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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The false gospel of Dan Bohi

Dan's gospel "So the real gospel is the miracle power, the dutumas (Greek word), and the salvation, healing, deliverance, not just being good enough to go to heaven, but be empowered enough to bring heaven to earth." (end of quote)" This is a false gospel according to what scripture teaches ( “Take Another Drink 1/9″ on the YouTube: ( Minutes 0-2:30) 

The real gospel message is that salvation is by grace through faith (Rom. 6:23), not faith and something you do like baptism or faith and speaking in tongues, or faith and going to a Oneness church, etc.  True salvation is freedom from the requirement of keeping any part of the Law to get or maintain salvation.  True salvation is receiving Christ (John 1:12), being in the body of Christ, and being redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Now be for I start I want to say Dan Bohi is not the only one who is preaching this false gospel so you can take Dan's name out and invert many others. My focus here is Dan but there are many others wrapped up in this grievous heresy.
Let me also say that many who follow Dan are perhaps good well meaning Christians who are wrapped up in the deception.Some are perhaps zealous for God and revival and have the very best of intentions.
Paul spoke about this in Romans 10:2 King James Version
For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
One of the bigger problem with some of Dan's followers is that charismatic teachers like Dan tend to  draw a almost cult type following.
These kind of people are dangerous because it seems that they have laid the scriptures aside (not checking what Dan teaches compared to scripture). And will call down curses on any who oppose Dan.
This is what I call charismatic witchcraft. They will warn and accuse you to not touch God's annointed one or threaten you with the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit(Matt 21:31-32) if you oppose Dan or any of the un-biblical manifestations going on in Dan's meetings.
Dan also has claimed to raise the dead " "I prayed for a man. My brother and I were in revival in Coffeeville, Kansas... and we prayed for a man who was dead... and he came back to life. I prayed for a man when I did a revival at the Roy Clark Theatre in Branson… and he came back to life. I prayed for a man in Olathe, Kansas at a Tuesday night revival service at 9:04 pm... and he came back to life. I haven't raised 600, like Heidi and Roland.. but I've done three because I’m a Nazarene and we always have three points.” (laughter)"Source (2:40: Faith, Not Maybe: I Am, Part 2)So not only is Dan going for the laughs here and being immature and carnal but he also offers no proof.

So lets go to some history here on what Dan is teaching. Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement have only been around for the last hundred years or so.You wont find teaching like this unless you go to the Desert Fathers and Catholic mystics in history.
Latter Day Rain folk which was founded around 1948 (which Dan is part of willingly or not because of his teaching) or rooted in a attempt to point out some great endtime army who will do greater works than Jesus. Here is some history on them. The term Latter Rain stems from  passages such as Jeremiah 3:3, 5:23–25, Joel 2:23, Hosea 6:3, Zechariah 10:1, and James 5:7. The idea of a latter rain was not new to Pentecostals. It was present from the earliest days of Pentecostalism, which believed that the reappearance of speaking in tongues and the baptism of the Holy Spirit marked the "latter rain of God's Spirit." It was believed that these were signs of the coming end of history. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost had been the "former rain" that established the Church, but the current "move" of the Spirit was the latter rain that would bring the Church's work to completion and culminate in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which was and is imminent.
Greater works you shall do is based on this army of supposed super Christians which Dan wants you to be part of. But what does scripture teach on the greater works Jesus spoke of?
John 14:12 "Verily, verily I say unto you, he that believeth in Me, the works that I do he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto My Father."
The works Jesus spoke of was the gospel because that does not just heal the body physically but also spiritually through eternal life through Jesus Christ.

It would be important to study William Branhams teaching in order to understand Dan Bohi's roots and those like Dan.

