to in the Bible as demons. Ray Yungen elaborates on Oprah's fascination with such spirituality:
Without question, the most influential practical mystic today is talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Her predominantly female audience, numbering in the tens of millions, looks to her as the source of spiritual inspiration-even more so than church, in many cases. I realize speaking critically of someone as warm and caring as Oprah might stir angry emotions in many of her viewers. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that with Oprah, as with the others I have written about, her obvious good qualities are not the issue here. While I might admire Oprah as a person, I am gravely concerned about what she promotes. Somewhere during her career, Oprah read a book titled Discover The Power Within You by Unity minister Eric Butterworth [another on her favorites list]. In line with Unity teaching, the book expounded on the Divinity of Man as perceived through mystical practice. Oprah embraced these views so earnestly that she advocated:
This book changed my perspective on life and religion. Eric Butterworth teaches that God isn't "up there." He exists inside each one of us, and it's up to us to seek the divine within. 1 Her talk show has launched many New Age authors into national super-stardom--authors such as Marianne Williamson [A Course in Miracles], Sarah Ban Breathnach, Iyanla Vanzant, and Cheryl Richardson.One such author propelled into prominence by Oprah, with regard to New Age teaching, is Gary Zukav. Zukav became a regular guest on the Oprah show following his first appearance in October of 1998. Afterwards, his book titled The Seat of the Soul became a constant fixture at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for an astounding two years! The Seat of the Soul, pure and simple, is a spiritual primer or manual for New Age thought. It has gained such popularity even though it lacks the elements that have traditionally attracted a wide readership (i.e., novels, biography, scandal, health, etc.). The book's basic message is, "Dwell in the company of your nonphysical Teachers and guides [spirit guides]."2 The Seat of the Soul has struck a resonant chord with an enormous number of people. The notion of nonphysical guides and teachers is now considered perfectly acceptable by a vast number in the reading public. When such a book is embraced by so many for so long it means the New Age is already here. Clearly, our society is not heading toward the cliff concerning New Age spirituality--we are already over it! Oprah's 2005 book, Live Your Best Life, highlights various areas of her philosophies. In the chapter on spirituality there is a story about Spiritual Energy. In it, there is a positive reference to a Reiki master who supports Oprah's view that "we [humanity] are all interrelated."3 This underlies Winfrey's spirituality, that ALL IS ONE. Despite her charming personal manner, there is little doubt her viewers and readers are still being fed a consistent diet of New Age spirituality. (Ray Yungen, A Time of Departing, 2nd ed., pp. 102-104) Now with Oprah's open zeal about The Secret, New Age philosophy (which so contradicts the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone) will be further propelled into the lives of millions of Oprah viewers. Oprah Winfrey is what would be referred to as an Alice Bailey or New Age Christian. In actuality, such a term is an oxymoron and does not really exist, but as we move closer and closer to the day of the Lord, such deception is becoming more the norm rather than the exception. And now, with the current contemplative prayer movement (New Age in disguise) that has overtaken so much of Christendom, Alice Bailey (who coined the term New Age) may very well be right when she predicted that a new world order of enlightenment would come through the Christian church!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 16, 2007 - Today, Oprah Winfrey will be doing a follow up on last week's show on the film, The Secret, due to overwhelming public response. And as was expected, her promotion of the DVD last week is helping to make it a best-seller. (see Paul McManus' report on The Secret).

On Oprah's website, it states:
One week later ... the reaction to The Secret! Your emails poured in and went off the charts! The secret to making more money, losing weight, falling in love, landing your dream job ... and you want more! The questions, the successes and the lives changed. Stories you have to hear! A follow-up to the show everybody is talking about!

While most people may view the new DVD promoted by Oprah as a safe and effective method to reach their goals and aspirations, what they do not know may hurt them spiritually. Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, is a disciple of a couple named Jerry and Esther Hicks. In the Acknowledgements of The Secret, Byrne thanked Jerry and Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham. Incredibly, Abraham is a group of spirit guides that Esther Hicks channels for guidance on spiritual issues.

On the Hicks website, they state:
Abraham, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader Non-physical perspective through the physical body of Esther [Hicks]. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print, in video, and in sound - they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being--they guide us to self-upliftment from our total self [god-self].

Because Oprah, who is one of the most influential people in the world right now, is giving The Secret a huge thumbs up, this could potentially accelerate the paradigm shift we are going through, which is racing the world into such deception as never seen before and what the Bible predicts will take place before Jesus Christ returns. And with contemplative spirituality (just another form of the same spirituality being promoted through The Secret) now being embraced by so much of Christendom, the words of occultist Alice Bailey may indeed come true, when she said that the Age of Aquarius (that time when humanity realizes its divinity) will come not around the Christian church, but rather through it. The Secret is pure undisguised metaphysics and is the total manifestation of what the apostle Paul describes as seducing spirits (Abraham) and doctrines of devils (The Secret). Incidentally, the word occult means secret or hidden.

Today, when millions of viewers are watching Oprah and more of The Secret, may God protect those who are sincerely hurting and looking for answers and truth. And may Christian leaders who have succumbed to contemplative spirituality repent and turn back to the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, and may they speak publicly about their repentance and quickly warn believers to also turn back.

Lynn Stuter states-
"New Agers believe there is no eternity, there is only the here and now; heaven on earth; as above so below.
On Friday, February 16, 2007, two of the promoters of The Secret appeared for the second time on the Oprah show. For the discerning, what spewed from the mouths of these two men, Michael Beckwith and James Ray, was New Age. One lady, identifying herself as a Christian, spoke about her unease with the seeming focus of The Secret. She was quickly shot down by Beckwith and Ray and by Oprah Winfrey, claiming that she, too, was a Christian. After all, if Oprah Winfrey is a Christian and supports The Secret, isn’t that endorsement enough for all Christians?
“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:13-14)
Let us be reminded that Oprah Winfrey had Marianne Williamson, New Age leader and guru, on her show back in 1992; that it was Winfrey’s endorsement of Williamson that skyrocketed Williamson to fame along with her book expounding the virtues of the New Age “Bible”: A Course in Miracles. (Source: Williamson now appears on Oprah and Friends XM Satellite Radio as a “friend and contributor.”
Within seconds of the lady proclaiming her unease with the focus of The Secret, Michael Beckwith announced to all that “God is within.”
This is another New Age precept—God dwells within us, man is divine, self-divination. This again defies the true biblical teaching of The Trinity and of God as the ultimate Higher Authority. If God dwells within,
there is no sin, there is no evil, for we are God and God is us;
whatever we choose to do is just okay for we are God even if it violates the Ten Commandments set down by God and presented by Moses;
what we do is preordained in that we are God—we have no self-determination;
there is no Higher Authority, we are the only authority.

Read the rest of Lynns article here-

More to come-

Evangelical Leaders Promote New Age And Eastern Spiritual Practices

Evangelical Leaders Promote New Age and Eastern Spiritual Practices
From Lighthouse Trails Research

In what appears to be a sweeping phenomenon, Christian leaders are embracing practices and a new spirituality that borrows from Eastern mysticism and New Age philosophy. The changes are taking place worldwide and involve many of the most popular evangelical leaders including Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, Tony Campolo, and Eugene Peterson.

In Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life, on Day Eleven, he encourages people to practice "breath prayers" by repeating words and phrases over and over in a mantra-style prayer, a practice used centuries ago by a group of mystical monks known as the Desert Fathers. This so-called "prayer" is identical to that found in Hindu yoga and Zen Buddhism.

