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Monday, October 31, 2005

New Book

My first book "Pass The Plate and Let Us Prey" My Search For Black and White Christianity in a Gray Nation. It is about my adventures playing music and journey through many Word of Faith churches playing in their bands. Paul Proctor has contributed some articles to my book as well as some humerous stuff from Joel Kilpatrick of Lark News. C Mcnair Wilson (former cartoonist and writer for the old Wittenberg Door-now Disney Imagineer) contributed a couple cartoons to the book as well.
The official release date from PublishAmerica is Jan 2/2006 but it will be available before then. I will keep you updated.
PublishAmerica did a outstanding job for me and they let me write the book the way I wanted to. I appreciated this most of all since we were dealing with some really key issues affecting the body of Christ and other larger Christian publishers would not allow me to deal with the topic the way I wanted to thats why I went with PublishAmerica. Plus they allowed me to give input on the book cover as well.
Great bunch of folks to work with.
More to come..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A little more about Lectio

This is something to think about when your church is thinking about introducing a practice outside of scripture. Its from the book "A Time of Departing" by Ray Yungen. Its found on page47
"What really makes a practice Christian? The answer is obvious: Did Christ sanction it? A Christian is one who is a disciple (pupil) of Jesus Christ. This means, as a Christian, I am to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Would Jesus hold out on me? Never! Jesus wants us to live a life resulting in communicating the good news of salvation to a dying world." end quote

Folks Jesus Christ is not a God of secrets He does everything openly. Reject new ideas that are not sanctioned in the word of God. Jesus wants relationship with us. If you are saved you already have that. You don't need to speak a sacred word or even repeat a verse of scripture in order to lure Jesus to talk to you. He is already with you. And sometimes God speaks. And sometimes He does not. His ways are not our ways so we need to just obey His commandments and seek Him. In His time He always answers. There is no way you can hurry up God to speak to you supernaturally.
God does what He wants in His time.

King James Only?

I recently had a post from a guy named Joel and he bought up a really good point. I promote King James but Im not a King James only guy. But personally I use the King James version.I do like the NASB as well as the New King James. Parallel bibles are also very good choices. I gave all my kids King James bibles because I wanted to increase their knowledge as readers. With the new translation most of all paraphrases we really insult our kids and teach them to be dummies. We want everything to be without effort. I think that is a American problem.
I am against The Message because it is what Eugene Peterson thinks the Bible says. And I do not trust what Eugene Peterson has to say at all. Go down and study my post on The Message. And Im sure things will get worse. Problem is we basically had the same Bible for close to 500 years and then a couple other good translations came forward. But since the 60's we have had about 20 different translations sprout up. Had english changed here in America that much so we would need all these translations? Of course not.
So be careful in your choices.
Don't treat your children like dummies (they probably know more than you think).
And research any translation you use.
Keep in mind there are the various camps that don't like or can find fault with anything.
But over 20 translations in 40 years?
Something is up.
Think about it!
The choice though is yours.

Navi Press teaching Lectio Divina to kids

Found this at Lighthouse Trails Research

Lighthouse Watch NavPress - Teaching Kids to Practice Contemplative Prayer

The following are quotes from an issue of the NavPress kids magazine, Pray Kids. (Loads a bit slow.) "Going to the next level with Jesus in contemplative prayer really can be more exciting than your favorite video game. Why not take a God-break right now and discover what's at the next level?"
"Contemplate: Be still before God. Get a picture of a sunset in your mind . . . or something else He has made that amazes you. Wait quietly to let Him tell you about Himself. Now contemplate God the Father, or Jesus, using Lectio Divina with these passages: Exodus 15:11; Psalm 145:13; Ephesians 1:18-23."
"If you've picked a topic for your time with Jesus, find something to hold that will remind you of it. For instance, if you are contemplating His many thoughts about you, hold a cup of sand (Psalm 139:17-18, New Living Translation). If you are thinking about His tender care, hold a strand of your hair (Matthew 10:30)."
NavPress Teaches Contemplative Prayer to Kids

Henri Nouwen

You want to find out about somebody ask them who are they reading.
When questioning the youth pastor at my former church First Baptist in Modesto he mentioned be knocked out by a book by Henri Nouwen.
Now thinking that someone did'nt hit him in the head with a book I deceded to check a little more into Henri
here is a good link

Kay Warren also endorses this guy

"I hardly think that the statement you quote is sufficient reason not to discuss the great body of powerful and spiritual nourishing works that he (Henri Nouwen) leaves as his legacy. Is there any author with whom we can agree on every possibly point and is such complete agreement necessary. --From a professor at Trinity International University when asked about Henri Nouwen's following quote: "Today I personally believe that while Jesus came to open the door to God's house, all human beings can walk through that door, whether they know about Jesus or not. Today I see it as my call to help every person claim his or her own way to God." (Sabbatical Journey, Henry Nouwen)
"Everyone is born a mystic and a lover who experiences the unity of things and all are called to keep this mystic or lover of life alive." -- Matthew Fox
Buddha points to the path and invites us to begin our journey to enlightenment. I ... invite you to begin your journey to enlightened work."-Ken Blanchard, foreword What Would Buddha Do at Work?
"\Kay Warren endorses Henri Nouwen's book, In the Name of Jesus:Kay Warren - "[I]t hits at the heart of the minister ... I highlighted almost every word." Henri Nouwen - "Through the discipline of contemplative prayer, Christian leaders have to learn to listen to the voice of love ... For Christian leadership to be truly fruitful in the future, a movement from the moral to the mystical is required" (In the Name of Jesus, p. 6,31-32).