One cannot understand the modern miracle revivals or healing crusades of Benny Hinn, Rodney Browne (laughter), Toronto, Brownsville, or Todd Bentley without referring to the healing revivals of the 40’s-50’s.that were steered and popularized by William Branham. Nearly all the practices of today's apostles, Prophets, healers, faith ministries, are being copied. Visits by angels and the Lord Jesus, words of knowledge (telling people where people live and secrets of their lives), new revelations were all part of William Branham’s ministry operation. One can trace portions of  the revivals in our modern era back to him. The Latter Rain teachings began by Branham and spread to so many.
Branham believed he was born with a personal angel that was a gift. But he did not think of it as such until he was converted and went to church. This gave him an answer to a disembodied voice (spirit) that accompanied him from birth and instructed him through life, telling him future events and diagnosing peoples diseases.

Funny how many can be against the Emergent Church movement but in fact they are just trading one experience based style of religion for another.

Many of the healings that Dan states happens in his meetings are based on emotional problems and other things that not be proven and will take a period of time to see if they were real. Let me show you an example.

From Dan's FB page "In oakhurst this week 120 people confessed and were forgiven of all sin. Over 80 were sanctified and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Over 50 were healed physically and emotionally . Marriages were saved and alcohol and drug addicts were delivered. The power of Gods presence was truly beyond words. We are driving to Anaheim tomorrow and start at 1st church Sunday morning" (end quote)
Yes Dan is quite the numbers guy but the things quoted are things that will take time to show if they were true plus these kind of healing were never mentioned in the scripture's unless you compare emotional problems with demonic possession. And I would not want to take that leap.

Here is a comment from a Concerned Christian
" Tim,

I think I've told you this already, but I've basically left the Nazarene church now, and Bohi was the straw that broke this camel's back, for many of the same reasons you've already stated. I brought up the link concerning Bohi's claim that people were literally raised from the dead to my former church who hosted Bohi (using the same link you have up) yet the head pastor did not seem to listen or even consider it.

BTW, I too also requested documentation from his ministry regarding Bohi's "resurrections." To this date, I have not received a response either.

As far as those defending Bohi because he uses Greek-So what? Word of Faith teachers use Greek too. There is all the difference in the world between using Greek and RIGHTLY using Greek. Bohi propagates the "logos/rhema" lie that was initially promoted by Word of Faith advocate Charles Farah ( ). Farah used the Greek as well, but used it incorrectly.

It reminds me of the inside joke used by seminary students regarding those who take the first few weeks of Greek class and think they know it well: "They know just enough Greek to make them dangerous."

Again, Bohi may be a nice, sincere man, but that does not mean he is preaching the truth. In fact, if what you have documented concerning his take on the gospel is true, then at the very least Bohi is coming dangerously close to confusing justification with sanctification, and that is perhaps the most fatal of his false teachings. That a great many Nazarenes are just nodding their heads to what he promotes tells me that the Nazarene church is doctrinally anemic and settles for entertainment-oriented "worship services," emotional pumping up, and nice little sermons bordering on works-righteousness instead of meaty messages that proclaim sound doctrinal teaching, and especially the gospel.

My disdain for Bohi is not unfounded, but in one sense he's the symptom of doctrinal illiteracy. Those who like him should consider switching denominations instead of filling the Nazarene denomination with the charismatic ideology. " end quote

Did Jesus preach that signs and wonders were a part of the gospel ?
From my good friend and brother in the Lord Mike Oppenheimer

A question often posed is, 'Can others do miracles like the apostles, since Mark 16:17-18 describes "and these signs will follow those who believe in my name they will cast out demons they will speak in other tongues and… will heal the sick." ( Note: these particular verses are not found in the majority of the manuscripts. Lets grant that it probably is.) The answer is found in a careful examination of the text. Where we find in the Mark 16:14 narrative that Jesus is speaking to the 11 and commissions them to preach the Gospel first then baptizing the believers. So we find that the Lord is in fact speaking directly to the apostles just before he is taken up into Heaven (verse 19). Afterward, the apostles went out and preached, and the Lord was working with them confirming His Word through accompanying signs. The "them" is referring to the apostles, therefore, there is no evidence that all believers can do what the apostles did. What did occur is the word was first preached and the signs and wonders followed to validate the new leadership for the Church. In much the same way Jesus’ miracles were to validate his person and message. Signs and wonders were to follow those who believe, not the believer following after the signs. Acts14:3 shows their focus was to build people up in the objective word, not looking for the power to do miracles. Mark 16:20 And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Signs and wonders, miracles are not for the Christians who already believe, they accompanied the Gospel and were done in the presence of the unbelievers to have them believe in the message.