Brian McLaren, leader of the emerging church movement has been caught with his hands in the contemplative cookie jar too by endorsing the back covers of some more-than-questionable books. One in particular, Reimagining Christianity by Alan Jones says that the doctrine of the Cross is a vile doctrine. Alan Jones is an interspiritualist and mystic in every sense of the words. Take a look at the Living Spiritual Teachers Project, of which Jones is involved. This group of about twenty includes Zen and Buddhist monks, New Agers and even Marianne Williamson and her Course in Miracles. The goal of this group is to integrate other world religious beliefs into Christianity. McLaren has also endorsed the back covers of Dave Fleming's The Seeker's Way and Tony Campolo's Speaking My Mind, both of which believe that Christianity is too limiting, and a union between other religions is necessary. In Speaking My Mind, Campolo states: "[M]ysticism [contemplative prayer] provides some hope for common ground between Christianity and Islam." (p.149)

Dan Kimball, author of The Emerging Church (with forewords by Rick Warren and Brian McLaren), encourages practices such as lectio divina, (p. 223) a form of mantra-style meditation and the use of labyrinths, maze-like structures. Historically and in most labyrinths today, a chanting prayer is used while walking the labyrinth with the purpose of connecting to God or what many call Divinity. According to most who promote labyrinths, it is not necessary to be a born-again Christian to reach this inner Divinity.

Bruce Wilkinson, author of Prayer of Jabez, does his part in bringing this new spirituality into Christendom by accepting universalist Robert Schuller's invitation to speak at the Robert Schuller Leadership Institute this past January. Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek and Foursquare President Jack Hayford joined Wilkinson at this year's event. Incidentally, Hayford has no problem placing his name on the cover of Richard Foster's Streams of Living Water, in which Foster quotes universalist Thomas Kelly as saying all human beings have a Divine Center.

Zondervan Publishing hopped on the band wagon too. A couple years ago they formed a formal partnership with Youth Specialties, host of the National Pastor's Convention which brings in an array of New Age practices from labyrinths, contemplative prayer and yoga. Last year Rick Warren spoke immediately after the yoga workshop. This year Warren is incorporating into his Purpose-Driven Life youth ministry speakers from Youth Specialties and the pro-contemplative Group Publishing.

Ruth Haley Barton, formerly of Willow Creek and trained at the very contemplative Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington D.C., wrote Invitation to Solitude and Silence, and teaches contemplative prayer through her Transforming Center. Barton co-authored with John Ortberg Ordinary Day With Jesus, which clearly instructs readers in mystical prayer practices.

And as if that were not enough to show Ortberg's sympathies to this New Age spirituality, he will be speaking this year at the National Pastor's Convention where labyrinths, contemplative prayer exercises, and yoga workshops will take place. Do not think that the infiltration stops there—Eugene Peterson, author of The Message, endorsed the back cover of Sue Monk Kidd's book, When the Heart Waits. Monk Kidd, once a conservative Baptist, began practicing contemplative prayer and has now become a major promoter of the practice and of feminine spirituality.When the Heart Waits clearly shows her descent into this belief system.What was Peterson thinking when he put his name on that book?

Christian magazines such as Christianity Today, Charisma, Youth Worker Journal and Discipleship Journal find nothing wrong with producing article after article written by those who promote this Buddhist-style New Age spirituality. Last October, Charisma magazine, carried an article called "Be Still and Know" in which contemplative prayer is described as a trance-like state of mind. According to Ray Yungen, author of A Time of Departing, this trance-like state is an altered-state of consciousness that the Bible warns about.

Others who have helped to propel contemplative spirituality include the late Henri Nouwen who said he was uncomfortable with those who said Jesus was the only way and Richard Foster who say we should "all enroll in the school of contemplative prayer" (Celebration of Discipline) but then warns us it could be so dangerous that prayers of protection should be said first (Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home).

In Brennan Manning's Abba's Child he tells readers that Dr. Beatrice Bruteau is a "trustworthy guide to contemplative consciousness." What many may not realize when they read Abba's Child is that Bruteau, founder of the School of Contemplation, believes that God is in every human being and that we can reach this Divinity through the conduit of contemplative prayer. According to Bruteau, "We have realized ourselves as the Self that says only IAM, with no predicate following, not 'I am a this' or 'I have that quality.' Only unlimited, absolute IAM." (A Song That Goes On Singing - Interview with B.B.)

Evangelicalism is being redefined, reimagined and reinvented, and while many of these evangelical leaders seem to be rallying behind this redefining, a growing number of Christian believers are beginning to take notice, and a legitimate concern mounts. Will evangelical leaders continue in the direction they are heading or will there be an about-face and a return to the simplicity and purity of the Christian faith? For the sake of the gospel, may that be the case.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Super Bowl and The Church

by John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford InstituteFebruary 5, 2007
The Super Bowl has become America's new church gathering.When I was a kid, the Super Bowl was the ultimate football game. You turned the TV set on to watch two teams battle it out for the championship title. But there was none of the buildup that now surrounds the big game.

Today, the football game is merely a sideshow to the glut of television advertisements promoting everything from beer and soda to cars and candy but, in essence, sex and materialism. As one reporter noted, "The hype for Super Bowl commercials has reached the same ridiculous proportions as the orgiastic hoopla over the game itself." At a going rate as high as $2.6 million for 30 seconds of broadcast time and with a viewing audience estimated at 90 million (making the Super Bowl the most widely viewedtelevision program), it's no wonder that the advertisers are the ones running the show.

The old maxim about television has become an undeniable truth: the programming now exists for the commercials. The entire Super Bowl experience has, in fact, become akin to a religious experience. Americans approach the Super Bowl with much the same religious fervor as the Romans had for the lavish games held at the Circus Maximus. And it is this mingling of religion with entertainment that brings us to the recent brouhaha over the National Football League's efforts to prevent churches from holding Super Bowl viewing parties on large-screen or projection TVs.

People who heard about the dispute were of two minds: First, there was outrage that the NFL felt it necessary to bully churches into compliance, especially when sports bars and restaurants were granted exemptions. Second, there was bewilderment that churches would even want to participate in what has become an exercise in hedonism.

Both reactions are completely understandable.It goes beyond the pale for the NFL to dictate that churches shouldn't gather together - even if it is to watch the Super Bowl. The league's suggestion that church viewing parties might adversely affect their Nielsen ratings (which are used to leverage more advertising dollars) or cause the league to lose money is a testament to the corporate mindset that has overtaken what once was considered a relatively wholesome, all-American-albeit-violent sport.

Greed has become the king of the Bowl.Clearly, the NFL has little to no respect for Americans who watch the game. But it was a little disappointing that so many churches were willing to - and did - give up without a fight. If churches won't even fight for their right to watch football together, one has to wonder what they would be willing to fight for. For early church leaders, their mission came first, even when that mission conflicted with the state. Thus, they were considered troublemakers because they wouldn't toe the line, which is insharp contrast to the church today, which aims to be law-abiding. Lacking the moral and spiritual strength of their predecessors, many of today's religious leaders try to force their agendas through politics. But that's a whole other can of worms.

For the purpose of this discussion, it might be enough to ask whether churches should be aligning themselves with the Super Bowl in the first place. How can a church preach against materialism, sexual immorality and drunkenness and participate in a cultural event that glories in all three?