Leaving church and finding Jesus

Face it folks finding a good church is getting harder and harder to do these days. Donna and I have left first Baptist church here in Modesto because they are PDL'd, Willow Creek'd and all kinda junk is emerging for the youth. Sometimes its good to stick in and make a stand, sometimes its good to just wipe the dust off your feet.Here are a few suggestions for finding a good church.
Take a look at there bookstore-if they even sell Purpose Driven Life just leave dont even stay for one service.
Find a church that uses expository preaching-very hard to find these days.
And if your just tired maybe just have a bible study with your friend-informal and just warn each other of the things that are coming.
I would encourage you to give to good ministries.
Ken Silva has some great sermons on his website that you could read and talk about with your home group. Perhaps consider giving to Kens ministry. Im not a 10% guy we give what we can and we can even give more than 10 percent.
Find a good solid ministry to support or find a good place that will help feed the poor and clothe the naked.
I believe the Lord wants us to give whether we are in a church building or not.
I would also challenge you to not use your giving as a deduction on your taxes even though you can.
Give and just let it go.
Here is a link to Kens website
Whatever you do use caution and check out a church thoroughly. I would suggest you never formally join or sign any membership covenant.
We are all members of the body of Christ if you are saved anyway.
And if you do join a body of believers I suggest you give freely of your time and resources.
Find a church that preaches the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Running Against the Wind

I also highly suggest this book as well after you read "A Time of Departing"
Brian Flynn also does speaking engagements
Brians book
Brians website

A time of departing

I thoroughly suggest you buy this book. It has a load of great information in it to help prepare you for what is facing the church. If your church leadership is involved is contemplating contemplative please buy this book for them as well
here is the link

Emergent Delusion

I have read many of Bob Dewaay articles as well as subscribe to his newsletter. I suggest you do the same.
Here is a really good article on Brian Mclaren book' A Generous Orthodoxy"
For those of you that are not familar with Brian he is the current swami of the Emergent Crowd. At least he thinks he is, or maybe he is not. I guess its all relative to how you would use the term swami, or leader or--
If you understood me you are ready to be emerged
heres Bobs article

Emergent church, Slick Rick, Bill Hybels-
its all just the tip of the iceberg of whats coming at the church.

Whats wrong with youth pastors?

The last four years or so I've seen a trend to have hipper , spiky haired, young people teach our children and young people.
Who's stupid idea was that anyway?
Why do we have to have people teaching our young children with pink,red or orange hair cool glasses who are still immature, undiscerning and wet behind the ears?
Now Im not saying all young people are not qualified to teach Christians look at Pauls admonition to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12" Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith,in purity."
The youth leaders out today barely fit that example.
Rebels without a clue really. Pulling ideas out of MTV with things like the recent Pimp my church van at the youth conference Catalyst with Charles Stanley's kid Andy.
I love Charles preaching but someone needs to send Chuck a pair of cowboy boots with instruction to put them right in his kids buttocks.
Then someone needs to turn around and give Charles a kick in the butt for letting his kid go this far.
Why are we looking to MTV?
I don't want my kids relating to MTV. And if we are talking about new Christian or the unsaved why not show them the church is different?
What about parents start teaching your own kids as well?
Dont be so lazy and you had better check out what your church is teaching the youth.
I was shocked when I saw our young kids being taught a occult praying style called Lectio Divina.
Do our kids pastors have to look like the kids?
Why not teach the kids to want to come up to a more mature level than stay where they are?
Isnt that what growing up is about.
How will our kids ever mature in the Lord when apostate Bible versions like The Message or these hip carnal Bible magazines are being promoted to them. But them a King James or a New King James and if they dont understand it maybe sit down with them and explain it.
If you dont start preparing your kids NOW and preparing them with discernment right now you will pay for it later.
We need to get back to adults teaching our kids if they don't have parents who are Christians (and some don't).
What will they go back and share with their unsaved parents?
How to pimp my church or pimp my church van?
Or will they be able to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with them and lead them to the Lord?
I also read some feedback from someone who attended and was part of Andy Stanleys conference. The person dogged both apostate preachers that were there Bill Hybels and John Maxwell because they stated they were dressed for a funeral. No respect even for the apostate teachers they follow.
This is our next generation folks we need to take action now.
check this link

Saddleback of the jungle

Yes we all no Big Daddy Rick and his gang have been trying to take over Christianity and turn it to look more and more like the world. And yes they are doing a bang up job and people are evacuating their churches by the hundreds if not thousands. But Rick is on the move in the world as well. And so are the rest of his followers.
Here is a great article by Ingrid Schulter talking about some missionaries from Planet Saddleback
It also describes the plight of many who don't want Warrenanity in their backyard and oppose Slick Ricks attempts of hostile takeovers. (Pray for the folks in Rwanda-Rick refers to missionaries in Africa as well-meaning- but of course no one can do it like Rick does-)
here is the article

Thank God for all the missionaries in Africa, Peru and around the world without the benefit of security entourages and presidential jets and promises.
Thank God for the missionaries who have given their very lives in order to get the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in faraway lands.
They were out there working way before Rick Warren got the idea to get himself some great press and more fame.
And you know what?
They will be there long after Rick Warren has milked all the press he can get from this and eventually leaves when the folks realize Rick is coming with a different gospel.
Pray for the safety of all the missionaries around the world that the Holy Spirit gives them boldness to preach.
And pray that the Holy Spirit gives folks discernment and shows Rick for what he really is.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Slick Rick Warren insults the Apostle Paul

As we know from scripture Paul had a day job of making tents Acts 18:3 "Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers like he was."
1 Cor 9: 11-12 "If we have sown unto you spiritual things , is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things (money). If others be partakers over you, are not we rather? Nevertheless we have not used this power; but suffer all things, lest we should hinder the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Here is Tricky Rickys quote from Fortune magazine
"That guy's out flipping burgers or working as a mechanic during the week, and then, in four hours, trying to come up with something to say on Sunday.... If I can help that guy, if I can move him from a C to a B preacher, so be it. I'll make him a hero." end quote

I put a tentmakers sermon who puts one together in 4 hours against a apostate sermon that Warren puts together in a month of study -anyday.
Bercause I know the tentmakers sermon was probably inspired by the spirit of God.
While Rick Warrens preaching comes from the spirit of Fraud.
Saddlesore can have this guy-

Notice where the emphasize in the article is- its on Warren-I'll make him a hero. This guy trumps himself everyday (Hmmn double word meaning there-God says your fired Rick)

here is a link to the rest of the article,15114,1118645-3,00.html

Make sure you have your purpose driven barf bag handy this guys ego and bragging will make you retch.
Rick Warren preaches another gospel and another jesus (if he even talks about Jesus rather than himself )
If this guys Americas pastor Im moving to New Zealand

Monday, October 24, 2005

Something is Emerging

Remenber that old movie "The Blob" with Steve Mcqueen? The giant blob of goo that you really couldnt tell what it is and its coming right at you. Thats pretty much what this new movement is like. Brian Mclaren heads this up. Brian was named one of the top 25 pastors noted by Time magazine.
Funny thing how the world chooses the top 25-that should say something to us about everyone on that list.