If you are strong in faith you don't need signs and wonders to know that the Father cares for you. You don’t need to be further convinced of God by the exhibiting of power. We don't need signs and wonders to prove that He exists or that He hears our prayers. Faith comes by hearing the word about Christ (Romans 10:17) we believe what we read. Without seeing any evidence of supernatural manifestations, we can believe because God has granted us grace to believe based upon the testimony of His Word. Faith is to work from his word. The Lord requires faith, however we are more blessed who believe without seeing (John 20:29). Faith is the foundation upon which rests every thing we receive in our spiritual life. Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). But its not presumption nor is it imaginative.
If we look at the people who have had supernatural experiences, we'll find that, in many cases, when the signs and wonders cease, their faith ceases. It was not true faith, but rather mere belief in what they could deny seeing. They believed because they saw, but they did not have true faith, it was temporary. The 3 cities Christ did miracles in the people hated him. So he pronounced a judgment on them.
Matt 11:21-24: "Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.  "But I say to you, it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the day of judgment than for you. "And you, Capernaum, who are exalted to heaven, will be brought down to Hades; for if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.  "But I say to you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment than for you."
Scripture and history prove that signs and wonders do not instill faith, just the opposite, lack of faith prompts ones desire to see signs and wonders. John 12:37 But although He had done so many signs before them, they did not believe in Him. John 4:48 Then Jesus said to him, "Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe." Jesus was disappointed that it took the miraculous for people to listen to his teachings or follow.
Jesus said in Jn.13:19 I have told you before that when it comes to past that you may believe that I Am." This he was speaking of who would betray him. Jesus used his prophesying to prove his deity. He never pointed to the miracles to prove the end all to who he was. Prophecy proves the bible is true and who Christ is, it is always the word of truth that is pointed to for the test of authenticity.(end quote)