Reportedly, these Super Bowl church bashes are increasing in their popularity. For the churches that planned to host viewing parties, the events were justified as ways to tap into the so-called "social magic" of Super Bowl Sunday by reaching out and ministering to members of their communities. And while there were supposedly churches that planned to invite the homeless and provide a meal, clothes-washing and a bed for the night and others that intended to accept donations from the crowd to funda food pantry, community social services or other good causes, there were also church events that differed only in location (and alcohol consumption) from the bacchanals taking place in homes and sports bars across America.

What would Jesus do? Would Jesus, who overturned the tables of the moneychangers in the temple because they were turning his father's house into a place of business, have condoned turning his father's house into a sports bar?Are churches trading in their birthright for increased attendance? It may seem like harmless fun and sound marketing, but there are larger spiritual ramifications at work. For example, when you turn the church into the site for a Super Bowl party, have you altered your priorities and become a hedonist first and a Christian second?By allowing itself to become a part of the greed-driven culture thatsurrounds the Super Bowl, the church completely erases the line between the sacred and the profane.....

[Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead is founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. He can be contacted Information about The Rutherford Institute isavailable at ].-----------------------------------------------

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Glorification of tramps and wayward women

Yes this article is harsh but I think it needs to be said.
I have two daughters who I love very much as well as two sons.

And Ive had these kind of talks with them about who they admire or listen to. It was difficult to try to explain to them why they couldnt listen to Destiny's Child after my daughter Beathany showed me the heartfelt testimonies of these young ladies in the CD cover.
While they display there bodies in a very un lady like way.
You cant testify that you know Jesus and then go out and blatently sin.
Your testimony is then just a lie.
Its a shame that the church itself is no longer even a safe place where modest dress is worn. And still we have kept silent. Funny how Fox News promote both Rick Warren and glorifies fallen women.
O well I quess you put on whatever will sell.

Well here is a word from the coach.

Coach Dave DaubenmireFebruary 15,
Lasciviousness-- inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd, arousing sexual desire: indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness
Galations 5:19-21 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
There was a day would Anna Nicole Smith would have been written off as the harlot that she was. Instead, details of her whoredom elicit around-the-clock coverage of her sex-capades all over cable news. Watching Greta Van Susteren glory in the details of a decadent life gives me the willies. We have become a nation of window-peepers
What father in his right mind would want his daughter to turn out like Anna Nicole? And have you noticed, in all of the voyeurism, her dad has never been mentioned?
It may seem cruel to speak so harshly about the death of an icon, but the truth is, Anna Nicole and her sisters-in-sex have led an entire generation of young girls away from the value of inner beauty to the exploitation of the flesh.
We get the heroes we deserve. Anna Nicole was a slut, and thanks to her, sluttiness is now cool. The sluttier the better? “Hey teenage girls? Want to make a name for yourself? Show as much of your body as you can, sleep with as many guys as you can find, drink, drug, and get on your knees before the president. America loves sluts. Women are free to express themselves. No more religious restrictions. Girls gone wild.”
So, the fruits of women’s liberation and the sexual revolution lie naked for all of us to see. Women are truly equal with men. Locker-room talk is now on TV.
When I was growing up in the 60’s, promiscuity was something that only the boys engaged in. The locker room buzzed with the news of the latest guy who had “done it” and who he had “done it” with. Most of us had never “done it” and we couldn’t wait to hear the name of the girl he had “done it” with to see if maybe we could get her to “do it” with us. Why? Because most girls wouldn’t “do it.” Parents trained their daughters to say “no.” Old-fashioned upbringing, I guess.
But soon, along came the Pill, Playboy, the burning of bras, and divorce. I remember in my graduating class of 1971, my friend Eric was the only guy I knew whose parents were divorced. Parents stayed together “for the kids.” Today, 50% of divorces are in the church.
The 60’s ushered-in an America with a new gospel, and a new trinity. The god of Me, Myself, and I -- with a new doctrine -- began to overwhelm the values of our fathers. “If it feels good, do it. Tune in, turn on, and drop out. Grab all the gusto you can. Hey, hey, ho ho, sexual morals have to go!” echoed the hymns of the new America.
We must never forget that you reap what you sow.
Last Sunday, as I do most Sunday’s, I was speaking in a church. At the beginning of the service the pastor asked for prayer requests. As I stood there mutely listening to the broken-hearted appeal for prayer, I was struck by how much of America’s heartache is self-inflicted. It is popular to blame the Devil for our ills, but sadly most of what we suffer from is nothing more than the consequences of sin. Although all sin is personal, the collateral damage is devastating.
“Pray for my daughter who is going through a painful divorce.”
“Please pray for my grand-daughter. She hasn’t seen her dad in 3 years.”
“Pastor, please pray for my 14 year-old niece. We just found out she is pregnant.”
“Pray for my neighbor. She is trying to raise three teenage boys on her own.”
On and on, sin-sick hearts cried out.
Yep, American women now have rights. But who is better off?
We have reached the place in America where we are actually planning on vaccinating our young daughters against HPV, a sexually-transmitted disease directly related to promiscuity. HPV leads to cancer. Cancer leads to death. Read this startling statement from Wikipedia,
“The fact that prostitutes have much higher rates of cervical cancer than nuns was a key early observation leading researchers to speculate about a causal link between sexually transmitted HPVs and cervical cancer (zur Hausen 1994). It remains clear that people with greater numbers of sexual partners are at increased risk of developing genital HPV-related diseases. Co-infection with other sexually transmitted pathogens, such as HIV, may also increase the risk of developing HPV-related diseases.”
It is not unusual to be watching TV in the privacy of one’s home and view commercials touting medicines for genital warts, herpes, and other sex-related diseases. My buddies worried about “the clap”, the only STD there was in my day. Meanwhile, it is a fight to have abstinence-only taught in our schools. Have Americans lost their minds?
At what point did we decide it was ok to stop protecting our daughters?
Today a fifth man surfaced as the possible father to Anna Nicole’s baby. And still, the anti-god, morally-vacuous press continues to shove this story down our throats. What are our daughters supposed to think? My 70’s classmates would have called her a whore. Today her death is mourned. She was so pretty. She seemed to have it all, money, fame, big boobs, and attention. But the wages of sin is still death. What a price to pay for fame. Is anyone pointing that out to our children?
Paris Hilton’s sex video made her famous. Nicole Richie has ridden shotgun on Hilton’s train wreck of a life. Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, and even middle-aged Madonna are held up as icons to adoring teenagers everywhere.
And can we ever forget what Monica Lewinsky is famous for? She got her own show, and perfume, and line of clothing. It looks to our kids like sin pays.
Where will the madness end? When will daddies once again begin to defend their daughters? When will decent God-fearing people once again demand that traditional Christian values be taught to America’s children?
My wife and I have two lovely daughters. I guess it is the blessing of the Lord, but we did play a hand in the way they turned out. From a young age we taught them to value their integrity, to guard their purity, to demand respect from a young boy, and cherish inner worth above belly-button beauty. At least if they give it away, they know it is wrong.
They used to blush when I asked to meet any boy before they went on a date with him. “Listen,” I would tell them. “I wouldn’t let some teenage boy borrow my car without asking permission, and you are far more valuable that my car.”
They valued themselves because my wife and I valued them and we taught them that they had great value in the eyes of God. What we fail to esteem, we lose.