One of the things I will always do to see where someones head is at is asking who they are reading or look at the books on the shelves in their office. But keep in mind I have books around that I would never endorse that I use for quotes and research.
In my conversation with Scott the youth pastor at First Baptis I asked him who he was reading besides Henri Nouwen he also metioned he liked Tony Jones.
Well here is a link about Tony
Here is a good link that covers all emerging church stuff

Here is a good article on the guru of emergent slime Brian McLaren

One thing all this New Age stuff has in common is the Bible translation called The Message. Which really isnt a translation at all but a paraphrase and a bad one at that.
It comes from the pen of New Age convert Eugene Peterson

Please study all this material but most of all do your own research on whats going on and being taught to our kids and in our churches.

Just for the record

I want all you readers to know that I still love all the folks and pastors at First Baptist Church here in Modesto. Many churches are caught up in the New Age and practices that are not of God.
Lecto Divina is being practiced all over the place. Doesnt make it right its still a occult practice. But we do need to still love and prayer for our brothers and sisters in the Lord that are falling for this Great Delusion.
We need to get back to preaching the word of God instead of all the weird trendy seeker sensitive garbage we have immersed ourselves in.
The Word of God will still stand the test of time if just with a remenent.
We need to get back to expository preaching instead of all this lets take a poll felt needs preaching.
Will the Bible solve all your problems?
On this earth we will always have tribulation but the gospel of Jesus Christ will keep you out of a eternity spent in hell.
You choose-
Jesus or hell.
There is no other way

Lectio Divination in a nutshell for you nuts who practice this.

Here is the actual textbook practice even though there are slightly different forms of it so it can be introduced slowly and covertly into the church
IF your eyes aren't bugging out by now folks they should be-

Preparation/ Focusing/‘Decantation’
Find a solitary place, then quieten the mind and body through rhythmic breathing and/or stretching, using some relaxing music if necessary.
Focus on the need to concentrate, to listen, and on being quietly attentive to the Word.
Other preparatory methods include repetition of a mantra prayer (e.g. Come Holy Spirit) or using the Focusing technique (cf. Gendlin, 1981).
Select a passage from scripture or a spiritual classic.
Read it slowly, out loud, dwelling upon every word.
Reflect on the words in each sentence.
After re-reading the passage slowly, select a word, phrase or sentence that somehow seems significant for you.
When a part of the text stands out, stay with it, repeating it over and over. If possible, sway your body to the rhythms of the text as you read it out loud.
Be prepared to take time with this first reading which, when done slowly, engraves the text on the memory (‘like a stylus on soft wax’; cf. Salvail, 1996, p. 46).
In meditatio, the Word descends from the mind which knows it, to the heart which welcomes and loves it.
Chew over a selected word, phrase or sentence like a cow chews its cud, until you have extracted its vital juices. Linger over unknown and striking words.
Like the cow, don’t avoid chewing ‘tough fodder’ to produce creamy milk! Pass the Word ‘from stomach to stomach’ until full nourishment is drawn from it.
Use any image(s) that assist you in dwelling upon the Word. Imagine, for example, that you are harvesting God’s grapes, walking through God’s field, drinking from God’s well, or warming yourself before the Divine Fire.
Keep repeating the section slowly, without thinking too rationally or cerebrally about its meaning. Allow images and reflective thoughts to emerge.
(My Note DONT THINK? I thought we love the Lord with all our mind, heart and soul. God never tells us to disengage our mind-this sounds more like Yoda)
Keep repeating it until it permeates your whole being. Savour the words as if you are sipping and mulling over a good red wine.
Imagine you are reading the text as if it was a love letter written directly to you.
When this reading of the text has transpired, move gently into the next movement.

As the meditatio movement subsides, become aware of God’s increasing, ‘felt’ presence.
Now move almost imperceptibly to a state of prayer or oratio, as the Word moves from the lips to the mind, and now to the heart. This is a time of tuning in, listening to, and welcoming the Divine Silence, ‘the Voice without sound’. Thus oratio is transpiring when you hardly recognise that you are praying, so familiar are you in conversing with God.
Once aware that God is more strongly present with you, talk with God as with a friend, but don’t forget to listen too! (cf. Moses and God in Ex 33:11).
Listen to God and speak with God in words, images or silence, or, as Paul says, ‘with patience…[and] with sighs too deep for words’ (Rom 8:25, 26).
(My note-visualzation is a New Age thing-dont trust your imagination-cast down all imaginations)
If appropriate, enter into prayer of praise, petition, thanksgiving. Go where the prayer and God’s Spirit takes you. This is God’s Spirit working with your spirit, making you heirs and children of God (Rom 8:16-17).
If necessary, return to the earlier movements of lectio and oratio in order to savour the grapes of the Scriptures. Throw these like twigs on the Divine Fire and absorb its warmth and heat.
Become more and more present to God as it were with your arms outstretched, without any motive, in full poverty of spirit. Sit in God’s presence and listen for God’s still, small voice or, ‘after the fire a sound of sheer silence’ (1 Kings 19:12).

As the quality of your ‘listening’ deepens, you will hear new ‘noises’ both inside yourself and in the world outside yourself.
( my note-notice it says NEW noises-but yet the Bible states that my sheep know my voice John 10:27)
Words are now inadequate as you bathe in the light of God’s presence. You look at God and God looks at you. This look that will develop over time is the look of lovers that longs for an embrace.
The person, the body, the mind, the soul, are all still as ‘God passes by’ (cf. Ex 33:22). Like two people in love, you gaze upon God and you are held in God’s gaze.
If you enter into ‘silence’ or ‘darkness’, do not be afraid. God is still in the darkness, calling you through and beyond it. As Guigo II once observed, the pray-er is in the midst of ‘the silence which transcends every word and every feeling’.
(my note this all may sound good but we know also that the enemy can come as a angel of light 2 Cor 11:14-and again what happens when we cant feel God ? Is He no Longer there? Of course He is because His word says He will never leave or forsake us)

There comes a point where your chewing over the text, your prayer, and your silent gazing with God, slowly begins to shift towards a new movement. You are on the point of moving out towards the community and the world at large.
When it feels appropriate, share something of what has been given you by the Word during lectio, in a spirit of quietness and reverence. This may take the form of a word, phrase, image, insight, or challenge.
If appropriate afterwards, you can journal your response or otherwise express what the Word has given you thusfar in lectio.