Keep in mind concerning faith this is what Dan Bohi teaches on U tube (you can search my other articles for the exact references) (Faith:Not Maybe, I Am, Part 1, at :50) Dan"I dont like the definition of faith in Heb 11 it does not make sense to me even though I know what it says then Dan goes on to define faith on his terms not what scripture teaches.
Of course Dan would not like the definition of faith in scripture because Dan's own gospel includes signs and wonders as part of it. So scripture conflicts with what Dan is promoting.
I have to ask this question. Why would any bible believing Christian follow a person who preaches a false gospel (dependent on signs and wonders) and a person who has stated publically that he does not like the Heb 11 definition of faith?
 Keep in mind Im not saying Dan Bohi is promoting speaking in tongues. I have not seen that yet.(UPDATE- a brother in the Lord corrected me on this here is his observations-Tim
From a Concerned Nazarene-
Secondly, I would disagree with your statement “Keep in mind Im not saying Dan Bohi is promoting speaking in tongues. I have not seen that yet.” If you listen to his message about the nine bones in the wing of a dove referring to the gifts and that we shouldn’t cut off one of the wings (I have heard this message several times) you can conclude that he is encouraging speaking in tongues. The Church of the Nazarene has distanced itself from the Pentecostal practice of tongues as a prayer language but does acknowledge the gift of tongues as related to communication of the gospel. The board of General Superintendents in 1976 put it this way:
“The gift of tongues is related to the miraculous gift of many language barriers. The people present were astonished because each one heard the gospel being preached in his own native dialect (Acts 2:6, 8). This special miracle was an expression of God’s desire to reach every man everywhere through the spoken and written word. Language is the vehicle of God’s truth. We believe that the biblical material supports one authentic gift—a language given to communicate the gospel and not an unknown babble of sounds. It is our understanding that in 1 Corinthians 12; 13; 14, Paul was seeking to prevent the abuse of the authentic gift and condemning that which was spurious and of the flesh. We believe that the religious exercise called “tongues” which is not a means of communicating truth is a false gift and a dangerous substitute. We do not believe in a so-called prayer language. “
We can only conclude from Dan’s message that he is referring to the church not allowing tongues as a prayer language. He comes to it in a roundabout way but I believe his message is promoting the practice of tongues in the church.
Keep up the good work.) But there was much more to Azuza Street than just speaking in tongues. Google it for more history on what Azuza Street bought.
Here is what Phineas Bresee had to say  source (
Some months ago, among some of the colored people in this city, reinforced after a little with some whites, there began something which was called the “gift of tongues.” The meetings were held in a large rented building on Azusa Street. The professed gift of tongues was not the only peculiarity of the meetings, but much physical exercise of various kinds, with laying on of hands. The meetings attracted some attention, especially among that class of people who are always seeking for some new thing. We made no mention of the matter in the Messenger, not deeming it of sufficient importance to demand attention from outsiders. We felt that all men must know that as far as it was necessarily the same as is being carried on with so much success in this city of getting believers sanctified and sinners converted, and so far as it partook of fanaticism and was fostered by heretical teaching, we did not care to give it the prominence of public discussion.

But some parties who had the confidence of editors in the East sufficiently to secure the publication of what they have written, have given such marvelous statements of things as occurring in connection with this thing, that for the sake of those at a distance, and the many who are writing us about it, we deem it wise to say a simple word.

Locally it is of small account, being insignificant both in numbers and influence. Instead of being the greatest movement of the times, as represented—in Los Angeles, at least—it is of small moment. It has had, and has now, upon the religious life of the city, about as much influence as a pebble thrown into the sea; but what little influence it has had seems to have been mostly harmful, instead of beneficent. It seems not only to have had at least some of the elements of fanaticism, but to be trying to inculcate such erroneous or heretical doctrines as mark it as not of the Spirit of Truth. The two principal things which are emphasized, and wherein they claim to differ from others, is, that Christians are sanctified before they receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost, this baptism being a gift of power upon the sanctified life, and that the essential and necessary evidence of the baptism is the gift of speaking with new tongues.

As far as has come under our own observation, or that we have seen experted by competent examination, the speaking with tongues has been a “no-thing,” a jargon, a senseless mumble, without meaning to those who do the mumbling, or to those who hear. Where in a few instances the speaker or some other one has attempted to interpret, it has usually been a poor mess.
It would be doing the few poor people who have been deluded by this thing no wrong to say that among clearheaded, faithful, reliable Christian people of this city the thing has no standing.
We are surprised at reputable papers giving credence to the almost unthinkably extravagant utterances in reference to such a matter before attempting to know whether there was anything to it or not.

Anything that is out of the good old way of entire sanctification, by the truth, through the blood, by the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, which entirely separates and burns up the chaff of carnality, and then abides to teach, lead, and empower, may well be halted and carefully examined before being admitted to confidence, or given the semi-endorsement of publication.

These are more or less people whose experience is unsatisfactory, who have never been sanctified wholly, or have lost the precious work out of their hearts, who will run after the hope of exceptional or marvelous things, to their own further undoing. People who have the precious, satisfactory experience of Christ revealed in the heart by the Holy Spirit, do not hanker after strange fire, nor run after every suppositional gift, nor are they blown about by every wind of doctrine. There is rest only in the old paths where the Holy Spirit Himself imparts to the soul directly the witness of His cleansing and indwelling.