The gospel of sex, drugs, and rock and roll are preached openly in the Synagogues of Satan masquerading as educational institutions. Colleges are no longer institutions of higher learning but institutions of lower living where our best and brightest are encouraged to practice their sin, with the full blessing of mom and dad and supported by Christian’s tax-dollars. Let’s face it, for the most part, the church has given up.

So, Anna Nicole and “Girls Gone Wild” are the standard of the day, because FOX NEWS says so. Tragically, I think they are right. Modesty is out, sluttiness is in.
Where are the Dads? Where are those who will defend the heart and soul of young girls? We are raising a generation of prosti-tots.
Yep, American women are now equal with men. They got what they wanted, life without restraint. My question is, are we really better off?
I’m tired of the sluts.

Do you think like a Christian or a humanist? Did the Founders really separate Church and State? Is Judicial tyranny ruining America? Check out these great teachings by the Coach.
© 2007 Dave Daubenmire - All Rights Reserved

New Paul Proctor article


By Paul Proctor
February 14, 2007
USA Today recently did a story on the deterioration of the word "evangelical" in an article entitled, "Can The 'E' Word Be Saved?" bringing to light the way many such terms are inappropriately used and abused these days for an assortment of unrighteous reasons, causing them to lose all real meaning and value in, not only secular society, but the Church as well.
"Now the word may be losing its moorings, sliding toward the same linguistic demise that "fundamentalist" met decades ago because it has been misunderstood, misappropriated and maligned. 'Save the E-Word,' was the headline on a fall editorial in Christianity Today, the 50-year-old magazine founded by Billy Graham. It quoted opinion polls in England and the USA showing 'the tide has gone out' on the term, increasingly seen as negative and extremist."
It really doesn't take a linguistics expert to see that the overt, covert and embedded enemies of Christ have had a field day redefining the faith by habitually debasing its terms for their own selfish interests. But, who could have predicted back in the 20th century that a celebrated Southern Baptist pastor would eventually go so far as to proclaim in public that Christian fundamentalism is motivated by fear and that it would be "one of the big enemies of the 21st century?"
A Christian fundamentalist used to be known as one who simply believed and practiced the fundamentals of his or her faith. Now, many of those professing to be Christians actually use the word to describe evil! How did this happen?
"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" - Isaiah 5:20
But it's not just the definition of the "E-Word" (Evangelical) or the new dirty "F-Word" (Fundamentalist) that has changed. The "C-Word" has also lost its meaning and value. I mean, just stop for a moment and consider who and what are being called "Christian" these days:
1. Ted Haggard 2. Jessie Jackson 3. Al Sharpton 4. Bono 5. Alice Cooper 6. Barack Obama 7. Bill Clinton 8. Jimmy Carter 9. Jane Fonda 10. Britney Spears 11. Jessica Simpson 12. Benny Hinn 13. Brian McLaren 14. Erwin McManus 15. Joel Osteen
1. Conservatism 2. Liberalism 3. Tolerance 4. Compromise 5. Pragmatism 6. Environmentalism 7. Flattering sinners and schmoozing dictators 8. Yoga 9. Transcendental meditation 10. Labyrinths 11. The Emerging Church 12. Metropolitan Community churches 13. Homosexual and Lesbian priests 14. Same sex marriage 15. Bookstores that promote pornography and all of the above
I happened upon a pre-recorded radio program sometime last year where Dr. Stanley Monteith was interviewing a precious metals specialist by the name of Kal Gronvall, who warned about some of the shady coin dealers that regularly take advantage of unsophisticated and inexperienced buyers. He advised listeners to be particularly wary of those who claimed to be Christians - that if they made a point of telling you this, they were probably up to no good and just wanted to gain your trust and patronage so they could take advantage of you.
At first I was a little offended, thinking the gentleman might be harboring a degree of animosity toward Christians in general. But, then it dawned on me that he wasn't really speaking disparagingly of Christianity or Jesus Christ - he was only warning the gullible and unsuspecting about the ever-present danger of wool-covered wolves lurking among the sheep.
Sad, isn't it?
A recently published article in Florida Today entitled: Church Aims To Pimp The Faith, about yet another new way of doing church, might provide, at least in part, some explanation for much of the confusion and controversy. Here's a little of what they had to say:
When artist Xzibit debuted as host of the hit MTV show "Pimp My Ride" in 2004, who would have thought his extravagant renovations of junk cars would spark an idea for a new way to conduct church?
Whether you love it or hate it, "Pimp My Ride" has set a new language standard -- to "pimp," no longer means to manage prostitutes for profit. Pastor Ken Hitte of Discover Life Church is taking the concept and running with it, calling his February sermon series "Pimp My Life."
"When we say 'pimp my life,' it doesn't matter to me if legalists don't like my term," Hitte said. "This is what we're doing. It doesn't mean every other church should do it."
Why not call it something else?
By modern definitions, "pimp" seemed like the perfect word to reach anyone unfamiliar with traditional church terminology, Hitte said. After all, the rest of the world seems to be throwing it around causally.
"To 'pimp' something means to make it look cool by adding lots of gaudy extra stuff to it, usually hip-hop style," said Eric Borgos, creator of, where there are four different public-submitted definitions of the word…"
Well, I hate to rain on the freak parade, but today's church has already been "pimped" beyond recognition - and "gaudy" describes it perfectly, considering all of the "extra stuff" that has already been added to draw crowds and give everybody more bang for the buck. In fact, I used the term "pimp" myself to describe the new gaudy church almost two years ago in a article entitled: Pimping For Jesus.
So, what Pastor Hitte is proposing here is by no means original. It's the same old pragmatic prostitution that has captivated capitulating Christians for years. What we're talking about here is more cheap and sleazy marketing gimmickry - opportunists offering up a sort of regurgitated rebellion wrapped in religion to shock and awe otherwise apathetic passersby into participation - not exactly what Jesus Christ commissioned us to do.
And as the term "Christian" degrades into a contrived characterization of corruption and compromise, so does the credibility of those who continue to faithfully profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and proclaim His Gospel of repentance and faith to an ever more cynical, skeptical and hostile world.
"And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake." - Luke 21:17

Anyone can see that today's gross exploitation of the "C-Word" is almost epidemic. Being a "Christian" can now mean almost anything and nothing. Because the "C-Word" has been deceptively deployed time and again to sell all kinds of unchristian items, efforts and individuals including books, CDs, bands, movies, shows, religions, churches, preachers, programs, politicians, platforms, parties and all sorts of fleshly philanthropy, both inside and outside the Church, its biblical meaning and significance has been relegated to the cultural commode of fleeting fashion, rendering it ever more repulsive to the nostrils of our narcissistic nation.

Even many "Christian rock bands" don't want to be called "Christian" anymore!
Can you blame them?
So, let's just forget about The "E-Word" for now, shall we? - And instead, try to save the "C-Word" before it goes the way of the "F-Word."
"He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoso keepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him." - 1st John 2:3-5
Related Articles:
1, Save the E-Word2, Evangelical: Can the 'E-word' be saved?3, Accurate definition of 'evangelical' up for debate in theology, politics4, Church aims to pimp the faith5, California Pastor Stole the Whole Church6, Rick Warren - Fundamentalist or Finagler?7, Pimping For Jesus8, When grandmas go to jail for witnessing
© 2007 Paul Proctor - All Rights Reserved
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Paul Proctor, a rural resident of the Volunteer state and seasoned veteran of the country music industry, retired from showbiz in the late 1990's to dedicate himself to addressing important social issues from a distinctly biblical perspective. As a freelance writer and regular columnist for, he extols the wisdom and truths of scripture through commentary and insight on cultural trends and current events. His articles appear regularly on a variety of news and opinion sites across the internet and in print.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Purpose Driven Inclusive Church by Roger Oakland

Great article by Roger Oakland to which I would like to add whoever Rick Warren is talking to its not Jesus or The Holy Spirit.