As you move naturally into the final movement of operatio, you become more conscious of how you might respond to the Word. You have met Jesus, spoken with him—now you must share the Good News with others (cf. Lk 24).
The Word has been spoken to you. Like the ocean it has flowed into you. Now it is flowing through you and is washing over others. As you listen to the Word, you reach a point where you utter the ‘yes’ of true obedience (from the Latin oboedire, in turn from ob (to, towards) and audire (to hear), meaning to move towards with a listening attitude or heart; Hanks, 1986, p.1061).
Be aware that you are not ‘coming up with good, Christian ideas’. You are responding openly and naturally to God’s grace. God has provided an ‘opening’, you are being invited to ‘walk through’ to a deeper level of communion with God where contemplation and action are fused.
As the Holy Spirit continues to warm your heart, return if necessary to the earlier movements of lectio, to chew once again on the Word.
If appropriate, you may choose to end this movement with the simple mantra: ‘Lord Jesus, let everything that is in you flow into me. Let everything that is in me flow out to others’ (cf. Salvail, 1996, p. 61).
Conclude these movements by sitting in the light, the warmth, the cleansing waters of the Divine Presence.

Well there it all is
Thus endeth the lesson-

Lectio Divina -Part 3 terminology

This is a FYI of terms used with Lectio Divina.
Centering prayer, Contemplative prayer, and Lectio are basically all the same thing. Focus on a word or phrase and repeat it. Other actions are sometimes mixed in with this practice here is some of other terminology which may or may not be used in conjunction with Lectio.

Abba Anthony/Antony of the Desert/of Egypt (251?—356) Traditionally described as ‘the father of monks’. His Life was written by St. Athanasius. Finally retired as an eremite (solitary desert dweller) to a mountain cave not far from the Red Sea, close to the monastery which bears his name today. Many apophthegms (pithy wisdom sayings) of Antony are preserved in the Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Apophatic style of prayer Advocates an emptying technique of meditation (emptying of images and sensations

Benedict, St., of Nursia (c. 480-547) Author of the Rule followed today by Benedictines and Cistercians, ‘father of Western monasticism’, and reviver of lectio divina in the West from its source in the East. He lived during the chaotic times of the barbarian invasions and the dissolution of the Roman Empire. Founded his famous monastery at Monte Cassino around 525.

(notice it states that the source of lectio divina was in the east-ding ding-Buddhisim, Hinduism)

Centering prayer A form of prayer designed to help develop contemplative prayer. The pray-er chooses a sacred word, dwells on that word, and focuses on any feelings, images, reflections, etc elicited by that word, remains in silence, and takes this spirit of contemplation into his/her daily life.

Dadirri In Aboriginal spirituality, deep interior listening that leads to stillness and contemplation.

Focusing A technique developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin that harnesses the ‘felt wisdom’ of the body in order to cultivate deeper awareness of the self and the sacred text. Similar to centering prayer but concentrated more on ‘resonances’ between the classic text and the ‘felt sense’ or bodily reaction of the focuser

(Note here-sacred text could refer to any considered holy book, and notice felt sense, what happens when we cant feel God-is He no longer there? something to ask yourself)

Formative reading- (aka sacred, deep or comprehensive reading) An experiential or open style of reading undertaken by a person open to transcendent formation

Gerushin -The mantric repetition of a biblical verse;

Hagah -Mantric repetition of a biblical or sacred word or sound

The Jesus Prayer, A practice known also as the Invocation of the Holy Name. In the Orthodox tradition Jesus is invoked primarily through the frequent repetition of the ‘Jesus Prayer’, which is ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me’, sometimes with the words ‘a/the sinner’. As such, it is an adaptation of the prayer of the blind man outside Jericho in Lk 18:38, and has obvious parallels with the prayer of the publican in Lk 18:13.

Kataphatic style of prayer Advocates an imaginal (praying through imagery to God) technique of meditation

Ladder, image of In both the Jewish and Christian traditions, symbolic of the link between earth and heaven, and the nexus through various steps or rungs between earthly reading and higher contemplation

lectio divina Sacred or holy reading of God’s Word or a spiritual classic. This style of reading was often compared in the Middle Ages to the buzzing of bees around some consecrated hive, while the page of a text was compared to the rows of a vineyard, with the grapes of the Word [each individual letter] inviting the reader to chew and savour them until the divine juices were extracted

Muscular and aural memory A description used by Leclercq to frame monastic and medieval approaches to sacred reading. Readers of those times accentuated pronunciation of the words with their lips, often following the text with the finger and rocking with the body to the rhythm of the words. This resulted in a muscular memory of the words pronounced, and an aural memory of the words heard. This approach served to ‘inscribe’ the sacred text in the body and on the soul like a stylus on soft wax

Projection The Ignatian method of reading scripture whereby we place ourselves back into the biblical situation and try to imagine our emotional and physical responses to the words and events taking place

(note in some circles this is refered to as Astral projection)

Teresa of Avila/ of Jesus (1515-1582) Mystic, founder of the Discalced Carmelites, and declared first female Doctor of the Church in 1970.

I recently listened to a radio program called Crosstalk whose host is Ingrid Schultler a friend of mine she was interviewing Brian Flynn who wrote the book "Running Against the Wind." A witch called in and made the comment how so many things we do in church is now so very similar to rituals and practices he performed with the help of the goddess.

If a witch was suprised why isnt the church suprised?

Lectio Divina Part 2-The Desert Fathers St Antony

One of the earliest practioners of Lectio Divina here is some of the things Antony went through after prayer.