For more information on the Latter Day Rain Movement Dan Bohi is part of please check the following link

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are all False Teachers Only To Be Considered Christian's? So Who Does Scripture Consider A False Teacher?

I asked this question when I was parts of this string and here are some of the comments . Im leaving out the names because it really doesn't matter the conversation was very disturbing though.

"I consider a false teacher to be someone with the church who teaches falsely and that is how most see it. Otherwise, all non-christians are false teachers. That's ludicrous"
"So Copeland would be a false teacher but Beck is a Mormon. If you over-use false teacher
 for all non-Christians it renders the term almost meaningless."
"Yes, the term false teacher is overused when referring to nonbelievers and proponents of 
false religions, just as the terms evangelical and christian have been stretched totally out of 
shape and really don't mean anything any more as descriptive terms. We always used to say
"define your terms" but nopwadays those terms defy description!"
"I don't call New Age teachers false teachers. They are New Agers. You render the term
meaningless. In context of the Bible, false teachers were in the church being accepted as 
Christians, such as the Gnostic Christians."
This last comment I found astounding " A New Ager cannot be a false teacher to me or any
other Christian because a self-proclaim
ed New Ager cannot teach a true Christian anything.

A self-proclaimed New Ager couldn't deceive any true believer for a moment because they 

do not even say they are teaching Christian concepts."

To state that A New ager cannot be a false teacher and could not deceive a true Christian 

(and Im believing a true Christian to be a saved Christian) is just totally incorrect. Because

 all Christians are at various phases of maturity in their walk with the Lord to say no true or

 saved Christian could be deceived by a new age Christian is just not true and is not based 

in scriptural truth or any other kind of fact.

Now the problem from all the above statement is that they are partially correct Paul is 

warning that wolves will come in sheeps clothing to deceive the flock. But where did the 

wolves get their material from?

Do a study of 1 John the second reason John wrote this book was to warn against the

Gnostics and the Gnostics were around before the birth of Christ. And yes once Christianity

started many Christians started to pull from Gnostic sources. But the roots were here before

 the New Testament were even written.

I think it is very deceptive to try and state that new agers should not be refereed to as false 

teachers and it confuses both the flock and unbelievers.

In Ray Yungens book "For Many Shall Come In My Name" Ray states the following quotes

 we should think about when considering what has been stated above.

A basic tenet of New Age thinking is that of Master Jesus. Adherents to this idea believe that

 during the unrecorded period of His life, Jesus travelled to various places as Tibet, India, 

Persia, and Egypt where He learned the metaphysical secrets of travel on a pilgrimage of 

higher consciousness. According to this theory Jesus of Nazareth became the Master Jesus, 

one who has gained mastery over the physical world by becoming one with his higher self."

 In Mat 24:5 it shows that many will be deceived and in the New Age we can see a faux 

form of Christianity taking form.

From Rays book again " These people will be offering a spiritual message that will look, 

feel, and sound like it is of Jesus Christ but it is not." 

Again a Faux form of Christianity.

Ray Also speaks of the coming man of perdition or anti christ spoken of in2 Thess 2:3-4 

"As "One channeled source made it cleard that the term Christ will mean both the "Christ 

energy" and a man that will personify that energy. The coming one will not be Christian,a 

Hindu, a Buddist, not an American, Jew, Italian, or Russian his title is not important, he is 

for all humanity, to unite all religions, philosophies and nations. The New Age Movement 

being united by a common mystical bond. Which the new age movement has been a key 

player in bringing together.

This article was not to prove myself right in an argument but to point out that scripture 

points that you either agree with the truth that it bears witness to. Or what you are teaching

is false. Therefore anything taught outside of scripture is false. And anyone teaching 

anything outside of scripture is teaching something false. And if they add to scripture they

 are also false teachers. Don't let anyone confuse the issue for you in this great time of 


For further study buy Ray Yungens book ""For Many Shall Come In My Name" From LightHouse Trail Publishing. A good source of Biblically solid materials

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