God never contradicts His word.

God would not have told Rick to build a new religion and a church based on the whims and desires of the unsaved as well as business principles Rick learned from Peter Drucker.
Here is a link to the entire article-

Here is a portion of Rogers article-
This is one of the reasons I want to express some concerns about the Purpose Driven P.E.A.C.E. Plan. Before he came up with the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, Pastor Rick Warren says that he asked Jesus to show him how to reach the world. According to Warren:
Then I said, “How did You do it? You wouldn’t have left us without a strategy.” And I found the answer in a passage in Matthew 10 and Luke 10 where Jesus sends His first followers out… He says, “When you go into a village, you find the man of peace.” Find the man of peace. There’s a man of peace in every village, in every government, in every business, in every church. [6]
Notice the basis of the P.E.A.C.E. Plan is a peace man. But there is more. Warren further inquired of Jesus and Jesus supposedly answered:
And so I said, “What is the man of peace?” He said, “When you find the man of peace, if he’s open and he’s willing to work with you, you bless him and you start your work there. If the guy’s not open to working with you, you dust the dust off of your shoes and you go to the next villages, ‘cause you can always find someone to work with.” The man of peace is open and influential.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be a man. It could be a woman. It might be the woman of peace. It might be the elderly grandmother of the village and everybody knows. And here’s the other thing: The man of peace does not have to be a Christian believer. It could be Moslem. It could be Jewish. Because, when Jesus said, “Find the man of peace,” there were no Christians yet. Jesus hadn’t died on the cross. There was no resurrection. He’s just saying, go out and find somebody to work with. [7]
While Pastor Warren believes that his plan to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth was inspired by a conversation with Jesus, it would be important to check out the words of Jesus as recorded in the Scriptures.
Do you recall one of the things that Jesus said? He said: “Thy Word is truth”. [8] When he instructed His disciples to go out, the plan was to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. As Jesus also said, this was “the way” and the only way that one could go to heaven. [9] We must never forget this.
If we are going to link hands with those who believe in another gospel or no gospel at all for the sake of establishing the Kingdom here on earth, the kingdom that will be established will not be the Kingdom of God

Are you dancing?

Very good post from a blog titled Dead Theologians-

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hot Off The Press

I have to add to this AFA sells books written by Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn etc.. Tim is on a radio show with Brannon Howse who he partners with.
But yet on Brannon Howse's Christian Worldview Network website many of his authors such as Bob DeWaay speak out against folks such as Rick Warren.
So its ok to make money off Ricks books as long as you question Ricks theology?
What kind of hypocrisy is that?
And we wonder why there is so much confusion in the camp.
But I suppose you would have to close a book store if you stopped selling books by Christianity's false teachers.
You can also plug in the word Spiritual Growth and see the books that pop up there.

Judge for yourself what kind of spiritual growth this will cause.

If you say you love the Body of Christ, but will compromise in order to make a buck what does that make you?

Here's Buds article.

AFA's Family Resource Center Continues to
Promote Emerging Church Authors and Books
Actions speak louder than words

On January 15, 2007, Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, made the following statement concerning the Contemplative Prayer and Emerging Church movements, and AFA's online bookstore:

"'As president of the American Family Association I am stating, for the record, that we do not endorse the contemplative prayer movement or the so-called emerging church movement. AFA has an on-line bookstore that is computer generated and run by an outside company that services other Christian ministries as well. I have personally asked this company to block the words ‘contemplative prayer’ and ‘emerging church’ as subjects to search on our bookstore. In addition, we have also blocked certain authors'" (Tim Wildmon's response to his critics, emp. added).

As of this writing (February 7, 2007), it has been 23 days since Wildmon's statement. Yet, AFA's Family Resource Center continues to promote the following Emerging Church authors and their books:

AFA's American Family Resource Center

Jay Bakker
Ruth Haley Barton
Rob Bell
John Burke
Spencer Burke
Tony Campolo
Steve Chalke
Mark Driscoll
Michael Frost
Eddie Gibbs
Pete Greig
Stanley Grenz
Alan Hirsch
Laurie Beth Jones
Tony Jones
Dan Kimball
Brian McLaren
Erwin McManus
Donald Miller
Mark Oestreicher
Chris Seay
Leonard Sweet
Dave Travis
Robert Webber
Lauren Winner
Mark Yaconelli
Mike Yaconelli
Youth Specialties
# # #

In the same response to his critics, Wildmon also stated that:

"'The only people who come to our website looking for books on contemplative prayer or the emerging church -- because AFA doesn’t promote these movements -- are people who are trying to see if they can find some ‘dirt’ on AFA and then put out misleading reports on their websites'" (Tim Wildmon's response to his critics, emp added).

But were these reports about AFA's bookstore really misleading, as Tim Wildmon states? The answer to that is easy to find; it is within the cyber-shelves of AFA's online bookstore.

There is a big difference in sweeping "dirt" under the carpet than sweeping up "dirt" and tossing it into the garbage. This is not rocket science. Actions speak louder than words. Tim Wildmon and AFA would do well to consider the actions of the Ephesian converts to Christianity in Acts 19:18-19:

Many also of those who had believed kept coming, confessing and disclosing their practices. And many of those who practiced magic brought their books together and began burning them in the sight of everyone; and they counted up the price of them and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver (NASB).

But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body. The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil (Ecclesiastes 12:12-14; NASB).

For additional information on the Emerging Church Movement, please refer to the following articles at:

An Open Rebuttal to Tim Wildmon's Response to His Critics

Researched & Compiled by:
Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service
February 7, 2007
Jude 3

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Being Good Stewards Part 2 -Giving to Charities and Foundations

On this one folks you really need to be smart and take a honest look at whats really there.

You will need to be a judge of who you give to there are a lot of wolves in sheep clothing out there these days.
Paul exhorts us to judge in Cor 5:12

"For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside?"
Are we to send Benny Hinn money to buy a new airplane?

If you don't know the answer to that read on.

Questions you need to ask yourself.

Is the money going where its stated to be going?

From Paul Proctors article "Just Who's Using Whom For What In North Korea"

"Last year Rick addressed the Pew Forum's bi-annual Faith Angle conference on religion, politics and public life about three foundations he established and something he calls "reverse tithing:"
"…my wife and I made five decisions…we set up three different foundations. One is called Equipping the Church, which we use to train pastors in third-world countries.

The other is called Acts of Mercy, which we use to help those infected with AIDS. And another one is called The Global PEACE Plan, which I'll share in just a second…The fifth thing we did was become reverse tithers…We give away 90 percent and we live on 10." (Underscore added for emphasis)
In fact, in one televised interview I witnessed, he point-blank stated that the money he received from book sales goes to his foundations. Well, as far I'm concerned, what he does with his money is his business, whether he tithes 10% or 90%; that is until he starts using it to deceive others and exalt himself in the process.
If indeed HIS 90% goes to HIS foundations for HIM to use as HE sees fit, wouldn't this kind of "reverse tithing" actually mean he's giving his millions back to himself to fund his own Purpose Driven programs, agenda, expenses and ego under tax exempt status, rendering the money held on account "for charitable causes" still under HIS control either directly or indirectly?
Why does the story of Ananias and Sapphira come to mind in Acts, Chapter 5?
"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." - 1st Timothy 6:10 End quote

Rick and Kay Warren have stated numerous times that the Foundation "Acts Of Mercy" was set up to help those with AIDS.