Antony would fill the desert with the discipline, coming one night with a multitude of demons, he so cut him with stripes that he lay on the ground speechless from the excessive pain. For he affirmed that the torture had been so excessive that no blows inflicted by man could ever have caused him such torment. But by the Providence of God--for the Lord never overlooks them that hope in Him--the next day his acquaintance came bringing him the loaves. And having opened the door and seeing him lying on the ground as though dead, he lifted him up and carried him to the church in the village, and laid him upon the ground. And many of his kinsfolk and the villagers sat around Antony as round a corpse. But about midnight he came to himself and arose, and when be saw them all asleep and his comrade alone watching, he motioned with his head for him to approach, and asked him to carry him again to the tombs without waking anybody.
9. He was carried therefore by the man, and as he was wont, when the door was shut he was within alone. And he could not stand up on account of the blows, but he prayed as he lay. And after he had prayed, he said with a shout, Here am I, Antony; I flee not from your stripes, for even if you inflict more nothing shall separate rues from the love of Christ. And then he sang, 'though a camp be set against me, my heart shall not be afraid [6].' These were the thoughts and words of this ascetic. But the enemy, who hates good, marvelling that after the blows he dared to return, called together his hounds and burst forth, 'Ye see,' said he, 'that neither by the spirit of lust nor by blows did we stay the man, but that he braves us, let us attack him in another fashion.' But changes of form for evil are easy for the devil, so in the night they made such a din that the whole of that place seemed to be shaken by an earthquake, and the demons as if breaking the four walls of the dwelling seemed to enter through them, coming in the likeness of beasts and creeping things. And the place was on a sudden filled with the forms of lions, bears, leopards, bulls, serpents, asps, scorpions, and wolves, and each of them was moving according to his nature. The lion was roaring, wishing to attack, the bull seeming to toss with its horns, the serpent writhing but unable to approach, and the wolf as it rushed on was restrained; altogether the noises of the apparitions, with their angry ragings, were dreadful. But Antony, stricken and goaded by them, felt bodily pains severer still. He lay watching, however, with unshaken soul, groaning from bodily anguish; but his mind was clear, and as in mockery he said, 'If there had been any power in you, it would have sufficed had one of you come, but since the Lord hath made you weak you attempt to terrify me by numbers: and a proof of your weakness is that you take the shapes of brute beasts.' And again with boldness he said, 'If you are able, and have received power
against me, delay not to attack; but if you are unable, why trouble me in vain ? For faith in our Lord is a seal and a wall of safety to us.' So after many attempts they gnashed their teeth upon him, because they were mocking themselves rather than him.

Again about demons
'Again they are treacherous, and are ready to change themselves into all forms and assume all appearances. Very often also without appearing they imitate the music of harp and voice, and recall the words of Scripture. Sometimes, too, while we are reading they immediately repeat many times, like an echo, what is read. They arouse us from our sleep to prayers; and this constantly, hardly allowing us to sleep at all. At another time they assume the appearance of monks and feign the speech of holy men, that by their similarity they may deceive and thus drag their victims where they will. But no heed must be paid them even if they arouse to prayer, even if they counsel us not to eat at all even though they seem to accuse and cast shame upon us for those things which once they allowed. For they do this not for the sake of piety or truth, but that they may carry off the simple to despair; and that they may say the discipline is useless, and make men loathe the solitary life as a trouble and burden, and hinder those who in spite of them walk in it.
Text above is from Athanasius: Select Works and Letters, Volume IV of NICENE AND POST-NICENE FATHERS, Series II, Philip Schaff and Henry Wace, editors. The pagination of this edition has been preserved here for citation purposes.
Antony is said to have gone mad in the desert hearing voices.

The practice of Lectio Divina bought on demonic encounters with very real demons. Theresa of Avila had similar encounters with demons and voices.She found if her focus got of Christ even a little bit demonic voices would invade. The encounters were with mature adults who were very tough often living only off bread and water with a little salt.
This isnt some sort of Harry Potter movie folks demons are very real.
Is this something we should get very young children mixed up in?
And is this unbiblical ritual something we should teach to unsaved children?
Who are they going to get speaking to them.
If you think demons won't target small children because they are looking for Jesus you had better get your head out of the dirt or wherever else you may have it buried.
Here is another practice of the Desert Fathers adopted by the church is Brian Mclaren and his goofy bunch going to bring this practice back as well.

The Church adopted it's use of the scourge from a tribe of monastics who settled in small communities in the Egyptian Desert in the year 381 AD. These 'desert fathers', who believed that any sort of physical pleasure was sinful, were avid practitioners of self-flagellation. They were of the opinion that pain and discomfort blunted cravings for the sensual pleasures of the flesh and proved the insignificance of the body. Following their lead, the Church, even in it's earliests ages embraced the practice of flagellation, both self inflicted and otherwise. Indeed, the tales of flogging within the church are numerous. Take the Pazzi, St. Rose, for instance, who would often run out into the rose garden and roll around on the thorns, after which she would race back into the convent and demand to be tied up and beaten.

Tell you what as a parent of four kids you should watch everything your church introduces and do your own research on the subject.

Walmart goes Wicca

Read this here for yourselves

Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Series of Articles on New Age/Roman Catholic infiltration of the church

I am starting a new series of articles on the New Age infiltration into the church.
I like to write about what God puts into my life.
I love to read and what is always the best reading to me is when a author writes about things that they experience personally.
I have recently came into contact with a practice called Lectio Divina. I had come into contact with this practice in my youth.
I will write in detail about this because its all part of contemplative prayer or centering prayer.
Its all the same thing and all this links to the Emergent church and Brian Mclaren and his lot and I have not had to deal with this before.
The danger here is very young children are being targeted. And undiscerning youth pastors are becoming agents of Satan by bringing forth unhealthy, non biblically based practices that could potentially lead children into very real danger.
These articles are to inform you.
What you do with the information is up to you.
I encourage you to tests the spirits and if I say anything unbiblical reject it.
The articles are very personal to me and I have had to leave a church I love very much because of this practice.
I have learned I am not alone in going through this.

Why the name Simply Agape?