So is Acts of Mercy set up to help those inflicted with Aids?

You have the tools to check it out for yourselves through checking out the foundations 990 forms.

You can do this at these two sites its easy and free.

I went on their and found Acts of Mercy 990 forms from 2004 and 2005.

Under the Organizations Primary Exempt purpose it states.

" Acts of Mercy foundation will conduct activities in furtherance of the purposes of the Global PEACE Fund to advance the Christian faith. Specifically, the Foundation will work under GPF to fund among other things,Christian ministry and outreach activities to the poor, the distressed or the underprivileged, micro enterprise, church planting, caring for the sick, Christian education and evangelism and promote awareness of HIV/AIDS.

I encourage you if you so desire to check this out for yourself because it also lists where the money went and what activities were paid for.

Interesting note-

Both Elizabeth K Warren President and Richard D Warren Secretary were the only officers listed as being compensated (from the foundation they of course give to).

In 2004 Kay and Rick were both listed as being compensated 63,750.00

And then in 2005 both Kay and Rick were compensated 121,250.00 quite a raise based on a average 40 hours per week devoted to position as listed on the 990 form.

Check it out for yourselves if you are interested. I have a big problem with some of the statements from Rick because I don't believe Rick promotes Christianity but his own religion Purpose Driven. Which I believe is a new religion. (article on this coming soon)
Here is a related article on Rick's buddy Bono and how he spends his money.
Bono has stated he believes in Jesus you can come to your own conclusions.

Checking out a church ministry is a bit more tricky because churches do not have to make public disclosure on their finances.

Those who willingly (or unwillingly) disclose information are listed at a excellent site called Wall Watchers Ministry Watch.

Use this tool to check out church ministries.

Who you give to is your business keep in mind the verses I started this mini series out with.
One day you will have to give account to Our Lord Jesus Himself on what you did with what He gave you.

I hope all this information helps you to make wise choices in the future.

Tim Wirth

Being Good Stewards Part 1

Matt 25:14-19

" “For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them.
And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey.
Then he who had received the five talents went and traded with them, and made another five talents.
And likewise he who had received two gained two more also.
But he who had received one went and dug in the ground, and hid his lords money.
After a long time the lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them"

Matt 6:1-2

"Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven.
Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory from men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward."

Its hard for most people to part with money; God knows that about us. Yet He asks us to give to Him out of obedience, from hearts happy to comply with His requirements. He doesnt command us to give our earnings so we get a blessing from Him. He asks us to give because He knows whats good for our hearts. He knows that hoarding, hiding, or burying what we have hurts us in the long run, feeds our pride and shifts our focus away from Him. He knows that giving wisely and joyfully keeps our perspective real and our hearts and hands open to Him.

Ages ago, God set up a system for caring for His family, one where orphans and widows, poor and needy would be taken care of through faithfulness of those who give to Him out of obedience. he wants each person to give, regardless of their wealth because He know a giving heart has room for Him.

When His system is in place, even when the poor give to the Lord from their meagerness, they are well taken care of as well. They are able to experience the joy of giving and the pleasure of being part of the Church. In the early Church, when the poor brought their small offering, they also bought their needs. That is the function of the Church-to administer goods, physical help, encouragement, food and money to those who need it, and to glorify God in the world through the way we care for each other.
So how much and who do we give to?
First give out of what you have not out of what you dont have.
Be smart about your money.
God gave us brains we need to use them.

First give to your local church

Before I join a church I check to see if they are totally transparent. I remember speaking to my cousin when I was thinking of joining his church in California. I asked to see their quarterly report on their finances.
I was told rather indignantly "Its none of your business".

You hear this a lot these days.

This church ended up getting condemned because building fund money didnt go where it should. They had church out in a tent after that.

If you cant walk into a church and get information on where their money is going I suggest you dont go there because you shouldnt give there.

The next article will deal with giving outside your church and to different charities and foundations.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Another great article from Wood and Steel

The Dangerous Destination of Ignorance

By Scott MacIntyre
Beyond my occasional musings in discernment ministries, I do have a life and work full time in a para-church ministry to children, youth, and adults. It enables me the opportunity to talk to a fair number of people in the course of a year from a wide variety of evangelical persuasions.
I am constantly amazed (trust me…it's a tough job to be in a state of perpetual amazement) at the ignorance among Christians to what is being heaped upon them in their churches. Most have heard of Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, but few are aware of the iceberg of agenda that floats below the surface out of sight. Almost no one I've talked to has even heard of the Emergent Church, let alone Brian Maclaren. Additionally unknown is anything about Contemplative Spirituality, Mysticism, and a host of other New Age practices creeping into the church.
But while most have not heard of these things, many have been exposed to them in ignorance. Most pastors are not going to stand up and say, "Okay folks, today we're going to do a paradigm shift in the church into Contemplative Spirituality". Indeed, even the culpability of most pastors may be in ignorance. As they read magazines, books, and attend conferences, it is unlikely they will hear "Okay, pastor, today we are going to help you transition your church out of Bible teaching and into a pragmatic admixture of Christianity and New Age Mysticism". Yet a pragmatic admixture of teaching is exactly what they are receiving.
Perhaps some will accuse me of arrogance at this statement, but the Church is asleep in the back seat, and many pastors are asleep at the wheel. In fact, if pastors would wake up they might discover they're not driving, but being towed. Wake up, pastors. Wake up, Church. The people who are towing the church are no longer even proclaiming the Word of God. They are serving you a fabricated admixture of biblical and unbiblical teaching that is cloaked in terminology that appeals to our traditional evangelistic foundations. We are falling prey to church idiom while failing to understand what is actually being said. The church is being rallied to action, but that action may not even be biblical.
We in the church have been lead away from the truth of God's Word with such incremental but deliberate slowness, that what is being taught now doesn't rouse our sense of danger, let alone our need to be good Bereans. That is why someone who will read an article like this or other teachings calling for discernment will view it as some kind of 'witchhunt'. But as Paul warns in 2 Timothy 3:13, we have been deceived, which means to have 'wandered' from the truth. When one gets lost in the wilderness, they likely did not run 180 degrees from home but wandered away a degree at a time.
So it is that the Church has wandered from the truth of Scripture. We have satisfied ourselves with the things of the world, and warmed ourselves by their fire. We have been comforted by the world's psychology, and intrigued by its philosophy. We have developed an admixture of the world and our Christianity that attempts to satisfy both the old man and the new man simultaneously. We suppose an ability to flirt with the world without actually hopping into bed. If you don't believe it, then take note of the agenda being proposed by the drivers of the tow truck. The priorities of the world have suddenly become the priorities of the church. And these are not only the priorities for the alleged good of mankind, but also the world's priorities for religion. A great unification is taking place.
A non-Christian man told me recently how thrilled he was with seeing Rick Warren on one of the television interview programs. He was excited to see someone finally calling for the religions of the world to work together for the good of mankind. This man oozed with warm fuzzy admiration for Rick Warren's 'three-legged stool' model of government, business, and religion working together. I quite imagine that the church (what's left of it) will look up someday to see the butt of the anti-christ sitting upon that stool. It will be a ponderous load.
So my fellow laborers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are at a crossroads. It is time for the Church to say, "this is where I get off", and return in repentance to the ways of the Lord. It is time we stop wandering away from the truth of Scripture. The voices of self-appointed leaders have called us away from our first love. Be more than a little skeptical of the momentum of critical mass that is now driving the church. Ignorance has a destination. Is that where you really want to go?