Just a small comment on why the ministry is called The Simply Agape Project.
The name has been called into question on occassion by such folks as Richie Abanes because of my blutness and harshness.
The name The Simply Agape Project came when I first felt God's call to get free music to our troops and Allies.
We wanted the troops to know that jesus loves them and wants to save them and that we as a company and individual musicians loved them to.
Both me and my wife Donna took zero salary for our efforts because we wanted to do this SIMPLY out of LOVE (agape) for the troops.
Therefore the name The Simply Agape Project.
We released two Cd's the first titled "Heroes" the second and final Cd is titled "Somebody Brave."
Many of our troops received free CD's as Christmas presents and last year we handed out many free CD's at a Veterans Day event here in Modesto.
Some of the very best Christian musicians stepped up to be part of this project.
Most notable was Steve Camp (Campi).
Steve worked and recorded for us for absolutly free. We paid for Steves flight out to LA where we were recording and Steve stayed with his nephew.
Steve's comment to me was that he doesnt charge for ministry.
This is not to say that others were bad because they charged. Everyone played for less than scale. Most of the others played for free.
Alex Acuna, Abraham Laboriel Sr (JR was on a Steve Camp cut on Somebody Brave), Ramon Stagnaro, and Justo Almario were all part of the recording.
Plus we had some very excellent Indi Christian artists including Kelly Lynn and Karlli Bonne and the ever wonderful J.C. Mason.
Both recordings bore some great cuts and it was my first efforts as a music producer.
The job was pretty easy because I had the aid and assistance from some of the best, seasoned, most recorded players actually in music history.
I could not have did it without them and the recording was so good because of their wonderful God given talents.
Somebody Brave will be our last recording.
We will continue to get free music to the troops as God provides because both Somebody Brave and Heroes will remain in our vaults to give to the soldiers as people donate the money.
The reason for not doing anymore recordings is after my trip to Nashville last April I just don't have the heart to do this anymore. I had the opportunity to work again with some great muscians and some old friends but I saw a part of the Christian Music Industry that just makes me shudder.
I also feel that the CCM has sold out-the Dove Awards and all the goofy stuff thats done just breaks my heart.
I also don't have the heart or killer instinct to be a competative part of the Christian Music Industry. And how do you compete with something that someone does not take a salary for and gives away for free?
Its a bloody mess and I believe its under God's judgement and I want no part of it.
God has allowed me to play drums and percussion for some of the very best in Christian Music such as Darlene Zschech, Paul Baloche, and Lincoln Brewster for that Im grateful for the times of fellowship and wondereful praise and worship music I played with these folks.
But I walk away from this industry with no regrets.
The world now owns the large majority of Christian music companies and I want no part of that or to be linked with that.
I do pray for the friends and enemies I have made in the Christian music biz.
The CD's will continue to be sold here. We sell them to cover the cost of the free CD and makes more free CD's thats where the money goes.
We also hope to benifit Ken Silva's ministry as well.
We continue with the name The Simply Agape Project Ministry because what we do is still done because we love the Body of Christ.
We do this simply out of love.
I still dont take money for any of this.
I have a great tent maker job provided by God to help me and my family.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The fruit of Saddleback

I came across this comment on R Abanes blog
Kim said...
Dear Richard, I really try not to engage in these arguments as they tend to piss me off -- they don't seem to enlighten me or aid in the growth of my Christian walk -- That said, I'm really glad you're taking the time and effort to do this (so I don't have to). I have been amazed on more then one time by the stuff I've read at Ingrid's Slice. I find it to be unbelievable -- and absolutely sad that there could be so many that buy into that bill of goods. So this note serves as a "thank you". I am blessed every day by people who attend Saddleback Church. I hope the people who accuse them in ignorance will be torched by the love of the Father. And I pray for you, that for as long as God calls you to fight this battle, He provides you with wisdom, strength and courage to complete the task. Carry on.
11:47 PM

Now yes once in a while a Christian will swear when angry. But hey do we know its still sin and confess it to God? Perhaps they dont at Saddleback.
This is the fruit of bringing the world into the church.
And watering down the word. To comment on a forum and cuss-No class I used this post as a demonstration I apoligize if the language used offended you.
And if it didnt offend you.
Maybe we should talk.
More to come on this....

Monday, October 10, 2005

Stupid is as stupid does

Slick Rick sez pass the cool aid

Great article by Tim Challis on the dumbing down of the Bible and more Rick Warren watering down the word of God and teaching other pastors to do the same. Stupid is as stupid does.
another great Rick Warren article by Tim

Another great article by Rocky Muse The gspel of Jesus Christ vesus the other gospel of Rick Warren
And Rick Warren waters down the gospel by Proj Johan Malan

Study up on all this folks there is going to be a test at the end of the week.

Music is not neutral

Unfortunately I heard from the pulpit in my church today a Rick Warren mantra.
"There is no such thing as Christian music only Christian lyrics"
I love my pastor but he is wrong here.
I'll make this short-Music can be
Inspired by
1.The Holy Spirit
2. The flesh
3. Demons

Agreed not all Christian music is inspired by the Holy Spirit. But you could not take a song by Marylin Manson or some other band like that and take the actual music put Christian lyrics to it and then honor God by playing it.
Im not a anti- contemporary guy as well. But certain styles that started with demonic inspiration you can't take it in any way and honor God with it.
You could take a dirty pig, wash it up and put a fluffy pink ribbon on it.
It would still be a pig.
When you write a song you usually start with putting the music together. Certain bands now actually seek demonic help in putting the material together. So you as a composer or arranger put notes together in a certain way. Usually for a song to be good this is a very important part of the process because the music will get across what you are trying to say lyrics will sweeten a song as well.
You can honor God by seeking the Holy Spirit for inspiration in your song writing.
No matter how many songs you sell. besides the Christian music industry doesnt really like Christian music now anyway-but thats another post.
So why not write a song inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Because many Christian musicians are lazy. Why go through the bother of writing a song when you can take a KC and the Sunshine band song -put Christian lyrics to it-and it will work to get them jumping everytime.
And yes it will work.
Celebration time come on.
Ever go to a movie.
Soundtrack guys are masters at using movies to mess with your emotions. Remember that small cello run when the shark approched in the movie Jaws. You can play that and virtually most everyone on the planet can tell you what movie that is from.
Think of movies without any kind of music in it.
There is a reason people use soundtracks in movies-its to inhance the scene and play with your emotions.
The mantra "There is no Christian music only Christian lyrics" was put into someones head by the enemy so we can have pretty much anything goes in our churches.
Its a immature statement.
Its a lie.
And is not based on any real knowledge of music.
Its just one more excuse the church uses to have a flesh fest if desired.
Not all music styles honor God.
Its been said "Why should the devil have all the good music.
My responce to that is that the devil doesnt have any good music.
And if your listening to the devils music.
Music is not neutral.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Scratch People Where They Itch