Copyright 2006 by Scott MacIntyre

Great new article from Wood and Steel-We choose Our Outrage Against Rick Warren

This is from my brother in the Lord Scott MacIntyre-All guitarists as well as Christian and secular musicians should check Scotts site out. He has a lot of really good biblically based articles.

We Choose Our Outrage Against Rick Warren
By Scott MacIntyre

It's probably about time I posted something new on my site…not that I have anything new to say, but regarding recent developments with Mr. Warren (he may be "America's pastor", but he ain't mine), I guess I'll throw my two cents into the ring. Or was that a hat?

Perhaps by now, a few more people are beginning to get a glimpse at the multi-dimensional, multi-purposed Rick Warren. I was never convinced that Warren's purposes for being on the scene were limited to just the five he espoused so vigorously in the Purpose Driven Life. I can't pretend to understand and know everything that motivates Warren, but it is abundantly clear that his agenda has grown over the years.

It seems that Rick Warren, whose right hand always seems to know what his left hand is doing, is feeling a bit of heat from various quarters of conservative Christianity for the blunder he accomplished in Syria by misrepresenting his visit. But of seemingly greater impact, Warren is receiving heavy criticism for inviting Senator Barack Obama, an aggressive proponent of abortion to speak as a featured lecturer at the AIDS/HIV Conference held at Saddleback church recently. Some of this has been written about quite poignantly from Joseph Farah of World Net Daily. This latest article by Mr. Farah is quite concerning.

While I am pleased that some more folks are starting to wake up to Warren's true intentions, I am not entirely pleased that this same level of outcry did not occur many years ago when Warren led untold thousands of churches, and perhaps millions of people away from the Word of God and into his invention of the purpose driven church. Where was the outrage 10 years ago when the Purpose Driven Church was written to pastors? Surely more pastors than just a handful recognized the deviation from a New Testament church. But pastors will be pastors, and lure of a bigger church was just too enticing.

When Warren wrote the Purpose Driven Life book 5 years ago, the outcry got a little louder with concerns over Warren's theology and rather loose use of Scripture. But most of the dissenting voices were drowned out in the ensuing rush to jump on the 'purpose-driven' bandwagon. Warren had graduated from writing to an audience of few thousand pastors to millions in the church. He had seemingly found the right combination of levers and buttons to give people the spirituality they desired, and he created a huge following in the process.

So as Warren's shine has tarnished a bit, I am trying to comprehend why there has been more outrage over his embrace of Senator Barack Obama, than his disgrace of Scripture in the Purpose Driven Life? Yes, I understand that our conservative ways are often founded on biblical teachings, and I'm certainly not desiring to minimize concern over Warren's left hand turn to partner with Obama. Perhaps in my mind it is a matter of priorities. Warren's biblical transgressions barely made it upon the radar screen of the church, but his political transgressions are raising a broader outcry than I have previously seen.

Perhaps if the church had stood firm against Warren and his misuse of Scripture years ago, he may not have had the power and influence he has today to accommodate his ever-expanding agenda. Senator Obama might have responded to Warren's invitation with "Rick who?" By the way, I am grateful to those who have identified the error in teachings of Warren, and his misuse of Scripture. There are some strong Bereans who have taken the unpopular challenge upon themselves to teach us discernment.

But the church at large is asleep. Several decades ago, we began to allow Christian leaders to redefine the church. On a large scale, the church now fails to recognize the spiritual clash when someone like Rick Warren introduces strange teachings. The sheep have been gradually led away from the Bible, and led to the strange fire of the teachings of men.

Rick Warren started to exercise his influence with a church, then with pastors, then with the church at large, and now he's going for the whole world. But not with the Gospel of the Bible, mind you. Who knows what the real message of Warren will be in the end…it is changing and unfolding before our very eyes. Several years ago, I wrote on my web site that Warren would not end his public fling with the five purposes. Within weeks of my article coming out, someone wrote to tell me of Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. plan for the world. Where does he come up with all these acronyms? As was pointed out on the Slice of Laodicea blog, the "P" in the P.E.A.C.E. plan has now changed…a little more compromise to accommodate the world. Rather than "planting' churches, the plan is to "partner" with churches. Who and what those churches are is problematic.

As for Warren, I doubt his latest missteps will dissuade his legion of followers. The well-oiled public relations machinery will do its job well. Most will miss the agenda neatly embedded within a self-deprecating nature that disarms the masses, and his audacious conversation that is continually laced with self-honoring statements and achievement. There will always be another plan, and another round of products.

But perhaps the sheep suit came unzipped a little this time, enabling some in the church to see the wolf. Some will take note and move away quickly to be closer to the true Shepherd. I pray that the church will recognize the foundational errors in Warren's teaching and his monumental move away from the truth of Scripture. May it become an even bigger offense to us than Mr. Warren's friendship with the World.

Copyright 2006 by Scott MacIntyreWood and Steel MinistriesContact:

Friday, February 02, 2007

New article from Berit Kjos

This is a great read from my sister in the Lord- Berit Kjos

Tolerance as a Tool for Transformation

Intimidating the masses into socialist consensus

By Berit Kjos, January 29, 2007

Background information: Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance & Ban Truth - Reap Tyranny
Home Articles

"...the objective of tolerance would call for intolerance toward prevailing policies, attitudes, opinions and the extension of tolerance to policies, attitudes, and opinions which are... suppressed.”[1] 1965, Herbert Marcuse, an influential Marxist.
"The techniques of brainwashing developed in totalitarian countries are routinely used in psychological conditioning programs imposed on American school children. These include emotional shock and desensitization... stripping away defenses... and inducing acceptance of alternative values...."[2] Thomas Sowell
"I cannot stand narrow minded idiots like yourselves. You are seriously sick." A visitor to our website
Throughout history, "tolerance" has meant different things to different people. A century ago, most Americans would have defined it as civility toward disagreeable persons, not as acceptance of contrary views. In contrast, today's "tolerance" demands acceptance of politically correct views but intolerance toward those who cling to "traditional" values. While media leaders feel free to mock Christians, believers are losing their freedom to state their convictions. After all, they might hurt someone's feelings.
This transformation didn't "just happen." During the 20th century, socialist visionaries redefined tolerance and began using it as an effective weapon against Biblical values. Trained facilitators (in schools, government, corporations and churches) began turning cultural norms upside down -- then held the masses accountable to the new cultural guidelines. NEA leader, Professor Raymond Houghton, summarized the deception in 1970,
"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened."[3]
Former Carnegie strategist Marc Tucker, a friend of Hillary Clinton and the master-mind behind America's "School-to-Work" agenda, shared that vision: "[Our objective] will require a change in the prevailing culture -- the attitudes, values, norms and accepted ways of doing things."[4]
Tucker had followed the footsteps of mind-changing behavioral "scientists" such as Herbert Marcuse, a transformational Marxist trained in the "inner circle" at the revolutionary Frankfurt Institute for Social Research in pre-war Germany. With Hitler's rise to power, that "inner circle" fled to America. In 1934, Marcuse, called "the father of political correctness," joined other socialist change agents at Columbia University, where they built on the liberal foundation laid by John Dewey. Years later, Marcuse wrote the report, Repressive Tolerance, which exposed his oppressive Communist goals:
"The uncertainty of chance... necessitates tolerance. However, this tolerance cannot be indiscriminate and equal... it cannot protect false words and wrong deeds which demonstrate that they contradict and counteract the' possibilities of liberation.... Such indiscriminate tolerance is justified in harmless debates.... But society cannot be indiscriminate... where freedom and happiness themselves are at stake: here, certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed, certain behavior cannot be permitted without making tolerance an instrument for the continuation of servitude."[1]
Marcuse became a hero to the revolutionary student movements during the chaotic sixties. Now, forty years later, we see the fruit of his labor: moral corruption and intolerance toward traditional values. Facing these painful consequences, Kevin, a young Christian, sent us this note:
"On my school bus kids would like to sing rap songs that includes a lot of profanity and perversion.... Liberals, gays and others say we Christians are intolerant when they are intolerant themselves. One time my seventh grade teacher said those who say God forbids or hates homosexuality are racists!"
Few of today's results-driven churches will take their stand with believers like Kevin. Inspired by "successful" leaders like Rick Warren, churches -- like the corporate world -- now wield their "tolerance" like a whip with which to intimidate resisters who still cling to Biblical certainties and intolerant-sounding truths. After all, such "lone rangers" hinder today's collective march toward the envisioned earthly kingdom of universal peace and solidarity.
In his popular book, The Secret Message of Jesus, Pastor Brian McLaren seems to echo Marcuse:
" be truly inclusive, the kingdom must exclude exclusive people, to be truly reconciling, the kingdom must not reconcile with those who refuse reconciliation.... [T]he kingdom of God is open to all, except those who want to ruin it by dividing it against itself." [5]
The changeable nature of Tolerance
Tolerance is never neutral. Its boundaries keep changing, often through self-serving governments that mandate public values through state-controlled religious hierarchies. Using various forms of propaganda and discipline, powerful establishments have turned public intolerance against foes of the planned solidarity.
Take the British monarchy during the 16th and 17th centuries. The shameless Henry VIII replaced Catholicism with the Church of England (Anglican) when the Pope refused to approve his first divorce (Henry beheaded three of his six wives). After his death and the short reign of his sickly son, the throne went to his Catholic daughter (Bloody) Mary I. She restored the Papal hierarchy and showed her intolerance for dissenters by burning them on the stake. When she died in 1558, her Anglican sister, Elizabeth I, became queen.
While Mary had persecuted Protestants, Elizabeth persecuted those who refused to conform to the Church of England. After her death in 1603, King James I (already the reigning King of Scotland) gained the British throne and joined the two nations. James formalized the rituals of the Church of England and had no tolerance for protestant Separatists who sought a simpler form of worship. Seeking religious freedom, these Puritans fled to Holland. Pursued even there, they boarded the Mayflower for America in 1620.
King Charles I, son of James I, was executed for treason in 1649, and the throne stood empty for almost three decades. In 1662, the British Parliament passed the Act of Uniformity, mandating religious conformity with the ritual practices of the Church of England. Baptists, Presbyterians, and Puritans (like John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress) who followed their Bible-trained conscience, were labeled "non-conformists." Non-conforming pastors who continued preaching faced persecution.
In 1677, James' grandson, Charles II, was crowned king. The persecution of dissenters quickly intensified. Among those who faced torture and "death by hanging" was a young maidservant, Marion Harvie. As she prepared to climb the scaffold, her final words showed her faith in Jesus, her Lord:
"Because He lives, I shall live also.... How I bless Him that thoughts of death are not terrible to me. He hath made me as willing to lay down my life for Him as ever I was willing to live in this world.... Seek Him and ye shall find Him. I sought Him and found Him; I held Him and would not let Him go."[6]
Relief came in 1689 when the British Parliament passed The Act of Toleration, granting limited freedom to dissenters.
The Christians who fled to America during this time had seen the dangers of government-controlled religion. A century later, the religious freedom they sought became a legal promise through the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
But that freedom is fading fast. Once again, the tool of "tolerance" and government mandates threaten our freedom. But today's leaders are far more subtle and sophisticated than British rulers were centuries ago. Armed with the latest psycho-social strategies, postmodern revolutionaries are facilitating a mass consensus aimed at silencing all opposition.
Today's public values show the results. Since I write reviews of popular entertainment (usually in response to questions from concerned parents), I get lots of angry letters. It matters little that I have tried to be kind and factual in my reviews -- or that I criticize the message rather than a person -- zealous defenders of popular entertainment have little tolerance for contrary views. Notice the emphasis on feelings rather than facts in the following comments:
Unfortunately people like you guys actually do exist... While reading one of your many articles on Harry Potter for a class on censorship, I came to realize that religious fundamentalism is dangerous and maniacal no matter what religion it is. You guys are on par with muslims....
Hate and fear peddlers is all you are. You're no worse than the KKK.
You are intolerant bumbling fools.... There is nothing wrong with pokemon.... Live a nice life and die.
...your opinions are every bit as dangerous as those expressed by so-called "hate" groups.... Star Wars is just a movie, Pokemon is just a card game, and Christianity is just a belief. ... The most disturbing part about your articles is the vast number of "weak minded" individuals who blindly follow your beliefs, accepting your irrational way of thinking.
I can't believe there are actually idiots like you on this planet! You people REALLY scare me....
I often ask such visitors if they would want to outlaw websites like ours. Many answer "Yes." They don't believe we have the right to share our offensive views on a public website. Instead, they claim the right not to be offended by inconvenient facts or logic.
Our response to an intolerant world
If we can't stop the transformation, how should we relate to this strange, new world? How can we love those who hate our beliefs?
There's a clue in Proverbs 15:1. It reminds us that "a soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." It's true! When I replied with kindness, many would send back grateful -- even repentant -- responses. The subsequent correspondence didn't include Hegelian dialogue as a means to consensus. Instead, the angry expressions became opportunities to show God's love -- without compromise!
America's "traditional" values may be vanishing, but some things never change: human nature, God's timeless Truth, and His all-sufficient strength. Human nature may be driving this social and spiritual transformation. But God and His Word enable us to stand firm in the midst of the raging battle.
"Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord...." 1 Corinthians 15:56
See also Marching toward Global Solidarity Dealing with Resisters
Zero Tolerance For Non-Compliance The Enemy of The People?
The UN Plan for Your Mental Health The War on Hate Bans Christian Values
1. Herbert Marcuse, Repressive Tolerance, 1965 at
2. Thomas Sowell, Ph.D., "Indoctrinating the Children," Forbes, February 1, 1993), 65.
3. Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness, ASCD (curriculum arm of the NEA), 1970
4. Marc Tucker, "How We Plan to Do It," Proposal to the New American School Development Corporation: National Center for Education and the Economy, July 9, 1992. See Tucker Plan Includes Cradle Control
5.Brian McLaren, The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything (Nashville: Thomas Nelson's W Publishing Group, 2006), pages 169-170. See also Who defines the Kingdom of God?
6. Michael and Sharon Rustin, The One Year Book of Christian History (Tyndale House Publishers, 2003), page 52-53

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