Ok maybe Schuller started it and handed it off to Bill Hybels and Rick Warren who has perfected it. But these guys love to scratch people where they itch. Appeal to the flesh and then try to trick people into Christianity. Most people with half a brain and a good translation of a Bible know this is not so.
Check this quote from this apostate website-
"If you want to reach the unconvinced—those who haven’t made a commitment to Christ—then you need to attract them. When people don’t know God and aren’t convinced their lives are all that bad without God, the only way to attract them is to offer them something they need. You get their attention by identifying an itch they have and scratching it.

We know how this sounds as we listen through our formerly legalistic ears. We can hear 2 Timothy 4:3 being quoted right now: “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” -end quote
here is the link.
Notice they state "formerly legalistic ears" that means formerly they believed the Bible now they don't.
Plus they are suggesting that you manipulate people with music.
So lets cut to the chase. What are they saying here.
You entertain people and pump them up so they will feel a false sense of emotion.
You appeal to their felt needs (when their one and only true need in a Savior).
And then somehow by magic they get saved.
Problem is they won't.
Jesus never entertained the crowds. He spoke His message.
Some followed.
Some did not.
Unsaved people will never feel at ease with music that is worshipping a holy God.
If they feel comfortable in your church while you are worshipping.
Your worship is false.
It's never been the job of the church to attract people by entertaining them-never.
"The Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved"
"Paul planted, Apollos watered but God gave the increase."
We need to get off our our lazy behinds and GO and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.
Its not the churches job to trick the world into the church by making the church into the world.
If you did'nt get that last statement go back and read it again because thats whats going on.
The Crystal cancer of Willow Creek and Saddleback is spreading throughout the church.
But hey it makes your job easier doesnt it?
Instead of perhaps offending someone by letting them know that Jesus died a bloody death for their sins (ohh the S word).
Lets just invite them to the next barbecue or carnival or play.
Let them be mad at the pastor instead of you.
Trouble is they probably won't be mad at your pastor because good expository preaching has been replaced by the feel good about myself message of apostate dogs like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren.
And if you take offence to me calling Rick Warren apstate go through Ricks articles on Ladies Home Journel. Go back and read Purpose Driven Life and search the scriptures to see if Rick is telling the truth.
We all know what Joels about. Its the guys speaking out both sides of their mouths we are not sure of.
Do I sound angry?
Well I am.
I see the pollution and distiortion of Gods holy word and yea I get ticked.
And its only going to get worse.
Am I a legalist?
No. I just believe that what God says in His word is true.

Let me say one more thing. Most of this is about bringing in more people to pad the wallet of the pastor (and or pastors).
A godly pastor would never resort to entertainment-never.
So again quit being a milk sucker go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone. And then get them into a church that worships God in spirit and in truth and teaches the word of God with conviction equipping the saints.
And then repeat the process.
God will add the increase as those that are saved.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Learning To Connect the Dots.

As a child I loved to play with connect the dots books. It was really neat to take a bunch of dots, connect them and then come up with this wonderful picture.
When you first looked at the page all you could see was a mass of dots.
It wasn't until you connected them one by one that you could really see the whole picture.
If you did'nt connect them one by one you would get a distorted or incomplete picture.

We now need to do this as Christians.
Associations do matter. It does matter who you hang and associate with.
The Bible makes it very clear.

""Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." (Ephesians 5-6-11)
"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them" (Roman 16:17).
2 Corinthians 6:14-18 plainly states that the believer must not be "unequally yoked together [fellowship, association or identification] with unbelievers. . ., "but is to ". . . come out from among them, and be ye separate. "
see 2 Thessalonians 3:6 "Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.
1Cor 5:6 "Your glorifying is not good. Know ye that a little leaven leaventh the whole lump.

So even though Rick Warren may not promote word of faith heresy he will expose your pastors to Paul Yonggi Cho on his website.
And even though Rick Warren may not promote the New Age directly he promotes and endorses New Ager Leonard Sweet and his work.
Take the time to check out where and who people you listen to or read books by hang with.
Rick Warren connects to Leonard Sweet who connects to and quotes Matthew Fos.
Ken Blanchard connects to the the Hoffman Institute (new age) and Laurie Beth Jones.
Here is a link to the Hoffman Institute
You need to connect all the dots here to see what New Reformation all these people are really talking about.

Here is a great article by my brother in the Lord- Steve Muse that sums it all up.

Make sure as a Christian you learn to connect all the dots to see the whole picture.
This is not a game.
You will know them by their fruits.

Laurie Beth Jones and Earth Wind and Fire

When I first saw this article on Ingrid Schulter site I thought Laurie Beth Jones was doing the conferance with the band Earth Wind And Fire.
Then I went to her Laurie's website and saw things that curled my hair.
Her display of the four element symbols are something that woulkd make any wiccan or new ager happy.
Folks we are slowly (maybe not to slow) are being fed symbols, words and a christ that is not the true Christ.
Plus are children are being targeted by these new agers as well.
Here is a link to Lauries website-use caution
Please guard your kids against this very realNew Age danger.
Here are some good articles on Laurie Beth Jones

Be careful and don't you or your children get burned by this movement.

Rick of Rwanda and more purpose driven nonsense

Just got the new Christianity Today and it had Warrens new move to purpose drive Rwanda. I bought this up on another post but though I would start a seperate post here. Now good godly missionaries have been working in Africa putting there lives on the line for many years now in a effort to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa. Now Rick is bringing another gospel to Africa. I think the alarming thing is what happens to folks and missionaries who do not want to get on board and join the purpose driven cult? What happens then Rick is brilliant he got President Kagame on board not just with purpose driven promises but promises of other sorts such as commerce (do you think they will put in a Krispy Kreme?) Do you think Kagame will let any resistence by faithful Bereans in Rwanda. Will people have a choice? Heres a quote from CT "One reality that we have to face here is when a leader speaks, we follow even if we are not convinced."-end quote
Want to know why they would follow?
Rent "Hotel Rwanda". Maybe we could chip in and send Rick a copy.
Its is encouraged by the folks following Warren and furthering his own agenda that "You must deal with those swiftly and decisively, preferably putting those issues to rest before you start the transition process. It will mean dismissing staff if they do not "buy in" to the transition. " Thats from a article titled "How to transition an established church " by Chuck McAllister on Dismissing tends to be a little more permenent in countries other than our own. And notice the title states how to transistion a established church. Doesnt matter to Ricks gang that the church may have been established on Gods word. All that matters to Rick is that PDL sells 100 million copies and that his New Age P.E.A.C.E plan does happen. Ricks says it therfore it is. Thus sayeth the Rick
My biggest problem with Warren besides the fact that he takes scripture out of context and contradicts himself constantly is that Rick seems to give the idea that no one is doing anything in Africa.
And I have not hear Rick Warren in any article state that its important to get the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa.
I heard him say Africa WILL have his PEACE plan and PDL. But I have not heard (not in one article and I try to read them all) that he is interested in getting the gospel of Jesus Christ to Rwanda or anywhere.
Thats not where Ricks priorities lie in my opinion.
Instead I hear Rick saying (about Rwanda) that you need to go to the man of peace in the village from CT " " Find the man of peace. Bless him. He blesses you back. Who is the man of peace? He's influential and he's open. He doesnt have to be a Christian. Find a non-Christian who's influential and open-a Muslim or an atheist." end quote
Rick mentions his many business startegies that he has confiently wrapped scripture around. Rick mentions (the only mention of anything to remotely do with spirituality) one of Ricks 5 giants.
"Spiritual emptiness"(People) dont know God made them for a purpose."
Does Rick propose to fill that emptiness with the gospel of Jesus Christ.?
No instead Rick will fill it with Ricks purpose and agenda.
Many people join the New Age movement and other cults other than Ricks because they feel spiritually empty so Rick statement means nothing. People need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think its great that we feed them and clothe them. These are all good things but what about leading them to the Lord and presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to them? It would be awful for a person to die with a full belly and dressed and still go to hell.
Plus again Rick seems to imply that no one else is doing anything in Africa. There have been thousands of missionaries who go into Africa all the time without the benifit of Ricks security entourage and a Presidents police.
These folks are the true heroes of Christianity (Rick refers to them in the CT article as well meaning because of course no one can do it like Slick Rick) The ones who put there lives on the line to get the gospel of Jesus Christ out to the folks there.
No where in scripture does Jesus command us to go tell people that God made them for a purpose.
No where-go look for yourself.
But Jesus does command us to go out and preach the gospel-the Gospel of Jesus Christ (not Rick Warren) to the nations. Spiritual emptiness can be filled with many things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only gospel that can save you from hell and truely fill that void.
No where in the CT article do I hear the gospel of Jesus Christ-the real GOOD NEWS being promoted. Warren speaks a lot about a spiritual awakening. I believe Rick is bringing one forward. I also believe it is not of God.
Rick speaks of his book Purpose Driven Life this way in a USA Today article
"Yes, the book is GOOD NEWS"
I'll let you formulate that in your own minds how to take that. As it was mentioned before in Tims Challis article- Rick on Larry King " It's Ashley's redemption and it's Brian's redemption" Brian became a Muslim what kind of redemption is that. Really no redemption at all. Paul Proctor put out a great article on this.
Rick also went to the Jews-to present to them the Gospel of Jesus Christ? No to bring to them Purpose Driven ways of building attendence.
Dont think God looks at this seriously?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

From The "Well if you cant sell it" Department

Recently I saw a something on Slick Ricks pastors .com
"Free book answers criticisms of Rick Warren - If you are hearing questions from people who've read a book critical of Rick Warren, here is a book from a Saddleback insider that answers the critics – and for a limited time Harvest House is offering a free copy to pastors who want one."

Clicked on the link and saw it was the book written by Slick Ricks purpose driven Unofficial spokesman for all of Warrenanity Richie Abanes.
here's the link
Problem is this book does not answer the critics or criticisms of Rick Warren and his book of Warren know as The Purpose Driven Life and Ricks Pearl of Great Price (a price the church will be paying for a long time)-The Purpose Driven Church.
Read my review of Abanes book on this blog for more.
Well I guess if you can't sell the book -buy them up and or give them away. Royalties are still royalties.
Heh it works for Benny Hinn.
For a real book on Rick Warren I highly suggest "Deceived on Purpose" by Warren Smith. Which really accuratly shows the Warren- Schuller-New Age connection. Very good book!

But hey go ahead and get the free book from Abanes and Harvest House if perhaps your couch rocks to one side-this book will even that out.
Or if your bird cage needs lining
Lots of practical uses Im sure.

Monday, October 03, 2005

New Paul Proctor article

Here is a really good article by Paul Proctor about the whole Ashley Smith Purpose Driven Mess

As much as I feel sorry for Ashley and I hope and pray she gets over her drug problem I can't help thinking its a mistake to have her on a speaking tour.
I wonder who opened that purpose driven door.
But then again this crowd also thinks its ok to promote Ken Blanchard (who Rick himself states "He's just not a deep Christian").
Meanwhile you have the purpose driven blessing sprinkled on the people who have no business being out there speaking and teaching on Christianity.
(Even though I doubt Ashley will be teaching anything).
The girl needs some time out to heal, spend some time with the Lord and get his guidance not Slick Rick's.
It was really disgusting to see Warren milking all the press about this. Wasn't to much of a surprise to see Rick show up on Oprah since they worship the same god. But its really sick to see this guy grab up the limelight wherever he can to promote his own man made purpose driven agenda.
Any press is good press huh Rick?

Whats the fruit of all this?
Ashley read Brian Nichols a chapter of Purpose Driven Life.
Brian Nichols becomes a Muslim.
Any more question?

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